Unreleased Avatars

This page contains unreleased avatars. These are images that are listed on the neopets image server as being avatars. But they have not been activated, this means that there is no possible way to get the avatars on this page.

Unreleased Avatars Compared to Similar Released Avatars
The following unreleased avatars look very similar to avatars that have been released. It is most likely that the unreleased avatar is the first version, and the released avatar is the second - improved - version of the first one. These avatars aren't very likely to ever get released in the future, as similar avatars have come out already.

Unreleased Released
Unreleased Released
Unreleased Released

Unreleased Avatars With No Comparison
The following avatars are also unreleased, but there are no avatars that have been released that look like them. These avatars might be released in the future, they might be editted into an improved better version, or they may not be released at all.

TNT A Splode Avatar
The following avatar is used by theneopetsteam, an account owned by neopets. This avatar has not been released for regular users to get.