NC Premium Collectibles

What are Premium Collectibles?
Starting in January of 2013 (Y15 in Neopia), TNT began awarding monthly premium neocash collectible items. These collectibles are neocash items that essentially act as regular neocash items. However, they are only awarded to premium members. Learn more about premium at SunnyNeo's Premium guide.

They premium collectibles cannot be purchased through the NC mall and can only be obtained by non-premium members through gifting/trading via gift boxes. On the 15th of each month, each premium user will get a neomail from TNT alerting them to the awarding of their premium collectible, as shown below.

These collectibles are awarded to each premium user with an active membership at the time they are awarded. However, if you subscribe to premium membership on the 1st of July (for example), you will automatically be awarded the premium collectible that was awarded on June 15th; on July 15th, you will also be awarded that month's premium collectible with all other premium users.

January 15th, 2021 - February 14th, 2021
Premium Collectible: Ice Stalagmite Foreground
Premium Collectible: Ice Stalagmite Foreground
Customisation Zone: Lower Foreground Item
Premium Collectible: Ice Stalagmite Foreground