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General Info:
The Kadoatery is a place where 20 kadoaties are left behind by their owners who are on holiday. They are all very sad, and the only way to make them happy is by feeding them the item they are asking for. In return for feeding a kadoatie you will get a trophy (depending on how many kadoaties you've fed). But what really makes this place popular is the fact that 75 fed kadoaties will get you the kadoatie avatar.

TNT likes to perodically change the way the kads refresh. This guide was most recently updated on June 2nd, 2011, to reflect the changes to the kadoatery in the past year or so.

When can you feed the kadoaties:
Kadoaties will ask for a new food every 28mins+ after they were last fed. If you want to find out the time for the next kadoatie restock, you can go to the Games Neoboard, and look there for a kadoatie board, on those boards people will post the times for the next restock (which is when the fed kadoaties start asking for new foods). The time posted there is not the exact time. That is just the time that you have to start being there. Like I mentioned above they will get hungry at any one minute, 28minutes after they were last fed, so the time the boards have posted is the 28min mark. It will look something like this :16, this means the 16th minute after whatever hour it currently is. For example, if :16 is the given time, you would head to the kadoatery before it is :16. Then you refresh on 20th second (you can see the time on the clock in neopets header navigation on the Kadoatery page). If the old kadoaties are still there and nothing has changed, that means you have to wait till 7 minutes and then refresh on the 20th second again. The Kadoaties started going in a 7 minute pend system. What this means is that if the main is :16, then if the main does not go at :16 the next time that you need to refresh is at :23. If they dont go at :23, the next time you need to refresh is :30, and so on every 7 minutes until the kadoaties ask for new foods. You will want to refresh more than once, sometimes they will be running a little late and wont restock right on 20. To be on the safe side, refresh about 20 seconds after til 40 seconds past the minute. If the previously fed kadoaties are gone and there are new ones in their places asking for foods, then try to feed one of them. After all these kadoaties have been fed, they will ask for new foods again 28minutes+ later.

Everything described above is called the Main Kadoatie Restock. This is when the majority of all the kadoaties are asking for food. Sometimes another restock occurs, this one is called the Mini Kadoatie Restock. This happens when someone fed a kadoatie after the main kadoatie restock, like when someone fed a kadoatie a Blue Cybunny Negg 15 minutes after the main kadoatie restock. Then 28minutes+ after this kadoatie was fed, a new one will be in its place, asking for food. The mini restocks are of course harder than the main restocks because there are so little kadoaties asking for food and so many people sitting there waiting to feed one. These mini restocks will also eventually merge with the main restocks.

Sometimes there is also something called a split. There are times even when all the kads are fed during the main, that they will split and still form a main and a mini.

How to feed a kadoatie:
To feed a kadoatie you have to have the item it wants in your inventory. If it is in your safety deposit box or in your shop it does not work, you have to take it out first and have it in your inventory before you can feed it.

If you have a slow computer and slow internet connection, pretty much the only way to feed a kadoatie is to have the item they need already in your inventory, and then simply clicking on the kadoatie to feed it. But this would require you to have the right item in your inventory.

If you have a faster computer and internet connection you can shop wiz feed. That means that you don't have the item ready in your inventory, but you actually go look it up and buy it and then feed it. To do this you will want to have at least 2 windows open. You will want to have the kadoatery open and then a second window with the shop wiz, set on 'identical phrase', ready to go. Once the kadoaties refresh, pick the first thing you see, copy it, paste it into the shop wizard window, hit go, click the first shop you see, hope the shop doesn't have a lot of annoying things in your way, buy the food then click over quickly to your first window (or alt + tab it it switch automatically) and click on the kadoatie.

Hopefully you got there first. If you didn't, it might be a good idea to keep the item in your inventory. That way you might get lucky at a kadoatie restock where a kadoatie asks for an item you already have. Then you won't need to go to the shop wizard and buy it, but you can just click on the kadoatie.

The best approach to feeding, is to have 3 windows open. First one with the kadoatery, second one with the shop wiz, and the third one with your safety deposit box. Then once the kadoaties restock, you can either shop wiz the item, or if they ask for something you know you have in your safety deposit box you can get it out of there quickly as well.

What kind of food do they want:
The foods the kadoaties ask for are random. They will ask for about any type of food, except for Candy (chocolate factory), Slushies, Baked Goods, Gross Foods or anything from the Tombola, Pick Your Own or the Giant Jelly or Omelette.
The food types kadoaties can ask for are: Normal, Healthy, Desert, Brightvale, Pizza, Hot Dog, Faerie, Kreludan, Kiko Lake, Snow, Medieval, Space, Spooky, Tropical and Tyrannian etc.
The Kadoaties do not yet ask for food from the newer worlds (Qasala and Altador). They may be added to the Kad Food List some day, but as of now they are not.

Kadoaties will never ask for an item OVER r95. They also will no longer ask for Blue Draik Eggs (which are r95) They will ask for basically any other item r95 or under. Unless it is said otherwise above, or not on the petpage below.

Here is the most up to date list with all the foods a Kadoatie can ask for.

Most people try to stick with a theme, they will have all the hot dogs in their inventory or all the pizzas. I do not suggest having those things, those are used by lots of people and you have to be really fast to feed them. But you could do other things as well, like all the rock sticks or organic foods or snow food, or anything like that. It is good to have a lot of items of a certain type. That way you have a better chance at feeding a kadoatie. If a kadoatie asks for anything in the category you have, then you will be able to click on the kadoatie right away to feed it.

Sometimes, they may be many Kadoaties that are still hungry and not getting fed. That is most likely because the item they want is very expensive or newly released, and the Kadoatie will not ask for another food until it is fed. Sometimes when it gets out of hand, Neopet Staff will feed them, or reset the whole Kadoatie so they ask for different things.

Bad rumour:
Getting a kadoatie from feeding kadoaties is only a rumour. There are people who have fed over 5000 kadoaties and still have not received a kadoatie or anything other than the avatar and trophy. This rumour was started at the Neopian Times Editorial, but either hasn't been activated, the person who wrote that was misinformed or stirring us up.

Last but not least:
Do not get discouraged if you don't feed one on your first few tries. It takes some practice, unless you are just a genius at it :P The more you try, the better you get!

It is also important to know that there are certain times when it is more difficult to feed a kadoatie, than at other times. At times a lot of people are online, it will be harder to feed a kadoatie, than at times less people are online. So if you are having a hard time feeding a kadoatie, you might want to try feeding one at a different time.

As mentioned before you can get trophies and an avatar from this game, you can see the rewards in the table below:

Reward How to get the reward
You get this trophy for feeding 1 kadoatie
You get this trophy for feeding 10 kadoaties
You get this trophy for feeding 25 kadoaties

Feed 75+ Kadoaties at The Kadoatery.

Tip: Visit SunnyNeo.com's Kadoatery Guide for a guide on feeding Kadoaties.

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