Secret Laboratory

What Is The Secret Laboratory?
The Secret Laboratory is a place owned by the Mad Lab Ray Scientist. He has developed a Lab Ray that can alter your pet in many ways, good or bad. If you take your pet there that's a risk you're taking. Either things may happen that you don't want to happen to your pet, or loads of good stuff can happen to your pet-- anything is possible! The Lab Ray can only be used once a day on only one pet of your choice!

The Secret Laboratory does not give automatic access! You must purchase the Secret Laboratory Map pieces which will be described later in this guide.
The Laboratory

So you have found your way to my lab, have you? I'm working on a new experiment, a ray that will give any pet super powers, and great strength. Of course its not finished yet, but if you are willing to take the risk then I may let you have a go.

WARNING - This process could severely damage your pet... we at Neopets take no responsibility for what happens when you do this!!!

Keep in mind that your pets may not be on board with your choice to zap them!
The Laboratory

Now you must choose one of your pets...


What if I turn into a frog?

I'm scared!!!

What Does The Secret Laboratory Do?
Various things can happen to your pet, luckily you get to decide which pet you want to send in there before anything happens.

The following things can happen if you use the Lab Ray on your pet:
Your pet's color can change
(ie: Purple, Green, Faerie, Maraquan, etc...)
Your pet's gender can change 
(ie: into male or into female)
Your pet species can change
(ie: into Kiko, Blumaroo, Kougra, etc...)
Your pet can gain or lose levels
(It can be 2 levels at a time)
Your pet can gain or lose strength points
(It can be 2 or 3 points at a time)
Your pet can gain or lose defense points
(It can be 2 or 3 points at a time)
Your pet can gain or lose movement points
(It can be 2 or 3 points at a time)
Your pet can gain hit points points
(It can be 2, 3, 4, or 5 points at a time)
Your pet's level can go back to level 1
(Even if your pet at a higher level like 20, it can go back down to 1)
Nothing happens

As it is described, both good and bad things can happen to your pet. It is all random!


Hee hee hee!

The ray is fired at Melodus...
... and she gains two levels!!!

Special Color Changes Only Found In The Secret Laboratory
There are various colors that your pet can only change into through the Lab Ray. Aside from Fountain Faerie quests (marked in yellow), there are no Paint Brushes that will allow you to get these colors. Below, you will see a chart with all of the Lab Ray-only colors and an example of a pet in that color. 

To see all pets available in all colors visit SunnyNeo's Rainbow Pool.
















white background: lab-only

yellow background: lab & fountain faerie quest

Colors Not Found In Secret Laboratory
According to the Neopets Magazine #4, the Lab Ray can do nearly all colors except: Magma, Quiguki, Royal, Pirate, Plushie and Baby. In addition, it has been confirmed that the Lab Ray cannot change your pet into an Ice Bori. The Ice Bori is a special Neopets Promo-Only pet where it can be used as your yearly Premium Perk.

How Do You Get Access To The Secret Laboratory?
The Secret Laboratory is not available for all to use. Before you can get there, you need to complete the Secret Laboratory Map. The Secret Laboratory Map is made out of 9 different 'Secret Laboratory Map' pieces. You can see them below:
Piece #1 Piece #6 Piece #7
Piece #2 Piece #5 Piece #8
Piece #3 Piece #4 Piece #9

These Lab Map pieces are sold separately and can be found in shopping areas such as the Shop Wizard, Auctions or Trading Post. Most sell the full set in the Trading Post, however, it is best to buy them separately as it can be cheaper. It can be a challenge to find all the pieces separately as each Lab Map piece are not numbered. This means the Shop Wizard may generate pieces you already have or don't need. Before shopping, be sure to consult our Lab Map Prices page, which tracks current pricing of each lab map piece.

Once you have all the Secret Laboratory Map pieces in your inventory. You can get access by trading in your map pieces for permanent access to the Secret Laboratory. If you decide to do this your Secret Lab Map pieces will disappear forever, and you will not be able to get them back.

Is Getting Secret Laboratory Access Worth It?
Ask yourself: 'What will the Lab Ray do for me?' Perhaps you're a Battledome enthusiast and you want to hopefully gain stats. Maybe you are a collector of specific colors or species and you want to take a chance to fulfill your dream pet. Any of these ideas can be worth it for you in the long-run. 

Remember, though, that just as much as positive outcomes can happen, so can negative. Maybe your a Blumaroo fan and you have only Blumaroo's and the Lab Ray changes your favorite Blumaroo pet into an Eyrie. This can happen and should be considered. There are some users who, although spent a lot of Neopoints on the map, stop using the Lab Ray because they do not like their pet species and color changing for the worst.

If such changes do not bother you, and you are very much focused on having your pet getting stronger, then we highly recommend the Lab Ray. Over a long period of time, your pet will get stronger and it sure beats buying Codestones!

A Popular Purpose Of The Lab Ray
Fact: Not everyone who uses the Lab Ray uses it for themselves. There are a large group of players who spend time lifting spirits of pets who are in the Pound, a place filled with poor pets - created by cruel people - with awful names. These pets, most likely, players do not adopt and are bound to spend the rest of their lives in the pound. 

How do these group of players come in? They use the Lab Ray as a form of charity where they will adopt pound pets - no matter their name - and blast them with the Lab Ray until they are of a species, color and stat that is liked by other players. This helps the pets in the pound get snatched and in a new home in no time!

While this is a charity for the pets, it is also a charity for players who cannot afford to have a painted pet of their own.

You can also get an avatar from the Secret Laboratory (it might take a while until you get it though).

Have the Lab Ray change the species of your pet.

Tip: Visit's Secret Laboratory page for more information on the Lab Ray.

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Battledome Challenger
The Lab Ray Scientist will become your Battledome Challenger when they cause your pet to change gender (into male or into female). You will get the following: "Lab Ray Scientist has just changed you from Male to Female!!!" (or vice versa). If you choose to battle the Lab Ray Scientist in the One Player Battledome, you can force them to change it back to your pet's original gender.  You can view our Battledome Challenger guide for more information.
Challenger How to get the challenger Difficulty
Lab Ray Scientist:
Random Event at the Lab Ray - Choose a Pet Page.

For more information about the Secret Laboratory you can check the Neopedia. The Neopedia has a great article about the Secret Laboratory:
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