Side Account Guide

What are side accounts?
When someone mentions their side account they mean that they have created an extra account which suplements their main account. These accounts can be used for various things, for example to join an extra guild, to hold an extra gallery or to keep more pets on. You are allowed to have up to 5 accounts, this means you can make four side accounts. But these side accounts are extremely limited in use.

There are many rules made by Neopets to limit what you can do on a side account. The most important reason for this is that Neopets is afraid that people will abuse their side account to earn extra neopoints. For instance, on your main account you can play your favorite game 3 times a day and do your dailies, but on your side account you cannot. Because neopets doesn't want people to do all these activities on side accounts so people can enrich themselves they have made these rules. Unfortunately these rules cannot be found on one page on neopets, they're spread out over many neopian times editorials and faq pages. Because of this carrotopian had decided to create a Side Account guide, which has been taken over by SunnyNeo and will continue to be updated here.

How does this guide work?
This guide tries to give you a clear overview of what you can and cannot do in side accounts. It starts by a few basic rules and later it has an alphabetical list of activities which show if you can or cannot do these on side accounts.

Information needed to compile this guide is mostly from the Neopets Terms and Conditions and The Neopian Times Editorial. Both are essential reading if you want to stay ahead of what is and is not considered rule-breaking.

Where you see [NT] next to an item indicates reference to a Neopian Times Editorial question that confirms the information. If you click on these [NT] links you will be shown a little popup with the question and answer referred to. These are directly derived from SunnyNeo's Neopian Times editorial search.

A few basic rules
You may only have five Neopets accounts. Only one of them can be designated as your Main Account and used to earn Neopoints, play games etc. You can change which account you use as your main without penalty but, switching back and forth frequently would likely be considered cheating so - be careful. If you want to create a new side account you can do so by here.

You cannot 'do your dailies', take part in plots (like the Altador Plot) or engage in any voting activities (like the Beauty Contest) from your side account. Anything that you receive something from (whether items or Neopoints) is a no-no! For example; Free Jelly, Omelette or Underwater Fishing.

According to TNT, you can do anything on a side account as long as:

there is no way to profit from it, and it does not give you an unfair advantage over other players. [NT]

So, generally speaking; exploring Neopia, using the NeoBoards, training, feeding, healing, battling, educating your Neopet(s) etc. are all okay on a side account - basically, any activities from which you do not receive any Neopoints/items (make a profit) are all fine, as long as the funding (if necessary) comes from your main account.

If you do make a mistake, don't panic! This is TNT's advice should you find yourself in that position:

If you've made a mistake and have accidentally done a daily or played a couple games in an alt account thinking it was your main, no need to freak out. Just don't do that particular daily or play those games in your main on that day. We know accidents like that can happen. Just don't turn an occasional mistake into a habit of "accidentally" playing in your alts. That's when you'll be frozen. [NT]

What can and can't you do?

Below you can see a long list of different activities. These activities are listed in alphabetical order which will make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. If the activity is allowed you will see a green bullet, red mean's its a nono! Blue means that there are some situations in which it's allowed, others when it's not allowed. Finally yellow meant that this point will give you some general information about the subject.

Not Allowed!
Other info

Accidents: Say you accidentally played a game on your side account, you did a daily or accidentally got a prize from Tarla's Toolbar. What should you do? First of all, calm down. TNT said in the NT Editorial that they are able to distuingish between an accidental mistake and doing these things on purpose. Then be sure not to do any of those games or dailies on your main account that day. You could also donate the neopoints/items you gained, but this isn't necessary. [NT]

Account Log-ins: If you are transferring Neopoints, items or Neopets between your accounts (all acceptable practices between main and side accounts), it is alright to be logged into more than one account at a time using different browsers. For example you could be in your main account in FireFox and in your side account in Internet Explorer. [NT]

Advent Calendar: You're not allowed to access the Advent Calendar from your side account. It's not even allowed to get the avatar or sidebar and to discard the item. [NT] & [NT]

Adoptions: It is perfectly alright to adopt Neopets from the pound on your side account.

Almost Abandoned Attic: It is okay to restock at the Almost Abandoned Attic on your side account if your side account is aged and your main is not. You are only allowed to use one account to stock at the attic. [NT]

Altador Cup: It is not allowed to participate in the Altador Cup on side accounts. The reason for this is that you will earn points after the cup it over, which are used to buy items with. For this reason you can only participate on your main account. [NT]

Art Gallery: You're not allowed to enter the Art Gallery on your side account. [NT]

Auctions: Bidding on your own item(s) auctioned by your Main Account, from your side account, to boost the price is not allowed. [NT] & [NT]

Avatars: There are different kinds of avatars, while some avatars are definitely not allowed on side accounts, others are perfectly fine. You can send avatar items to side accounts in order to obtain item related avatars. Avatars that are obtained through random events are fine, and so are avatars obtained from non profit making activities (like visiting a Neopet's lookup). However, avatars that require you to visit dailies or play games may not be obtained on side accounts [NT].

Bank Accounts: You are allowed to open a Bank Account on a side account to store the neopoints you transferred from your main account. However, you're not allowed to collect interest on your side account. [NT]

Battledome: You are not allowed to battle in the battledome on side accounts now that you win NPs/prizes for it. However, they said they are working on allowing you to shut off nps/prize awards in the future so you can. [NT]

Boards: You can post on the boards from your side account(s) as well as your Main Account. However, it is not allowed to use a side account to misuse the boards thinking that your main will be unaffected. [NT]

Burger King Promotion Canada: You are allowed to enter the Canadian Burger King codes on your side account. You can find these codes and more information about this promotion at the SunnyNeo's Burger King Canada Codes page.

Contests: TNT states that you may only enter contests with a Neopoint or item prize from your main account, the poetry competition is an example of such a competition. There are however other contests like the petpage spotlight that offer only a trophy, these are allowed on side accounts. [NT] & [NT]

However, you can enter the Gallery Spotlight from your side account (even though the submission page advertises a 10K prize) and you can also request to have a Gallery Spotlight Trophy won for a side account gallery placed on your Main Account! [NT]

  • You cannot vote for Beauty Contest (BC) entries from your side account, only your main account; this goes for your own pet as well as other users' pets. [NT]
  • You can enter the Beauty Contest from a side account; TNT activated this new ruling on 4 April 2008 [NT]. If you enter the Beauty Contest on a side account, you may only advertise for it on that account, not on your main account [NT].
  • You can enter your side account Neopet(s) into the Customisation Spotlight [NT]. You are not allowed to vote for the Customisation Spotlight on side accounts however [NT].

Creating a Neopet: While creating a neopet gives you neopoints, this is allowed on side accounts. [NT]

E-mail Address: The maximum number of accounts you may have is five; one main account and four side accounts and you may have up to 5 Neopets accounts connected to one email address. [NT] Whilst TNT prefer that you have all of your accounts connected to the one e-mail address, they do not insist upon it. [NT] & [NT]. Accounts that have been frozen (self or otherwise) count toward the side account limit for that email address but they do not count against the 5 allowed accounts, unless TNT smells a rat. [NT]

Faerie Quests: You can do Faerie Quests on side accounts since they are random events and you do not earn any items/NP from them. [See below on Shopping and using the Shop Wizard (or Super Shop Wizard) on your side account]

Free Training: You can take advantage of free training on your Neopet's special day, even if that neopet is on a side account. [NT]

Freezings: If your main account is frozen it does not necessarily mean your side account(s) will be frozen as well; likewise, if your side account is frozen it doesn't mean your main account will be. It depends what the account in question was frozen for. [NT]

Games: You cannot play any games on your side account(s) for Neopoints, items or trophies (this does not stop you playing games in Zen mode and/or not sending a score). You may not even play games on your side account if you refrain from doing them on your main account that day [NT].

Guilds: You can join a different guild on each of your accounts. [NT]

A guild account can have a shop even if it is on a side account. Note that this is the only time a sole user is allowed to have more than one account with a shop! The account must belong to the guild leader:

Having a guild account as your leader is fine, but that account may only be accessed by the actual guild leader. Guild accounts, like all other accounts, CANNOT be shared. [NT]

You CAN sell items for guild purposes in a clearly labeled guild account. This is the only time you can have a second shop, and only one of your alternate accounts can be used for this purpose. [NT]

Healing Springs: Normally you're not allowed to do activities that can gain you any items or neopoints. While the Healing Springs may give you healing potions or snowball, you're still allowed to visit it on a side account. [NT].

Hidden Tower: Because the Hidden Tower limits you to buying one item a day, you're not allowed to buy from there on a side account [NT].

However, if your main account is not old enough to buy from the Hidden Tower, but your side is, you are allowed to use you side account to buy there. But remember, all funds must come from your main and you are only allowed to buy from ONE account. Once you're banned for the day, there's no hopping to other accounts![NT]

One other exception are the Grimoirs of the First Order/Prosperity/Affluence. Since these three items are no-trade, you may buy them on your side accounts. But again, keep in mind that you are only allowed to buy one item a day from the tower. [NT]

Igloo Garage Sale: The Igloo Garage Sale is a shop like any other, so buying from there on a side account is not allowed. [NT].

Inactive side accounts: Remember to log in to your side account(s) once in a while:

Neopets reserves the right to permanently terminate any account for non-use including accounts with Neocash items or other items or privileges that may have been licensed through the payment of money to us or our licensing partners. Currently, our policy is to terminate any account that has not been active for two years. Neopets T&C: #12 Non-Use [NT]

Jubjub Power Bounce: TNT has claimed it to be okay to play Jubjub Power Bounce on your side accounts. You are also allowed to claim the free bonus token on your side account aswell.

Quote of TNT: "Sure you can claim the free token and since you don't earn Neopoints or Neopoints items by playing JubJub Power Bounce, you may certainly play this game on your sides. Feel free to collect the free token on your sides as well. Remember, though - you may only have up to 4 side accounts."

Kad Feeding: Kad Feeding on side accounts is allowed as long as you do not do it at the same time as your main account. You can not feed on both your main and a side account in the same kadoatery refresh. [NT]

Keyquest: For Keyquest the same rules count as for any other game. You cannot play it on a side account. Reason for this is that you can earn neopoints and items for playing. [NT]

Key Quest tokens: You can redeem the codes from keyquest plushies on your side account to get the token there. You are allowed keep the nepoint item it gives out on your side account, or move it over to your main account to sell it. [NT]

Lab Ray: You can have (and use) both the Secret Laboratory Map and the Petpet Laboratory Map on any/all of your side accounts. [NT] There is a NP "rebate" on the maps but it is perfectly allright to claim that on a side account. [NT]

Lab Ray Fortune Cookies: While the lab ray is fine to use on side accounts, these are not allowed to be used on your sides! The only exception to this is, if you have access to the Lab Ray ONLY on a side account and not on your main. Then you may use the Fortune Cookie on your side. [NT] (It doesn't matter whether or not you use the Lab Ray on your main, if you have ACCESS to it, using cookies on a side is a no-go!)

Lever of Doom: You are allowed to pull the Lever of Doom on your side account in order to try and obtain the avatar. [NT]

Lookups: Putting information on your lookup like:

Dear TNT, this is a side account and also my mom, dad, brother, iguana etc. use this computer to play Neopets - please don't freeze me

doesn't make any difference. TNT doesn't consider information on user lookups when deciding if someone has broken the rules. You might as well take it off and use the space for something more useful. [NT]

Monthly Freebies: Nope, you may not collect these on side accounts - only your main account. [NT]

Neocash/NC Mall: You can redeem NC Mall gift cards on your side account but, if you want to sell the item prize for redeeming the card(s) you must send it to your main. [NT] You are allowed to put Neocash on any of your accounts but a Neocash card can only be credited to one account. [NT]

You may collect the free 150 NC on your side account(s) [NT]. If you receive a Virtual Item Prize Code you can redeem it on your whichever account you receive it. [NT]

You may only collect the free Birthday Goodie Bag or Halloween Goodie Bags on your side accounts, if they do not give out any NP items. [NT] So, you need to inform yourself about the contents of gift bags before claiming them on a side.

You are allowed to claim the free neocash items that are sometimes given out at the NC Mall, such as free Gift Boxes. This only goes for neocash items that do not give out neopoint items (see above). [NT]

Neohomes: Neohomes can be made on side accounts as long as the Neopoints funding it come from your Main account. [NT]

If you enter the Neohome Spotlight, you can note the name of your main account in your entry so that the trophy/prize will be sent to your main account. [NT]

If you want to remove your neohome from your side account that is okay (even though you get a refund). TNT argued that since you've spend so much money on creating the neohome, and you're only getting back a small potion of the money you spend as a refund it is not a problem [NT]

Newbie Packs: Collecting a newbie pack on a side account is fine, as long as you stick to the 5 account limit. [NT]

You can see the Newbie pack as an accountwarming present, that you are free to claim.[NT]

Plots: You're not allowed to participate in plots on a side account. The reason for this is that plots will reward items and it's not allowed to participate in activities giving items on side accounts. [NT] This rule also applies for the Altador Cup [NT].

Random Events: Anything received from a random event on your side account is yours to do with as you wish. You can either use the Neopoints/item on your side account or send them to your Main Account or other side account. [NT]

Referral Links: You may not create a side account using your own account as the referral account. If you want to create a new side account you can do so here. [NT]

Shopping: It is not allowed to use your side account for restocking or shopwizzing when you are restock or shopwiz banned on your main account. You have to wait until you are un-banned. [NT] & [NT]

However, on the subject of using the Shop Wizard (or Super Shop Wizard) on your side account to look for quest items, TNT recently added that:

While this is not encouraged (it kinda defeats the purpose of blocking access to the Shop Wiz, doesn't it?), we've never frozen anyone for it mostly because there are people who can't ask for quest help on the boards. [NT]

You can buy from user shops on your side account providing you use neopoints that you have transferred from your main account, but you cannot buy from the main neopets shops. [NT]

Note: The information above concerns quests from random events, NOT quests that you choose to do (like the Snow Faerie), they are not allowed on a side account. [NT]

Shops: According to TNT, you can:

  • Have one main shop that you use to sell things and this shop MUST be on your main account [NT].
  • Have shops on your other accounts (created in the past, leftover from moving to a new Main Account, etc.) but these shops must NOT be active... meaning you can't use them at all [NT].
  • Sell items for guild purposes in a clearly labeled guild account. This is the only time you can have a second shop, and only one of your alternate accounts can be used for this purpose [NT].
  • Create a shop on your side account that you use only to get the Emo Usul avatar. If you don't use this shop to sell items, it's not a problem. [NT]

Suspensions: You may not use your side account as your main account if you have been suspended. [NT]

Switching accounts: You can change which account you use for your main account but you have to do this responsibly. [NT]

Tarla: You are not allowed to collect Tarla's prizes on your side accounts.[NT]

Trades: It is fine to set up a trade on a side account to transfer funds from your main (or vice-versa). [NT]

Training your pets: You are allowed to train your pets on your side accounts. You can use the training schools for this as long as you send the dubloons and codestones from your main account [NT]

Trudy's Surprise: You are not allowed to play Trudy's Surprise on your side accounts.[NT] You can disable the notifications for Trudy's surprise on you side accounts under the Site Preferences by checking the box 'Block Trudy's Surprise'.

World Challenge Maps: Aside from Secret Lab/Petpet Lab maps, you may only turn in map pieces of any sort on your main account; this includes World Challenge (WC) pieces. [NT]

Safe side account links

The links below are safe for you to use on your side account. This list isn't a complete list of all pages, but it shows the ones that may have been questionable. Please note that with activities such as stamp albums the items must be purchased at your main account.

This guide is just that, a guide. It is not a guarantee that you will not get warned/frozen if you follow its advice. TNT have been known to update the rules from time to time; for instance, it was once OK to have a shop on all your accounts, now it is not. Use your common sense, check the Terms and Conditions regularly - especially if you are not sure about an activity and always ask yourself: Will I receive any Neopoints/items from doing this? If the answer is yes, then don't do it on a side account.