Signature Generator

What is this?
You might have seen words made out of symbols in people's siggies, this generator will allow you to type in the word you want and it will output the neoHTML for you. You can then paste this into your siggy box on the neoboard preferences page. Unlike the rainbow font generator you only have to do this once and it will stay there until you change it.

Words made from symbols?
The examples below feature a block font (#1) and a text font (#2).





What words can I use?
The generator can only work with letters, this means you cannot use numbers, spaces or any punctuation. The font and siggy box on the preferences have a character limit of 120 characters each. This limits you to a four or five letter word in the block fonts, or a nine or ten letter word using the text fonts. The amount of letters also depends on which letters you use, some letters (like M and W) use more symbols than others (like I and L).

How to use instructions:
The generator will allow you to make two coloured block or text signatures. In order pick colours for your font, you can either use the Colour Picker below, or use hex colours that you have gotten from you avatar using an Eyedropper Tool, or using the font colours from our Premade fonts.

If you want to use the colour picker, first click into the Top Colour box, then use the colour picker to select a colour for you. After you are done, click in the Bottom Colour box and do the same.

If you want to use hex colours, paste the 6 digit hex code into the box, this goes without the # sign, that gets automatically added to your font code.

If you want to make your signature have only one colour, only fill in the Top Colour box, and leave the second box blank.

After you are done choosing your colours, you can enter the word of your choice. The signature generator will then create both a block font and a text font for it. Only when your word is too long you will receive an error.

SunnyNeo does not claim to own the concept of text fonts, block fonts or rainbow fonts. We are perfectly aware that a lot of people have been making these before our generators, and are doing so without our generators. We only made these to help people who prefer to use such a generator to make their own dream font. All fonts made with or without generators are people's own creation, not ours, we simply helped a little (with the exception of the premades on the siggies page).


Note: Please use HEX colour codes. If you wish to change the colour of the text, you can click on the small coloured square to the right of the field to open the colour picker.

Top Colour:
Bottom Colour:
The word is split in 2 parts and each part can have its own colour.
(This will make the code for both styles)