Training Calculator

What's on this page?
On this page you can find SunnyNeo's Battledome Training Calculator. This calculates for you exactly how many codestones or red codestones you need in order to get your pet to the desired battledome stats. You can also see how long it will take before your pet is trained in years, months, hours and days.

How does it work?
First you go to the Battledome Status page and fill in your current stats in the current column. Alternately enter your pet's name to get it's stats fillen in automatically. Then you fill in all the stats you'd like your pet to have in the goal column. You do not have to fill in all the boxes, you can also leave them open, if you would only like to know the cost of only training level, for example.

If you press the calculate button you will be taken to a page that shows you how much it will cost and how long the training will take. The table shows the order you should train your stats to get the most stats for the least money. This is achieved by training your endurance up to three times your level while training in the Mystery Island Training School. After your pet reaches level 250, red codestones will be used, as the Secret Ninja Training School is the only training school that accepts pets with such high levels.

Level limitations while training
The goal level you entered may be different than the goal level shown in the results tables. The reason for this is that there are limitations in training. You can train your strength, defence and agility up to double your pet's level, and endurance up to three times your pet's level. This means that if you desire a high number of hitpoints or strenght points, you also need to increase your level. The calculator automatically updates the level for you.

Preset Builds
The Battledome Training Calculator also offers three preset builds that you can use. They are:

  1. League build: If you participate in battledome tournaments you can use this preset to select various league builds for each league.

  2. Even stats: This preset can be used for even hit point, strength and defence stats. Each set of stats corresponds to a strength/defense boost, the point at which you will start to do more damage or block more damage. You can read more about boosts in our Training guide.

  3. Trainable: The preset build called trainable will set the desired level to the minimum level where you may train your pet at one of the Training Schools. This option is designed for lab rats as they often have uneven stats.

Super Bonuses
When training your pets at the various schools you will occasionally recieve super bonuses. When you get a bonus your pet will gain more than one stat point (normally 2 or 3, but very rarely up to 5 or 6) this means that you will not need quite as many courses or codestones as the calculator suggests. However these bonuses can also be unwanted. If you recieve a bonus when training your level up to the highest it can be without going to a more expensive course you may gain too many levels and be forced to use the more expensive courses before maxing your pet out with the cheaper courses.

After clicking on the Calculate button, a window will open showing you the optimal way to train your pet to minimise cost. This new page contains a table where each row represents one step in the training process. Each row will tell you what to train, your stats after training, the cumulative number of codestones, the cumulative number of courses and the cumulative time needed.

Presets (optional)
(Optional) Fill in your current pet's stats, then select a preset:
Stat Current Goal
Hit Points
Favour cheap training (dubloons) or fast training (codestones)?
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