In addition to our Rainbow Pool and Petpet Puddle, this page shows all Petpetpets. These may be nice friends for your petpet. If you decide to buy one of these petpetpets, you can attach them to your petpet by having the petpetpet in your inventory and refresh it. You can refresh by clicking the refresh button in your browser, or by pressing F5 on your keyboard. After a while (could be a long while if you are unlucky) the petpetpet will attach to the petpet of your active pet. You can change your active pet at the Quickref page.

Petpetpets are not sold in regular Neopian shops, they originate from random events and the The Coincidence:

Something has happened!
Ohhh how cute. It seems PetpetName has got a Mozito in its mouth. Have you been feeding it lately?

Nothing seems to happen. Oh wait, check the floor! You might want to catch that Blechy before it crawls away.

You can however, buy them from other users by using the Shop Wizard, Trading Post or Auctions.

Once a petpetpet is attached to a petpet you cannot undo this. If you remove the petpet from your pet, the petpetpet will vanish.

All Petpetpets
This agile little creature can climb almost anywhere. AboogalaView Details
Just look at those little eyes. This little buddy is totally trustworthy! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y24. BeelzebugView Details

Released for advent calendar on 2022-12-17

Blechy can eat a lot of food, but it tends to come right back up. BlechyView Details
You need to get your Petpet a flea collar! BreeblyView Details
If you see some blue on your Petpet and it is always scratching you might check for this bug BumbluzView Details
Its not such a cutie when your Petpet starts getting a rash all over its body! CootyView Details
If your Petpets back is making tiny chirping sounds, this little guy might be to blame. DitreyView Details
Is it a dragonfly? Is it a nymph? Its so tiny we cannot tell! Dragonfly NymphView Details

Announced in October 2007, activated January 2010.

They make a light humming noise when they fly. DraphlyView Details
Careful, this little mite burns! FlankinView Details
Fleafs often go unnoticed as they are easily mistaken for tiny leaves. FleafView Details
So named for the glack-like noise it makes when its antenna rub together. GlackView Details
This bug loves to eat plants of all shapes and sizes, especially sweet flowering plants... GlymeView Details
This guy loves to irritate your Petpets skin with a slime it excretes. GreevixView Details
This little bug makes a grumbling sound.  Many Petpets get scolded when they have a Grumblebug. GrumblebugView Details
Eww gross... Dont let this get near your Petpet. ItchiView Details
This little guy loves longhaired Petpets.  It has special antlers to part their hair as it moves. JermiteView Details
This bug lives in the water and favours aquatic Petpets.   Beware if you see him on yours. JiggybugView Details
Eating is what Lady Blurgs do best and boy do they enjoy doing it. Lady BlurgView Details
Their short fat bodies can actually stretch to quite remarkable lengths. LarnikinView Details
Be careful you dont get too close to this little guy, he tends to bite. LightmiteView Details
Ewww, is that a moach walking up your Petpets leg? MoachView Details

For Moach avatar, view any pet lookup with a Moach attached.

Its incredibly long legs means it can jump great distances with ease. MoffitView Details
Ewwww! Your Petpet has fleas! MootixView Details

For Mootix avatar, view your own pet that has a Mootix attached.

Watch out for this one because his favourite snack is your blood. MoquotView Details
If your Petpet seems to have an itch, maybe this little guy is to blame... MozitoView Details
Just a little fella to carry around with ya! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y25. PebbleView Details

Released in Advent Calendar, December 7th 2023

Your Petpet just might run in circles crying a lot if this bug gets on it. PinchitView Details
This bug will munch on just about anything it can find. RainblugView Details
The Scoach makes your Petpet itch, scratch, and whine. ScoachView Details
This little creature will scribble anything anywhere, keep it away from your pet. ScribletView Details
A slow moving bug that just longs to jump on your Petpet. SkidgetView Details
If you find your Petpet itching, it could be a Skritch walking along its back... SkritchView Details
Watch out! This little critter can give your Petpet a nasty little sting. SkufflerView Details

Announced in October 2008, first spotted June 2009.

If you see your Petpet moving around strangly and acting a bit odd, the Snailien could be sliding along its back... SnailienView Details
You can always tell when a Springabee is about to approach because of the distinct buzzing sound it makes with its wings. SpringabeeView Details

Announced 03 Aug 2011

Squippits can jump amazing distances enabling them to hop all over the place. SquippitView Details
If your Petpet starts complaining of painful scratching you might check it for this bug. StraleView Details
A few of these were captured after the infestation. All we know is that they are attracted to weird noises... kinda like AAA actually. Unidentified PetpetpetView Details

Announced March 26, 2012.


Never announced or activated, image found in 2003.


Never announced or activated, image found in 2003.

Ewwwwwww!  Why is your Petpet covered with red lumps? VeespaView Details
If your Petpet has itchy feet, there is most probably a Vernax to blame. VernaxView Details
A rather lazy little bug that loves to wiggle around. WormoebaView Details
Zytchs love to suck your Petpets blood! ZytchView Details

Petpetpet avatars

There are currently two petpetpet related avatars.

Visit the lookup of a pet with a petpet who has a Moach as petpetpet.

chirp chirp


Have a 'Mootix' attached to your petpet and view the Quick Ref Page.

How to attach the petpetpet? Attaching a petpetpet to your petpet is a random event. You need to put the petpetpet in your inventory and keep refreshing it. This could take.. weeks, months even.


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