Typeface Chart

How does it work:
For your neoHTML you can use any font type that exists of one word. If the font type has more than one word, then it will not work. Below you can see a list of one word font types that you can use in your neoHTML. If some of the fonts below look like normal fonts to you, then you do not have these fonts installed on your computer, and therefore cannot see them.

Blue and green:
Green fonts are commercial fonts. If you do not have these fonts on your computer, and you really want it, then you need to pay to download them.

Blue fonts are fonts that you can download to your computer for free. There are quite a lot of font sites where you can download them from. Examples are DaFont.com and AbstractFonts.com.

Downloading a font:
If you decide to download a font, you will need to unzip it. You need Winzip to unzip maps, or if you have Windows XP, then you can just open the file you downloaded, and in the top left corner you can unzip the map. After you've unzipped the map, right click on the font (the blue TT icon), and select copy. Then you open Control Panel (you can find it in Start, either in Settings or straight away), and then open the map with Fonts. You right click and select paste, then your font is installed and you should be able to see it on this Typeface Chart.


ActionIs Adlib Adorable Advert Advocut African Aircut Airstream Akbar Alba alcohole Algerian Alison Alpine Amano Amazon Amelia Anakronism Andes Andy Angelica Angelina Anhedonia Annifont Another Aramis Architect Architecture Argonaut Argosy Arial Ariston Artbrush Artistik Ashley Asman Asrafel Aswell Atomic Augie Avalonquest Averen


Banco Barbara Batang Bauhaus Bazooka Bedini Bedrock Belphebe Bertram Blackforest Blazed Bookman Bookworm Boomerang Braggadocio Broadway Brody


Calibri Caliph Callistroke Cambria Castellar CastleT Castro Casual Celticmd Centaur Century Chachie Cheese Cheri Chick Chick-fool-A Chiller Chinyen ChromosomeHeavy ComixHeavy CommonBullets(CommonBullets) Connection Consolas Coolvetica Copasetic Cosmic CosmicTwo Courier Crackling Crackman Crayon Creampuff Creepy Cretino Cricket Croissant Croobie Curlmudgeon Currency Cursive


Dauphin Dazey Debussy Desdemona DextorD Diediedie Diner Diogenes DiskusDMed Drifter Dupree Durango


Eclipse Edda Edmunds Eire Elephant Endor Envision Enviro Eras Eraserdust Eurostar Eurostile Excelerate


Fairytale Fantasy Felttip Fitzgerald Fixedsys FlamencoD floozy Forte Freeport Frosty Funkhouse


Galledis Garamond Georgia GHOSTBAYOU Ghostmeat Gigi Gimmicky Gismonda Glowworm Goofball Gourmand Graduate Godzilla Greetings


Haettenschweiler Hancock Hanshand Harlow Harrington Harting Heffaklump Helmsley Home


Impact Iomanoid Isadoracaps


Jellybean JellyBelly JerseyLetters Jester Jokerman JustAnotherFont


Kabanabook Kidprint Kids Kinkie Kirby


Lansbury LetterOMatic! Letters Lithograph Logger lumos Lynx


Magneto Marlett(Marlett) Metro Mickey Micro MicrogrammaDBolExt Milestones(Milestones) Mistral Modern Moonstar Monafont Monospace MotterFemD Mufferaw Musicals


Nadianne Nasalization Nickelodeon Nipandtuck Noodlescript Norman


ODALISQUE Oliver Onyx Oogieboogie Oreos OurGang Outwrite


Paintbrush Palladius Papyrus Parchment Parade Parseltongue Party PASTICHE Peake Pegyptienne Peinaud Penguin Perpetua Pepper Perisphere Phyllis Pixelscreen Playbill Pooh Porcelain Porkys Powerpuff Pricedown Pristina President Pussycat




Ransom Ravie Redensek RefSpecialty (RefSpecialty) Riddleprint Ringbearer Rockwell Roman Roughedge


Sanlite Schindler Scrawl Screenfox9 Script Scriptina Scott Serif Sexsmith Shlop Simplex Snoopy Snowdrift Squire Soopafresh Stencil Stereofidelic Stonehenge Stop StopD Storybook Subway SUGARFISH Summertime SuperNovaFat Sydnie Sylfaen Symbol (Symbol) System


Tahoma Taxidermist Technical Teen Terminal Thanksgiving Thunderbird Thursdoo Times Traffic Trubble Tuesday




Verdana Viking Vivaldi VladimirScrD   Vrinda


Webdings(Webdings) Westminster Whackadoo Whutevur Wingdings(Wingdings) Witched Wolf WoodenNickleBlack


Xcelsion Xoxoxa




Zilluncial ZOINKFAT Zoloft Zombie