SunnyNeo's Online Eyedropper

If you want to create a Neoboards font or make your Userlookup match your new avatar, you can use our online eyedropper tool to extract the colours from any Neopets avatar. This tool allows you to inspect the colours of both static and animated avatars, giving you the ability to switch between frames to find the colours that you like.

How To Use This Tool

To use our avatar inspection tool, first select the avatar you want to inspect in the form below. When the avatar loads, you will see the inspector panel on the left and the frames panel on the right. If the avatar is animated, you can click on each frame in the frames panel to inspect it. The inspector panel allows you to navigate and zoom in on the avatar's pixels, and save any colours you want to use.

Saving Colours

If you find a colour that you like while inspecting the avatar, you can click the Save Colour button to add it to your saved colours list. You can also list all of the common colours in the avatar to save time. When you see a colour field, you can click the info icon to open a pop-up that allows you to quickly copy the CSS styles, NeoHTML code, or the colour in an alternative format such as HSV/HSL or CMYK.

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