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Altador Cup IX

The news, hot off the press, from TNT themselves as they unravel their own coverage for Altador Cup IX.

The Altador Cup Has Returned!
Start Altador Cup - Date posted May 22nd, 2014

At long last, Altador Cup IX is here! As always, there are plenty of questions that Altador Cup enthusiasts are eager to answer. Questions like: will Tyrannia be the latest victim of the dreaded ''Altador Cup Curse,'' or will they put up a fight and defend their title? Will a runner-up like Altador or Meridell become the latest first-time winner, or will a club like Roo Island become the tourney's first ever two-time winner? Could a dark horse come from out of nowhere to contend the way Tyrannia and Altador did last year? The answers to these and many other questions await; best of all, they're entirely up to you, the Neopian sporting public!