What is the Neolodge?
The Neolodge is a place where you can let your neopets stay if you're going on vacation or aren't going to be online very much and want to keep them happy and fed. So instead of letting your pets starve, you can let them stay in the Neolodge up to 28 nights fully fed.

Choosing a Hotel
To put your pet into the Neolodge you need to go to first select your pet. You should see a drop down menu. Click on it and select the pet you'd like to put into the Lodge.

Next you need to select your Hotel. There are three different types of hotels, the Economy hotel room, the Luxury hotel room and the Deluxe hotel room. The table below shows each hotel room, how many stars it has, the Hotel's name, and its price.

Hotel Room Stars Hotel Name Price
Economy Hotel * to ** Cockroach Towers
Fleapit Motel
Cheap Hotel
5 NP
10 NP
20 NP
Luxury Hotel *** to **** Mountain Lodge
Ye Olde Ship Inn
Hotel Opera
The Royal Neopian
30 NP
40 NP
50 NP
80 NP
Deluxe Hotel ***** Faerie Castle
Presidential Palace
100 NP
200 NP
500 NP

Once you've chosen the Hotel you can choose any of the twelve extras you want your pet to receive. Each one costs 5 NP per night, so choose carefully.

Your last step is to choose how many nights you want your pet to stay at the Hotel. Your pet can stay up to 28 days. After selecting the number of nights click the "Complete Booking" button. And now your pet is put into the Neolodge!

You'll also receive the hotel bill after you put your neopet in the Neolodge. But be careful, if you make a mistake by either putting the wrong pet, or chose the wrong extras, you won't be able to go back and fix them. The only way to cancel this it to go to your Quick Reference and view the notice and "Check out early".

More than one pet
Instead of only having one pet at a time in the Neolodge, you can have up to the maximum amount of neopets you own. To check out how much time is left for your Neopet by going to your Quick Reference and viewing the notice. It will say how many days, hours, and minutes are left.

Playing with your pet
Although your pet is in the Neolodge, you'd still be able to play with it, play games with it, and all of the other dailies that include pets, even the free Sponsor foods.

Item Eating Pets
Certain pets, like Skeiths, Grarrls, and Jetsams can eat any item in your inventory if they're hungry. There's also the option to feed an item to those three pets. So the safest way to keep your valuable item from getting eaten is to keep that pet in the Neolodge. Also if you ever ask to be lent BGC (Bony Grarrl Club) it would be best to place your Grarrl into the Neolodge to ensure you don't click the "Feed to PetName" button. This also might make the lender feel more confident about you if you tell them your Grarrl is in the Neolodge because they'll know you would not make the mistake of feeding their item to your pet.

Transferring Pets
If you decide to transfer your pet to a side account or someone else, your pet will still stay in the Neolodge for up to however long you put them in for. This will keep the Neopet fully fed until it's ready to check out.

Checking Out
When your pet finishes its time at the Neolodge you'll be sent an e-mail to the e-mail account you currently have set up for Neopets. The e-mail will be sent by the pet you placed in the Neolodge. The body of the message is the same but sometimes they'll leave a P.S. asking for more food.