Lutari Island & Beads

This page will teach you everything that is currently known about Lutari Beads, Lutari Island and Neopets Mobile. Lutari Island used to be accessible only through Neopets Mobile. With Neopets Mobile being unavailable since June 30th 2009, Lutari Island may be accessible in a different way in the near future. The description on the Lutari Island page has already changed, so there could be hope for changes. This page will help you learn what the island used to be like.

What is the Lutari Talisman?
As you may have noticed, you have a Lutari Talisman on your userlookup, it looks like this:

The Lutari Talisman is used to display the Lutari Beads that you have collected. There are different coloured beads, each colour has a special power which may influence your gameplay on neopets.

If you start playing Neopets, you will have no Lutari Beads, you will have to collect them to get the special effects.

What Lutari Beads are there and how can I get them?
There are 20 different Lutari Beads, 5 different ones in 4 different colours. You can see them all in the table below.

Blue Matu Bead

Blue Oranu Bead

Blue Ranaka Bead

Blue Tongi Bead

Blue Urapa Bead

Green Matu Bead

Green Oranu Bead

Green Ranaka Bead

Green Tongi Bead

Green Urapa Bead

Red Matu Bead

Red Oranu Bead

Red Ranaka Bead

Red Tongi Bead

Red Urapa Bead

Yellow Matu Bead

Yellow Oranu Bead

Yellow Ranaka Bead

Yellow Tongi Bead

Yellow Urapa Bead

Most of the Lutari Beads (all of the Matu, Oranu, Ranaka and Urapa Beads) can be gotten from random events:

Something has happened!
You spot something shiny on the ground and pick it up. It's looks like a bead of some sort. Wonder what it's for....

You can also buy these Lutari Beads from other users, using the Shopwizard, Trades or Auctions.

The Tongi Beads (with a yellow background in the table above) can no longer be obtained. They used to be available by signing up for Neopets Mobile, or referring other people to sign up for Neopets Mobile. However, Neopets Mobile is no longer available which means the beads are not available anymore either. Back when this offer was still active, the first four beads someone received for signing up and referring people to Neopets Mobile would be the four different Tongi Beads. After that one would start to receive the other beads as rewards.

What do the Lutari Beads do?
Currently not everything is known about the powers of the Lutari Beads. There are many pages and guides written about Lutari beads and none of these guides seem to be consistent in which coloured bead has what result. Maybe we will be able to give more information about this at a later stage.

  • Game Reward Increases: your Lutari Beads may randomly increase the amount of neopoints that you get from a game. The more green beads you have, the bigger your neopoint increase may be. This could be 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% or even 100% (double). The Lutari beads can also be triggered in combination with the Space Faerie Charm (a Premium referral prize). The Space Faerie Charm may first double your neopoint award, and the Beads may then increase the award even further.
  • Shop Discount: If you are buying at a Neopian Shop your Lutari Beads may get you a lower price for the item you are trying to buy. Say the final offer the shopkeeper accepted was 400nps, the Lutari beads may randomly lower this amount with up to 10%.
  • Random Events: The neopets Lutari beads FAQ confirms that one type of bead increases your chances of recieving random events.
  • Unconfirmed: While it is certain that the lutari beads give game award increases and shop discounts, it is unknown what the other two coloured beads do. Rumour has it that one of the colours increases one's chances at winning jackpots at games or winning avatars. This is, however, only a rumour. This cannot be confirmed because the Lutari Beads do not give a confirmation message about this, as they do with shop discounts or game awards.

Neopets Mobile
As written at the top of this page, it was only possible to obtain Tongi Beads by referring people to Neopets Mobile. Neopets Mobile used to offer a few exclusive things:

  • You were able to explore Lutari Island
  • You could check on your Neopet anytime, anywhere! You could also earn Neopoints for your account even when you were away from your computer.
  • You could adopt a Lutari Neopet which could otherwise only be gotten through the Lab Ray, or if you were lucky on Lutari Day.
  • You could play new Neopets games, only available for your phone.
  • You could shop at the Island Market, which included items not found anywhere else in Neopia!
  • You could spin the unique Wheel of Happiness.
  • You could train your Neopets at the Survival Academy.

Neopets Mobile used to be available for only a very small number of countries and providers. Among the providers were AT&T / Cingular, T-Mobile, Hotlink Maxis, Optus Zoo and Singtel.

The signup page for Neopets Mobile used to look like the screenshot below.

The referral buttons for Neopets Mobile used to look like this:

Lutari Island
The most interesting feature of Neopets Mobile was the access you gain to Lutari Island, an area which was not accessible through the normal website. You can only go to Lutari Island through the Explore page on Neopets, but then you will find it covered in fog. On the image below you can see Lutari Island and the eight different places which were accessible through Neopets Mobile.

  1. Island Market: here you could restock neopets items, this shop also sold many specific Lutari Island items which were not available elsewhere. This meant you were likely able to sell these items for a profit. If you did not like the items that were being sold at the market, you could switch your active pet to another pet and the market would show different items for sale. You were allowed to buy 3 items every hour.
  2. Fluorescent Pools: you could go here to get your pet healed. The Fluorescent Pools were similar to the Healing Springs on the normal site, except they did not give or sell healing potions and you could visit them more often. The Fluorescent Pools were also able to heal more hitpoints than the Healing Springs.
  3. Lutari Savings Bank: this bank is similar to the National Neopian, you can use it to withdraw or desposit neopoints or collect your interest.
  4. Wheel of Happiness: the wheel could be spun every 30 minutes and cost 100 nps to spin. The most common prizes to win were winning 250 or 500 neopoints. You could also win Lutari Feathers for the Survival Academy, win 10,000 neopoints, or get your pet healed. There were also negatives; your pet could become ill, your neopoints could get stolen by evil, or your neopoints (outside the bank) could be cut in half.
  5. Briana's Quests: Briana is the faerie of Lutari Island. While you were browsing with Neopets Mobile she could give you a quest. You could win Lutari Feathers from her quests. Getting these quests was very rare.
  6. Bog of Charity: The bog is similar to the Money Tree, except it had different items placed there by Neopets instead of users. You could find Lutari Island items in there, but also faeries and Lutari Island Feathers. You could grab something from the bog every hour. If you did not like the items that were being given away, you could switch your active pet to another pet and the bog would show different items.
  7. Island Gossip: this was similar to the New Features page, except it did not show any images.
  8. Survival Academy: this was the normal neopets training school. You could train your pet by paying a Lutari Feather, which could be found or won on the island. Similar to the other training schools, you had to pay more feathers if your pet has a higher level.
Below you can see some images of Neopets Mobile.

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Neopets Mobile Games
Neopets Mobile came with two different games, they were: Go Go Lutari! and Blockstravaganza. You could play each game 10 times a day.

Go Go Lutari! was a game which was very similar to Turmac Roll. You would control a Lutari and it was up to you to collect all items and avoid all obstacles. The points you earned in this game would add to your total of neopoints.

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In Blockstravaganza it was your goal to create vertical groups of 3 blocks to eliminate them. You could do this by switching around the blocks that come falling down. The points you earned in this game would add to your total of neopoints.

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