Graphic Request Form

What is this form?
Here you can request or suggest a graphic you would like to see. Please only request Neopets related graphics. We do not make non-neo related graphics. Also you have to fill out all the fields before the form will go through. You need to select the kind of graphic through the dropdown menu, and then use the text field to fill in the theme you are requesting. This theme can only be 50 characters as we do not want a very detailed description. What we do want for instance is: Guild layout, themed Air Faerie or Blinkie, themed Sloth.

When filling in the form, please do not write entire stories. Please start by putting what you want, not with "Hi there..", "Could you.." or "I want.."

If you want an Air Faerie lookup, write Air Faerie Lookup. Please try to keep it short, no extras. Also, don't start your request with a or an.

We do not make any customised graphics. Any graphics we make will be for everyone to use, and not for one guild in specific or one person in particular. If you want customised graphics please don't use this form.

Also, we will look at all the requests, but this does not mean we will make all of them. We will only make the things requested that we think are a good idea. This means that if you requested something here, it is not guaranteed that it will be made; the choice is up to us.

We only make Neopets related graphics. We don't make things like Harry Potter or Pokemon, sorry.

Finally, it will take a while before things are actually made, with hundreds of requests on a daily base you can imagine that we can't have them all done tomorrow.

**Please note that this is only a GRAPHICS submission form. Please do not report errors or any other site suggestions here. Thanks :)**

Desired Graphic:
Theme: (100 character limit)