What are they?
These are blogs for you to use. Most of the time you put blogs in a shop or gallery, but you can use them in your lookup or pet pages as well if you like.

How does it work?
You just copy the coding and paste it where you want it to be.

Previewing the blog:
The blogs are thumbnailed down to fit on the page better. You can click on the preview of the blog to take you to an example page where it will show you the actual blog with it being coded, fullsized, and in a neopets shop.

Want your own blog?
You can check out our blog making tutorials that not only teach you how to make a blog in different programs, but also how to code it yourself.

Total Number of Blogs: 21
Last Updated: June 23, 2024

Charge Blog
Cheer up Blog
Cheer up
Find your wings Blog
Find your wings
Fire Faerie Blog
Fire Faerie
Grarrl Stuck Blog
Grarrl Stuck
Happy Easter Blog
Happy Easter
I love my plushies Blog
I love my plushies
Ice Cream Blog
Ice Cream
Kyrii Plushie Blog
Kyrii Plushie
Magax Blog
Ninja Kikos Blog
Ninja Kikos
Non-Binary Umbra Blog
Non-Binary Umbra
Over the Rainbow Blog
Over the Rainbow
Play Nicely Blog
Play Nicely
Pteri Blog
Red-Nosed Ixi Figure Blog
Red-Nosed Ixi Figure
Starry Blog
Valentine Blog
Watch Out!!! Blog
Watch Out!!!
Water Faerie Blog
Water Faerie