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What's on this page?
Neopets has it's own Stock Market. Here you can buy shares at a low price, and sell them when the price has gone up in order to make neopoints. If you are planning on making some profit using the stock market you can use this calculator to help you determine how much profit you're actually making.

In the form below you need to enter 3 different things. First, you enter how many shares you are selling, for example 1000. Then, you need to enter the current price of the stock (i.e. your selling price). Finally, you must enter the price you bought the shares for. The minimum price you can buy shares at on Neopets is 15np per share. Since the Skirmish Battles though, you can choose "Cheaper By the Dozen" as reward for battling for the winning faction. As long as you have that Boon active, you can buy shares at 10np per share. If you enter a buying price lower than 10 the calculator will automatically change it to 10 because buying shares for less is just impossible.
You can find these three things on your Stocks Portfolio page.

If you are selling stocks that you have bought at different prices or are selling at different prices, you can click on the + symbol to get a new line of stocks to add.

When you're done filling in all your info, click on Calculate. You will then be able to see how much neopoints will will receive by selling (value) and how much profit you're making (selling price minus buying price). Finally you can also see your profit percentage.

Stocks Calculator

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