Lawyerbot <3 Usuki Avatar

This avatar was released for Lawyerbot Appreciation Day 2012. Since Lawyerbot is a (not so) secret lover of Usuki's, these little Usul dolls were bound to have something to do with it!

Lawyerbot <3 Usuki

Have 50 unique items with the word 'usuki' in them in your inventory and then view your inventory.

Neocash items do not count. The avatar shows up at the bottom of your screen, not at the top.

Tip: Visit SunnyNeo's cheap usuki list for some help getting 50 unique usukis.


who doesn´t like them!?


List with Usuki's
Here is a list with Usuki's, ranging from 1 up to around 2,000 NP. Since many people are buying Usuki's at the moment, sometimes there are only a few of one kind, hence the long list. When using the regular Shop Wizard, be sure to refresh a few times, especially when getting expensive prizes like 99,999 NP. There are cheaper ones around when refreshing.

Usuki AvatarThe cheapest Usuki items to purchase for the avatar. Should include any items available between 1-1000np from user shops (Dec 2023).
Last Updated: January 04, 2024
Total Items: 65
This Usuki set comes with a carrot, mittens and buttons to dress up your Usukis Abominable Snowball.

Abominable Snowball Usuki Set

5 NP
Give your Usuki doll a great new look with this fantastic hair set.

Blonde Pigtails Usuki Hair Set

300 NP
This rare Usuki doll can only be won from the Wheel of Knowledge.

Brightvale Usuki Doll

590 NP
Flaky sweet pastries shaped like Usuki ears and topped with delicious cherry frosting.

Cherry Usuki Pastry

300 NP
Bet you start with the ears first.

Chocolate Usuki

600 NP
Round em up cowgirl! Comes complete with silver spurs, uni hair lasso and leather chaps.

Cowgirl Usuki

1,000 NP
Usuki can soar through the air assisting weary travellers in this stylish blue and red uniform.

Flight Attendant Usuki

1,300 NP
Usuki is all ready for summer with shades, rollerblades and a cute two piece swim suit.

Fun in the Sun Usuki

580 NP
Chew while you play for the full Usuki experience!

Grape Usuki Gum

750 NP
This fashionable Usuki doll is all the rage. She comes with interchangable grass skirts and hair accessories.

Hula Girl Usuki

690 NP
This set comes with a flower, a brush and a food bowl.

Island Slorg Usuki Set

2 NP
This Usuki loves playing Kou-Jong as well! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y19.

Kaia Usuki Doll

5 NP
Your Usuki can now sing with the best of them - on stage, with this great new Usuki Set.

Karaoke Usuki Set

760 NP
Yo ho ho! Let your Usuki have exciting swashbuckling adventures with this nifty new play set.

Krawk Island Usuki Play Set

1,100 NP
This Usuki is the perfect addition to any collection.

Little Witch Usuki

1,000 NP
Watch Usukis hair sparkle and grow, no matter how often you cut it.  Comes with a full range of hair styling products.

Magical Hair Usuki

600 NP
Maraquan Usuki is 100% waterproof and has a choice of green or blue scales.

Maraquan Usuki

880 NP
Tiny, singing Usukis for your Usuki to play with.

Musical Mini Usukis

980 NP
Training, jungle adventures and wise old Kyriis make this deluxe play set a fantastic gift.

Mystery Island Usuki Play Set

600 NP
Everything you need to create your own Neopian Times.

Neopian Times Usuki Set

190 NP
Your Ona can keep fit with the mini skipping rope.

Ona Usuki Set

1,400 NP
You will have the most pampered Snorkle around with this great Usuki set!

Pink Snorkle Usuki Set

30 NP
Ahoy me hearties, with this swashbuckling play set your Usuki doll is ready to set sail!

Pirate Usuki Play Set

1 NP
Keep your Usuki dolls nice and dry whatever the weather with this bright yellow waterproof set.

Rainy Day Usuki Set

920 NP
Help!  Let me out!

Reject Snowager Usuki

700 NP
This one looks like it slipped past the quality control department.

Reject Usuki Spring Basket

400 NP
This Usuki doll always wanted to be in the circus and spent hours practicing their clown tricks.

Silly Clown Usuki

20 NP
This set comes with blocks, a brush and a food bowl.

Slorg Usuki Set

1,400 NP
Everything you ever needed for your Usuki to look after their Petpet!

Snowickle Usuki Set

1,700 NP
Now your Usuki doll can look after their very own Snuffly with this complete care kit.

Snuffly Usuki Set

900 NP
This Usuki is ready for some candy!

Spooky Ghost Usuki

25 NP
Can anyone prepare a better meal than this Usuki?

Steel Chef Usuki

990 NP
The Teenage Usuki doll is all ready to party.  Comes with a range of hair accessories and footwear.

Teenage Usuki

890 NP
Tyrannian Usuki is ready to knock those cavemen out.  Who can resist her delightful leopard print two piece with matching collar and bow!

Tyrannian Usuki

1 NP
And they are off! This was a prize given out by the advent calendar in year 6.

Uni Races Usuki Set

500 NP
Your Usuki can romp in the autumn leaves during any season with this fun play set.

Usuki Autumn Play Set

1,100 NP
A pretty pink tutu is a must for any rising ballet star!

Usuki Ballet Set

400 NP
Bundle Usuki up for bedtime with these cute pink PJs!

Usuki Bedtime Clothing

900 NP
Cozy up to the campfire for a little outdoor fun.

Usuki Campground Play Set

1,000 NP
No need to spend time collecting Ususki coins - this set has them all.

Usuki Coin Set

1,400 NP
A full listing of all the Usuki dolls currently made, a handy price guide and a few tips to keep your Usuki doll in great condition.

Usuki Collectors Guide

900 NP
A Dream Castle of her own to live in!  Your Usuki doll can have a prince, ponies, and all the jewels she wants.  Ages 2 and up.

Usuki Dream Castle

950 NP
Your Usuki will be the coolest doll in town with this dream pool set.

Usuki Dream Pool

550 NP
Everything your Usuki doll needs to make the tastiest negg surprise!

Usuki Dream Stove

900 NP
What more could your Usuki want than this fabulous swing set for the summer months?

Usuki Dream Swing Set

1,100 NP
The perfect place to store all your Usuki outfits.  Comes with 8 Usuki-sized hangers.

Usuki Dream Wardrobe

1,300 NP
Everything your Usuki needs to begin tending their very own garden!

Usuki Gardening Set

600 NP
Give your Usuki the funky hair they have always wanted with this hair extensions set.  Complete with brush and comb.

Usuki Hair Extensions Set

700 NP
Release your inner hippie!

Usuki Hippie Boy

900 NP
Release your inner hippie!

Usuki Hippie Girl

1,100 NP
The sweetest sweet youll ever meet - or eat!

Usuki Iced Cookies

1,200 NP
No other conditioner provides a shine like this one.

Usuki Magical Conditioner

940 NP
No other shampoo provides a shine like this one.

Usuki Magical Shampoo

1,400 NP
Everything your Usuki needs to nurse a patient back to health, complete with ointment and bandages.

Usuki Medical Set

800 NP
Keep your Neogarden green with this handy gardening set.

Usuki Neogarden Set

150 NP
Sparkly pink powder and a fluffy tail puff - adorable!

Usuki Powder Puff

1,700 NP
Now you can act out many great sea faring adventures with this Usuki Shipwreck set!

Usuki Shipwreck Set

290 NP
Be the belle of the slopes in this sensational winter outfit.  Includes matching bag and snow shoes.

Usuki Snowy Sweetheart Set

810 NP
This set carries the official Usuki stamp of approval - at least it should.

Usuki Stamp Set

1,200 NP
Tally-ho for teatime Usuki! Crumpets not included.

Usuki Tea Set

1,600 NP
A Usuki Doll pack containing a luxurious travel set.

Usuki Travel Set

1,000 NP
Everything you could ever need to take care of your Uni. Set includes one bag of treats.

Usuki Uni Lover Set

700 NP
Your Usuki will be everyones sweetheart this winter when she wears this dashing outfit.

Winter Love Usuki Set

1,500 NP
Shes all bundled up for the cold weather! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y17.

Winter Usuki Doll

5 NP
Your Usuki will keep nice and warm in these immitation Babaa wool clothes.

Winter Woolies Usuki Set

1,200 NP