Burger King Canada Codes

On the 12th of September 2008 we reported on a sponsor event by Burger King which grants you free non-trade items, among which are wearable backgrounds and garlands. Because this promotion is still valid, we've decided to make a guide about this, so you can always locate the codes. You are also allowed to participate in this promotion on a side account.

Canadian Promotion
The Burger King promotion is a Canadian sponsor promotion. If you visit the page and your account is not set to be a Canadian user, you may get the following error:

Thank you for visiting Burger King

Sorry, this area is not currently available.

If you have a Burger King virtual item code, please sign in or create a Neopets account.

As a non-Canadian user, you are allowed to change your User Info in order to collect the freebies. TNT has confirmed this in the e-mail below:

If you want to alter your User Info in order to change it into Canadian, you will need to enter a valid zip code. A zip code for Quebec is G1C 2X4. If you're in the United States you do not have to change your country first. You can simply click on the grey Canadian flag.

Entering the codes
Once you have access to the page, you can enter the promotion codes in the Virtual Prize Code field. Each code can be entered 8 times.

Prizes for each code
There are 12 different Virtual Prize Codes. Each of the twelve codes gives out four different items. Which item you obtain is random. All items are non-trade, because of that, you are allowed to enter them on a side account. Thank you sarika_ambrielle for the codes.

Code Possible prizes
Altador Archway Background
Click for preview

Poogle Garland
Click for preview

Altador Kite

Blue Poogle Balloon
Faerieland Garden Background
Click for preview

Shoyru Garland
Click for preview

Faerieland Kite

Purple Shoyru Balloon
Haunted Trees Background
Click for preview

Meerca Garland
Click for preview

Haunted Woods Flying Disc

Red Meerca Mylar Balloon
Krawk Island Pirate Ship Background
Click for preview

Jubjub Garland
Click for preview

Krawk Island Kite

Disco Jubjub Balloon
Lost Desert Balcony Background
Click for preview

Moehog Garland
Click for preview

Lost Desert Kite

Red Moehog Balloon
Meridell Stone Wall Background
Click for preview

Blumaroo Garland
Click for preview

Meridell Kite

Orange Blumaroo Balloon
Mystery Island Techo Mountain Background
Click for preview

Kougra Garland
Click for preview

Mystery Island Kite

White Kougra Balloon
Neopia Central House Background
Click for preview

Kacheek Garland
Click for preview

Neopia Central Flying Disc

Rainbow Kacheek Balloon
Shenkuu House with River View Background
Click for preview

Mynci Garland
Click for preview

Shenkuu Flying Disc

Fire Mynci Balloon
Virtupets Space Station Space Dock Doors Background
Click for preview

Grundo Garland
Click for preview

Virtupets Space Station Flying Disc

Green Grundo Balloon
Tyrannia Sunset Background
Click for preview

Chomby Garland
Click for preview

Tyrannia Kite

Purple Chomby Balloon
Terror Mountain Snowy Hillside Background
Click for preview

Bruce Garland
Click for preview

Terror Mountain Flying Disc

Cloud Bruce Balloon

Once you enter your code, you will get a pop-up showing you which item you've won. You can then continue by entering the another code (or the same code).