Almost Abandoned Attic

The Almost Abandoned Attic is back! Starting again in April of 2022 after almost 10 years of being down. It appears to still work similar to how it worked in the past. You can read the information below to learn about how it restocks and how often.

The timer is manually updated by SN staff to give an approx time, but only when one is available to keep track of the times, which is only a few hours during the day. The RS & Chat board in the Trading Board will usually know the current attic times as well so you can see if the timer is current and usuable, look around the last few pages before asking for the current time.

The timer has to be manually updated in order to work correctly. We do not currently have people able to do this. We hope in the future that we will be able to have the attic timer being updated again for people to use.
Below you see a timer that counts down until the next time the Almost Abandoned Attic may restock. If you check the 'Alert me' box below the countdown, you will receive an alert 10 seconds before the Attic will restock.

Timer Last Updated: Monday June 1st 6:48 pm NST

Alert meseconds early Quicklink: Go to the Attic
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What is the Abandoned Attic?
The Almost Abandoned Attic is a shop that is similar to the Igloo Garage Sale. It will sell items of rarity 80 to 99 at a cheap price.

The price of the items is based on the 'Estimated Value (approx)' that you can see on an item's lookup. See for instance this Mint Chocolate Peophin which would be sold at 342 neopoints. Because the items are sold at their estimated value, this means some items could go up for a real bargain! Even Draik Eggs are known to be sold at the attic.

Where would I find the Almost Abandoned Attic?
The attic is situated in the south-west house in Neovia. You can enter it by clicking on the door of the house situated next to the gate.

Why can't I access the Almost Abandoned Attic?
The Almost Abandoned Attic is a so called Loyal User Perk, it means it's a little extra for players who have been on Neopets for quite some time now. The attic is only available for users with an account that is at least 3 years old. For more information on Loyal User Perks visit our Account Age Information guide.

How does the attic work?
Each day you can buy a maximum of five items per day. This resets with the new neo day. You can also only buy 1 item in a 15 minute time span.

If you refresh too often, you will get a temporary ban, similar to the main neopet shops. This temporary ban can last anywhere from 5 minutes to a whole day. When you get temporarily banned, you will get an error message that looks like this:

Error: Sorry, please try again later.

How does the attic timing work?
The attic can go 7 minutes after it last went (adding about 10-15 seconds every 30mins), so the time is based off the last time it restocked. This makes keeping the timer updated extremely difficult.

The attic has a chance to restock every 7 minutes. The way this works is it will go off the previous time it restocked. So if it restocked at 3:35:40, it has a chance to go again at 3:42:40ish (with a certain time frame that it may go, looks to be about 10 seconds before and up to 30 seconds after). Lets say it restocks a second time in a row then, at 3:42:52, then the next time it may restock is 3:49:52ish.

This makes it difficult to keep track of the time on the boards (as well as the timer), so most boards will just keep track of the minute number, for example in this case :35, :42, :49 would be the attic times. Start refreshing at the beginning of the 7th minute, so at the 00 second mark, and continue checking throughout the whole minute. Be careful to not refresh too often or you could get temporarily banned. The attic could restocky anytime in that 7th minute time frame. The timer will keep track of the 7 minute increments.