Mall Banners

What are they?
On Neopets, there are quite a few people that team up together and start a mall. A mall is a bunch of shops that are connected. Each of the shops will sell a certain type of items. For instance, one person would sell toys and another books. By linking shops, bigger profits are often achieved because people can find all the items they are looking for without ever leaving the mall. Mall shops are often very large, they sell a large variety of items within the theme. They also stock more than one item of each, so that the mall shops do not run out of stock quickly.

These are mall banners for you to use. Most of the time you put mall banners in a shop, but you can use them in your lookup or pet pages as well if you like. There are different kinds of mall banners, each to fit with a different season or theme. We will be releasing more banners over time.

How does it work?
You just copy the coding and paste the HTML code where you want it to be, for instance at your Shop Description. Then, you must ensure that all the links are working. Each keyword set can be linked to a different shop. In order to link the keyword sets, you will have to edit the HTML code. In the HTML code you will see lines like this:

<area shape="rect" coords="279,292,402,383" href="/SCHOOLBOOKS">

You will need to edit the part that says href="/SCHOOLBOOKS". In this example, you will need to change /SCHOOLBOOKS into the URL of the shop that sells school items and books. When you are done, it should look something like this:

<area shape="rect" coords="279,292,402,383" href="/browseshop.phtml?owner=USERNAME">

If your mall does not have all shops in it that are listed on the image, you can choose not to enter a link to a certain key set. You can fill it in later, once you've found someone wanting to exploit that certain shop type. You can also link the Faeries to shops. The shops that are linked by the faeries should be selling all sorts of items that can be asked for by that type of faerie for Faerie Quests. For instance the Air Faerie always asks for grooming items, you could link her to a shop that sells grooming items.

Previewing the Mall Banner:
The mall banners are resized to 600px wide to fit on the page better. You can click on the mall banner it will take you to an example page where it will show you the actual mall banner with it being coded, fullsized, and in a neopets shop.

Total Number of Mall Banners: 9
Last Updated: December 24, 2023

Balthazar Mall Banner

Fall Mall Banner

Hearts Mall Banner

Holiday Shopping Outlet Mall Banner
Holiday Shopping Outlet

Poogle Races Mall Banner
Poogle Races

Seekers Mall Banner

Spring Mall Banner

Summer Mall Banner

The Sway Mall Banner
The Sway