r70+ Mote List

This is a list of the the rarity 70 or higher motes that you can restock from the Brightvale Motery, in order to get the 'Angry Air Mote' avatar.

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Buy any mote of a rarity 70 or higher from the Brightvale Motery.

Tips: Check SunnyNeo's r70+ Mote List to see which motes qualify for the avatar (with pictures!).
Check SunnyNeo's Restock Guide to learn more about restocking.
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r70+ Mote ListAll motes with r70+ to receive the avatar
Last Updated: March 07, 2024
Total Items: 20
You might not even notice this mote unless you are paying attention...

Air Mote

Dont get burnt, the magical mote can help you in your battles.

Ash Mote

This happy little bundle of links loves to show off for you.  It squashes flat as a shield or stretches menacingly into a flail.

Chainmail Mote

This mote is not too fond of darkness.

Day Mote

Dont let this mote get to you or you might just be very depressed.

Dee Mote

The Dirt Mote will assist you by attacking with all of its dusty dirt.

Dirt Mote

Live in filth?  Use this dusty mote to stir up a blinding cloud of dust!

Dust Mote

This mote can be kind of hard to control emotionally.

Ee Mote

Keep your opponent wondering about all of the hair with this mote.

Hair Mote

The Ice Mote can freeze opponents and let you either escape or attack before they defrost.

Ice Mote

A hot lava mote can help protect a creature from water spells and can use its special magic to help your creature.

Lava Mote

Oooh Shiny!  You see a bit of yourself in this loveable mote.  And the feeling is mutual.  It will defend you loyally until it can shine no more.

Mirror Mote

In the image of Neopia this mote makes others stand up and pay attention.

Neopian Mote

A cute little mote that is oh so huggable!

Plushie Mote

Some opponents dont even notice you have this mote it stays so far away.

Ree Mote

You might think this mote is communicating with you it beeps and chirps quite often.

Robot Mote

This mote can defend you against the heat of the battle, but that isnt where its help ends!

Snow Mote

This vicious mote is definitely more bite than bark! Use it to scare your opponents and otherwise defend yourself!

Vicious Mote

This feathery mote may confuse your opponent for a bit.

Weewoo Mote

Opponents often mistake this mote for a shield, wont they be surpised when they realise it is a mote.

Wood Mote