Advent Calendar

What is the Advent Calendar?
The Advent Calendar is place in Happy Valley that you can visit once a day all through the month of December to see a cute little animation and get some prizes. Sometimes you can also go to the Advent Calendar in July, if Neopets has the Christmas in July holiday. You can get things like Neopoints, plushies, toys, along with a few avatars. You are also able to unlock the winter site theme on December 31st.

Advent Calendar 2022
Date Prizes
December 4th

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You find 589 Neopoints!!!

You find a Snow Talpidat!!!

You also find a Snow Petpet Paintbrush!!!

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December 3rd

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You find 565 Neopoints!!!

You find a Snowman Slushie Stamp!!!!

You also find a Christmas!!!

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Note: the graphic for this day was a mobile wallpaper. You can save the image to your phone, and set it as your wallpaper normally.
December 2nd

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You find 694 Neopoints!!!

You find a Snow Faerie Doll!!!

You also find a A Snowbunny Tail!!!

December 1st

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You find 1065 Neopoints!!!

You find a Dreidel!!!

You also find a Baby Holiday Scarf!!!

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Hidden Reina:
For the past several years, TNT has hidden various PetPets and items in the daily advent calendar animations. For the 2022 year, the hidden character is Reina the Reindeer Aisha. Clicking on the them will reward you an item. These items are given out randomly. If you received an item that is not listed below, please get in touch with us.

Advent Calendar - Hiding Reina 2022
Last Updated: December 04, 2022
Total Items: 12
It doesnt snow on Mystery Island but its very warm and relaxing on the beach!

A Very Tiki Holiday

Anyone can use a little bit of holiday spirit!

Bottled Holiday Spirit

The text inside reads - FROM ONE FRIEND TO ANOTHER!

Chia Holiday Greeting Card

This rather spooky gingerbread house is quite fancy.

Holiday Gingerbread Mansion

This beautiful harp is quite easy to melt.

Holiday Snow Harp

As you pull this Snowbunny along the middle springs around making it look like its hopping.

Pull Along Snowbunny

This robotic Christmas Quiggle toy is the perfect toy for Christmas morning!

Robotic Christmas Quiggle Toy

You may want to put on a pair of gloves before using these scissors.  Things can get a bit chilly.

Snow Scissors

Delicious and low calorie - perfect for dieting Neopets.

Spicy Snow Rolls

This custard has been frozen for two weeks to get this hard.

Super Icy Custard

Make sure to rewrap it after you read it.

The Presence of Presents

The leaves make a lovely rustling noise as the yoyo twirls up and down.

Wreathy Yoyo

There are two avatars that are only obtainable during the Month of Celebrating.

Seasonal Attack Pea

Given out at the Advent Calendar on a random day in December. (Avatar was available on December 21 in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, but this does not guarantee it will be the same date next year.) So far, this avatar has returned every year.

Xmas Pea

You get this avatar as a prize from the Advent Calendar -- only available on December 1st.