Gourmet Food Database

For all pets with a refined taste in food, there is the Gourmet Club. A club that awards prizes to the pets that have eaten most gourmet foods of all pets in Neopia. There is a Gourmet Club Hall of Fame in which the top 200 Neopets are listed.

Each gourmet food that is eaten, counts as one point on your total. This point will never disappear, not even if a gourmet food gets retired and it is no longer a gourmet food. If your pet ate it while it was still a gourmet food, it will keep counting towards your score.

Gourmet Club Prizes:
If your pet is listed on the Gourmet Club Hall of Fame, you could get a prize if your pet is in the top 17.

Pets in position 1-3 get the golden trophy on their pet lookup. Pets in position 4-8 get the silver one, and pets between 9-17 get the bronze one.

Besides these main trophies, once your pet reaches the Top 200, it will earn the "Honorary Member" trophy.

Even if you drop in position after getting the trophy, you will never lose it. You get to keep it forever.

Your pet in the Gourmet Club:
When you are at the Gourmet Club Hall of Fame, there will be a link to the gourmets food that your active pet has eaten. If you want to see the list of gourmet foods of one of your other pets, you will need to go to the quickref page, change your active pet, and then go back to the Gourmet Club.

On this list you will be shown the gourmet foods that your pet has eaten. You will only be able to see the images of the foods, you can't see the names of the foods, or the total of foods your pet has eaten.

Therefore it is advisable if you're starting with the Gourmet Food Club, that you make a list in which keep track of the names of the gourmet foods that your pet has eaten. You can do this in Word on your computer, on your pet's petspage or on a piece of paper next to your computer, anywhere you wish. That way you can easily see which foods you don't need to feed your pet anymore. And you won't need to go through the list of pictures of the gourmet foods each time to see if the food you are wanting to feed your pet is already on it or not.

Gourmet Foods:
Gourmet Foods are all foods with a rarity between 90-100. All foods with a rarity lower than 90 or higher than 100 will not count towards your score.

If you have a Grarrl, Skeith or Jetsam who can eat other items than just food. Those will not count towards your score. Just foods between rarity 90 and 100.

Below you can see a list of all foods that currently count towards your gourmet food score. These prices are updated every other month and should be considered approximate. Double check for current prices before buying or selling these items in case the market has fluxuated.

Gourmet FoodsFood items with rarities between 90 to 100
Last Updated: July 05, 2024
Total Items: 1,410

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Last Updated: July 05, 2024
Total Items: 1,410