The Neggery

In the Ice Caves on Terror Mountain is a place called The Neggery. At this place the Negg Faerie will exchange your regular neggs for very special Neggs. On this page you will be able to find out what the value of your regular neggs are, and also what these special neggs can do for you and what they cost.

Token Neggs
The token neggs have no special powers, they are just food. The only thing that distinguishes them from regular neggs is the fact you can sell these neggs for tokens. The regular neggs are really just food and nothing else; they are not even worth tokens. In the table below you can see how many tokens each negg is worth. Tokens can be used as currency to purchase the special neggs with at The Neggery.

Neggs and Their Values

1 Token

Cookie Negg
2 Tokens

Icy Negg
2 Tokens

Purple Negg
2 Tokens

Green Negg
3 Tokens

Lime Swirly Negg
3 Tokens

Lemon Swirly Negg
4 Tokens

Orange Negg
4 Tokens

Super Icy Negg
4 Tokens

Blue Negg
5 Tokens

Ornate Purple Negg
5 Tokens

Pink Negg
5 Tokens

Candy Cane Negg
6 Tokens

Partitioned Negg
6 Tokens

Rainbow Negg
6 Tokens

Ultra Icy Negg
6 Tokens

Yellow Negg
6 Tokens

Rock Negg
7 Tokens

Battle Duck Negg
8 Tokens

Christmas Pattern Negg
8 Tokens

Ultimate Icy Negg
8 Tokens

9 Tokens

Rainbow Vanilla Negg
9 Tokens

9 Tokens

9 Tokens

Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg
10 Tokens

Combomelon Easter Negg
10 Tokens

Cornupepper Easter Negg
10 Tokens

Dancing Daisy Easter Negg
10 Tokens

Fruity Faerie Easter Negg
10 Tokens

Lemon Sherbert Easter Negg
10 Tokens

Lovely Lime Easter Negg
10 Tokens

Mutated Negg
10 Tokens

Peachpa Easter Negg
10 Tokens

Phear Easter Negg
10 Tokens

Purple Cybunny Negg
10 Tokens

Sardplant Easter Negg
10 Tokens

Strawberry Swirl Easter Negg
10 Tokens

Negg Cream Cookie
11 Tokens

Scrambled Easter Negg
11 Tokens

Frozen Negg
14 Tokens

Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg
16 Tokens

Pretty Pink Easter Negg
18 Tokens

Chocolate Orange Easter Negg
22 Tokens

Spotted Easter Negg
24 Tokens

Mint Chocolate Easter Negg
26 Tokens

Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg
28 Tokens

Lemon and Lime Easter Negg
32 Tokens

Fish Negg
50 Tokens

Special Neggs
After you collected yourself some tokens you are ready to buy a special negg. But which ones can you choose from and what do they do? Of course you can also buy these through auctions, the shop wizard or the trading post.

**NOTE** For the neggs that involve old faerie abilities: they still work. However you cannot use them in the new battledome, nor can you trade the abilities in for NPs anymore.

Name Price Effect

Armoured Negg
16 Tokens Increases defense by 1. Also gives one of the following defensive items: Nurias Battle Shield, Omelette Shield, Scamander Shield, or Shoulder Armour.

Basic Power Negg
39 Tokens May increase defense by 1.

Blue Furry Negg
15 Tokens Heals 5 hitpoints outside the Battledome.

Bang Bang Negg
33 Tokens Gives random snowball(s).

Cackling Negg*
96 Tokens Gives your pet the Shadow Health ability regardless of your pet's level.

Christmas Tree Negg
27 Tokens Heals 20 hitpoints outside the Battledome.

64 Tokens Gives your pet the Psychic ability regardless of your pet's level.

Cool Negg
247 Tokens Increases Level by 1, hitpoints by 2-3, movement by 1-3 and strength by 2-3.

Cracked Negg
90 Tokens Heals 3 hitpoints, takes away 3 hitpoints, or heals your pet's hitpoints to full in the Battledome. One time use.

Crystal Negg
22 Tokens Heals 8 hitpoints outside the Battledome.

Evil Negg
42 Tokens Battledome weapon that attacks 3 dark icons and 1 physical icon. One time use.

Faerie Queen Negg
57 Tokens Increases hitpoints by 1.

Fireball Negg
34 Tokens Battledome weapon which attacks 4 fire icons. One time use.

Ferocious Negg
124 Tokens Increases strength by 1-4 points and gives your pet a random disease.

Genius Negg
24 Tokens Increases intelligence and gives you one of these books: Battledome Guide, Theories of Physics, Cooking Neggs Book, Know Your Neggs Book, Mystic Negg Book, Where Neggs Grow.

Ghost Negg
22 Tokens Can take away your pet's hitpoints.

Glamour Negg
7 Tokens Increases your pet's happiness and decreases your pet's intelligence, also gives you one of these items: Gold Mirror, Shampoo, or Gold Hair Brush. Blue Pteri Morphing Potions used to be given out by this negg.

Happy Negg
4 Tokens Increases your pet's happiness.

Icestorm Negg
34 Tokens Battledome weapon which attacks 3 water icons and 1 physical icon. One time use.

52 Tokens Does one of the following: increase/decrease stats, change pets gender, color or species. Similar to a once time use Lab Ray zap.

Negg of Purity +1
10 Tokens May increase defense.

Plaid Negg
108 Tokens Raises level of a random ability and may paint the pet a basic color (red, green, blue, or yellow).

Power Negg
79 Tokens Increases strength by 1.

Pumpkin Negg
12 Tokens Your pet will gain 1-3 pounds in weight and lose 1-3 centimeters in length.

Note: Your pet can only decrease in size to be 20cm.

Radioactive Negg
66 Tokens Raises the level of a random ability.

Rainwater Negg*
61 Tokens Gives your pet the Shield of Water and Steam Shield abilities in the battledome, regardless of your pet's level.

Silver Knight Negg
72 Tokens Increases defense by 1.

Smiley Negg
9 Tokens Increases your pet's happiness.

126 Tokens Increases hitpoints by 1-3 and movement by 1-3.

Spiked Negg
195 Tokens Increases hitpoints by 2-5.

Spinning Negg*
36 Tokens Gives your pet the Air Shield ability, regardless of your pet's level.

Staring Negg
30 Tokens Doubles your non-maximum hitpoints. (Example: from 12/50 hp to 24/50 hp).

Super Negg
210 Tokens Increases Level by 1, hitpoints by 1-3 and movement by 1-3.

Sweet Heart Negg
18 Tokens Gives a random Ice Cream.

Vortex Negg
24 Tokens Paints your pet a basic color (red, green, blue, or yellow). Can instead increase or decrease hitpoints by 1.

Wicked Negg
10 Tokens May increase speed and give your pet a disease.

Witchy Negg
48 Tokens Changes your pets gender, turn them into a Lenny, Tuskaninny or Moehog, boost their intelligence, raise their hit points or cure any disease your pet may have.