Model for SunnyNeo: Needed items

In order for SunnyNeo's Wearables HQ and other customisation pages to function, we have to collect previews of all the items. There are two types of previews. Flash/HTML5 previews can be animated (in case of neocash items) and are layered, you can try them on different pets and in combination with other items. PNG previews are static, and are the same as the images on your userlookup showing your pet. This page shows you which items we need modelled.

If you have any items modelled on your pet, you can submit them on the Model page.

Missing Previews

Below you can see all the item we need previews for.

For HTML5: we only collect 1 (any species per item). You can put as many of the items you want to model on your pet at once. (You can also keep your pets regular customisation on, you don't have to remove excess items.) After saving, go to the Model page and enter your pet's name. The page will then tell you which items you have successfully modelled.

For PNG, we collect 1 static image (the PNG) of any species wearing the item. On handheld items, we collect two PNG images. One on a two legged pet, and one on a four legged pet, because they look very different on these types. If you want to help model PNG images, make sure you put ONLY this item on your pet, without any other items, backgrounds etc. Just that one item. After you've done that, submit your pet's name at the Model page. For extensive instructions on how to do this, click on 'Show Instructions'.

We are missing previews for 4 items.

NP - Species Specific
Pharaoh Kyrii Beard (MIA)View Details
NP - All Species
25th Anniversary Star ShowerView Details
Purple Ombre Box Braids WigView Details
Red Long Locs WigView Details

Missing Rainbow Pool Previews

We also collect PNG images for our Rainbow Pool. The table below shows which rainbow pool PNG images are missing. If you want to help model rainbow pool PNG images, make sure you put all the PB clothes for your pet's colour on your pet (if there are any), without any other items, backgrounds etc. Alternately if you are submitting an unclothed image, you will need to remove all of your pet's clothes. After you've done that, go to your userlookup, right click on the image of that pet to get the image URL. Once you have the URL of the pet clothed in paintbrush clothing only or unclothed please neomail Juji the URLs we are missing. This has changed since Neopets has made the viewer have to have an account to view petlookups. So our modeling page cannot find a difinitive gender and does not know where to put the image. We now have to hand enter all pet PNGs.

Polka Dot Kau: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female