Make Your Own Font

A note to start with:
This guide is a very quick and easy make-your-own font guide. It's not very indepth, but it shows you what codes we used for our fonts, where to edit them and other miscellaneous things.

 For the purpose of this guide, there is one basic thing you need to keep in mind.
1) Copy all the code posted, and only change the part indicated in this tutorial (unless you know what you're doing).

The code
First, go to the Neoboard Preferences page. Now you are ready to start the colour coded tutorial. The code can be found at the bottom of this tutorial.

RED -- Copy EVERYTHING that's red and put it where it says to go. It will either go in the "NeoHTML" spot or the "NeoSignature" spot.

GREEN -- This is the part of the text you can edit. The siggy can be pretty long, but the "TEXT HERE" op top should be rather short (just a couple of words long).

PURPLE -- This is where you put in the colours. We have a Colour Chart, and an Eyedropper Tool Tutorial or you can use any other colours you want or know. You can use hexidecimal colours (hex colours), they are the numbers. like #000000, #3366CC.. etc. Or you can use the names of colours such as orange or blue.

YELLOW -- This is where you edit the typeface (also known as font name). You can only use typefaces that are 1 word long. This means that Comic Sans MS won't work, but Arial will. Click here for a list of typefaces that you can use on the NeoBoards.

BLUE -- This is where you edit the size of your text. You can use any number between 1 and 4 (1 is smallest, 4 largest) Some fonts look better in large sizes, while others are just will look huge, so test it out. Size 2 is the default size Neopets gives all fonts, if you do not put a size in your neoHTML code, your font will automatically be size 2.
size 1 size 2 size 3 size 4

Put this in the neoHTML spot
[center][b][fontc=#000000s=2f=verdana]TEXT HERE[/font][br][fontc=#000000s=2f=verdana][br]neoHTML[/font] [

Put this in your neoSignature spot
] [br][fontc=#000000s=2f=verdana][br]SIGGY HERE[/font][/b][/center]