Festival of Neggs

What is the Festival of Neggs?
Beginning March of 2010 (month of Running, Y12), Kari the Negg Faerie started hosting a daily activity called the Festival of Neggs. In April 2009, Rosie the Dancing Grarrl hosted the Springtime Celebration at the same time of year. The event included a daily gift and Negg Hunt, prizes were a mixture of neopoint and NC items. Click on the "2009" below for a complete list of Springtime Celebration 2009 activities.

Starting in 2010 there were also different NC events through out the years. You can find information on those for years 2010-2014 in the navigation below. Anything from 2016 is included in this Festival of Neggs guide before the FAQ.

With the navigation below you can see the prize lists of different years for Festival of Neggs.

2021 Festival of Neggs

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The 2021 Festival of Neggs began on April 5th, 2021.

Each year, as winter draws to a close, the Festival of Neggs turns everyone's attention toward this most magnificent and versatile of all Neopian foods. Offering a bountiful array of Negg-inspired activities and treats, in just a few years this celebration has quickly become one of Neopia's most popular events.

Bonus Prizes
At the end of the Negg Festival, extra prizes were handed out to everyone who participated in the event. Be sure to find Topsi back at the Rainbow Fountain, then return to the Campsite in order to collect your prizes.

Collected at least one negg

Mecha Topsi Plushie
Collected all neggs

Space Faerie Kari Charm

Chalkboard Negg

Lady Blurg Negg

Rippling Negg

Void Negg

Wild Negg
Collected all neggs on release day

Behind the Rainbow Falls Background
Found Topsi ten times

Rare Cyber Negg

Hacker Hoodie

In addition to these item prizes, everyone who participated and didn't already have it was awarded the Festival of Neggs Site Theme as well as the following avatar.

Mecha Topsi - Avatar

Awarded for finding at least one negg during the Festival of Neggs 2021.


Negg Hunt
Every day this year, you will be able to find missing Neggs based off a clue. In turn, Kari will offer you one of three neggs. Each negg has different prizes. There is a daily tracker for this event which increases by one each day you participate. If you missed a day of the event, you can go back to the links from the previous day(s) and collect your prize.

April 5th and 6th
Clue: Prepare for the negg hunt, this year is sure to be grand! Your first negg can be found at the most exclusive pool in all the land!
Location: The Magma Pool
April 7th
Clue: For more neggs listen to this clue, find a hobby that will hook you!
Location: Ye Olde Fishing Vortex
April 8th
Clue: You are off to a good start! Now look for a sundae cart!
Location: Ice Cream Cart
April 9th
Clue: If a negg hunter is what you wish to be, look for a place where patience is key!
Location: The Wheel of Monotony
April 10th
Clue: Seeking another negg stash? Perhaps you ought to take out the trash...
Location: Meridell Rubbish Dump
April 11th
Clue: Head to the desert and put on your boots, keep an eye out for spinning fruits.
Location: Neopets' Fruit Machine
April 12th
Clue: Someone has a sharp eye for neggs! Be on the look out for a buccaneer with three legs!
Location: The Academy
April 13th
Clue: You've find so many neggs, and all on your own! Now search for a colossal Techo made of stone...
Location: Mystery Island Volcano
April 14th
Clue: Take a moment to think of what you have worn, then find the store run by a Neopet with one horn.
Location: Unis Clothing Shop
April 15th
Clue: Oh searching for neggs is such a joy! Now keep an eye out for an abandoned toy...
Location: The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity
April 16th
Clue: What's that, do you smell something tasty? Follow your nose to the place of pastry...
Location: The Crumpetmonger
April 17th
Clue: You are almost there, but your negg basket is not quite full! So seek out the lever that one should never pull...
Location: Lever of Doom
April 18th
Clue: So close now, just hold it together... Where can you find a petpet with paper for feathers?
Location: Fanciful Fauna
April 19th
Clue: The Creator will reward me greatly, he will see my devotion. Oh and look for something that spins in a circular motion!
Location: Roo Island Merry Go Round
April 20th
Clue: The Space Faerie thinks she has won, but Sloth is always lurking... For your last negg, find the business that excels at woodworking!
Location: Kiko Lake Carpentry

Choose Your Negg
When visiting a location with Neggs, you will be given the choice of receiving a random prize from three different neggs. Once chosen, the prize will automatically be added to your inventory.

If you receive a prize not listed, please contact us

Filled Negg Prizes

Chalkboard Negg

Chalkboard Cookies

Chalkboard Mug

Uni Horn Sidewalk Chalk

Lady Blurg Negg

Lady Blurg Bag
(Click on the image to preview)

Lady Blurg Plushie

Lady Blurg Stamp

Rippling Colours Negg

Abstract Mirror

Paint Swirling Top

Whirling Colours Globe

Void Negg

Navigating the Void

Void Blade

Voidberry Cobbler

Wild Negg

Jungle Ruins Background
(Click on the image to preview)

Tyrannian Pawkeet

Wild Tales

Topsi Search
In 2021, things have been shaken up a bit. Although Kari and the Fountain Faerie are just about ready to go, Topsi is missing and you have to find him for things to kick off.

"Oh, hey there!

Sorry, the festival isn't ready quite yet. Normally Topsi helps me set up but I haven't seen him in some time.

I'm actually starting to get worried about him... Say, could you do me a favour and check up on him?

No one has seen neither hide nor hair of him since last year's festival, but he must be somewhere in Neopia!"

The search will lead you to the Rainbow Fountain.

Upon finding him, you can tell he doesn't seem quite right. His clothes are unkempt and his eyes are bizarre.

"Aha! So happy to see someone has finally found me!

Although I must admit I was hoping it would be the Space Faerie... cause she's just so cool!

Well, it's hard to believe all of Neopia has been searching for me this whole time without anyone discovering my hiding place, but I suppose that just shows how spectacular I am at hide-and-seek!

Say, just how long have I been hiding for? It's easy to lose track of time watching this pretty water trickle.

What's that?! It's already time for another festival? I've got to find Kari!"

Topsi rushes off!

Topsi rushes back to the Festival of Neggs and is now there to aid the Faeries, but continues to ask for the Space Faerie...

"Please ask her to come? You are a faerie too after all! Pretty please? With whipped cream and a cube-shaped cherry on top?"
"Okay, okay Topsi I can ask. Now remember you must hide the neggs quickly, we are behind schedule this year. And don't forget about the clues!"
"Oh, I had a lot of free time under the falls so I've been thinking of hiding spots and clues all year! Not much else to do under there."

"But don't you worry, I'll do such a great job the Space Faerie will be sure to come!"
"Uh sure, maybe she will... Now run along and start hiding those neggs!"
Topsi rushes off!
"Yeesh. Is it just me or is Topsi acting strange? Or at least stranger than usual?"
"Your instincts are not wrong my friend. There is certainly something off about our Cybunny friend."
"Dr Neggistential! What a pleasure it is to see you again. What brings you here?"
"I wanted to keep an eye on the festival this year in case the Negg Napper made another appearance, but it seems we may have another storm on the horizon..."
"Whatever do you mean Doctor?"
"Nothing to worry about quite yet, just a hypothesis in the making... say Neopian, do me a favour and keep an eye on Topsi while you participate in this year's festival..."
"Oh and I almost forgot, Topsi left me the first clue to give to you. Do you know what this could mean?"

"Prepare for the negg hunt, this year is sure to be grand! Your first negg can be found at the most exclusive pool in all the land!"

At the end of the Festival, Dr. Neggistential as news he must share.

"Thank you for coming back, this is a matter of the utmost importance."

"After analysing Topsi's recent erratic behaviour, including the clues he wrote and evidence he left behind... I have begun to suspect that Topsi is actually a highly advanced android designed to resemble a real Cybunny!"
"You really believe Topsi has been a robot this whole time? Surely you can't be serious doctor!"
"I am afraid so. I hypothesize that Topsi was built as a Sloth sleeper agent, constructed by that conniving Dr. Sloth long before his imprisonment as a contingency plan should he ever be captured."

"Sloth must have designed Topsi to implant himself into Neopian Society through the Festival, all the while being unaware of his programming, until an opportunity to attack the Space Faerie and take her token arose."
"Hmm that certainly would explain why he seems so obsessed with the Space Faerie lately... But why is all of this suddenly happening now?"
"That is a question I grappled with as well Kari! I theorize that the magic water that cascaded over Topsi while he hid under the Rainbow Fountain overloaded his faerie magic sensors, activating his dormant Sloth programming prematurely."
"Wow this is a lot to take in! I just can't seem to wrap my head around the fact my little negg-loving Cybunny pal may have been a Sloth robot this entire time. I mean we've planned so many festivals together!"

"Well, we’re certainly in a spot of trouble here, but there must be something we can do."
"I have an idea, but it will require all three of us working together if we have a chance of thwarting Sloth's plan."

"So, can I count on your support?"
"I'll help! Well, as long as Topsi doesn't get hurt that is!"
"I promise no harm shall befall our beloved Cybunny comrade. How about you Neopian? I'll need your help to lure him back to the campsite. I heard he's been hanging around the Rainbow Fountain again, so all you need to do is head over there and let him know the Space Faerie has arrived at the festival."

Head over to the Rainbow Fountain and click on Topsi where he was originally found at the beginning of the Festival.

"Well, what do you know it's my hide and seek pal. How goes the negg hunting this year?

What's that? The... Space Faerie? AT THE CAMPSITE?"

Head back over to the Festival of Neggs campsite to help.

"Weapons system locked on. Relinquish your token immediately Space Faerie, or face destruction!"
" "
"Not today you mechanical monstrosity!"

" "
"Oh no! Will Topsi be all right?"
"Not to worry, he has simply been disabled by this handheld EMP emitter I whipped up. Interesting! It seems Sloth was inspired by the design of King Terask's Bionic Cybunnies. However, he clearly made several improvements and modifications to the-"
"Ahem, Doctor will Topsi be all right?"
"Oh right! Yes, yes, Topsi will be right as rain once I remove Sloth's sinister programming and reboot him to be the Negg loving Cybunny we all know and tolerate."
"Thank goodness! And thank you for luring him back here, we certainly couldn't have pulled this off without your help."
"Quite right you are Kari!"
"Well now that everything is sorted, I need to change out of this outfit! I would never live it down if another faerie saw me in this getup! And can you imagine how awkward it would be to run into Mira?"

Hide And Seek
It appears we are playing Hide and Seek with Topsi. You'll find him peeping on on the side of the page and vanish. He will be hiding in a different spot every day. He can be found at the Magma Pool on day one and you simply have to click on him to "find" him.

After you find him 10 times, you can not find him again. There will be an extra prize at the end of the event for finding him 10 times.

Below is a list of places you can find Topsi.

Find Topsi

Cafe Kreludor

Coffee Cave

Desert Arms


Faerie Caverns

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Golden Dubloon

Maraquan Petpets

Moltara Town Hall

Money Tree

Mystery Island Mystic

Remarkable Restoratives

Robo-Petpet Shop


Slushie Shop

Turdle Racing

Ugga Shinies

Festival Of Neggs FAQs

1) What is the Festival of Neggs?
The Festival of Neggs is an annual event celebrating spring and, of course, Neggs! Kari has decided to join us again but is a bit worried that Topsi is nowhere to be found. Usually, the convivial Cybunny helps her hide Neggs all over Neopia, but no one has seen him all year.

2) How long will the Festival of Neggs last?
This year's festival will begin on April 5th and end on April 21st. Day 1 of the event will actually be a day and a half, running through April 6th.

3) Who is Kari?
Kari is the Negg Faerie! In her spare time, she runs the Neggery in the Ice Caves! She is the original host of the Festival of Neggs!

4) Do I have to find Neggs every day?
You can find Neggs in any order or on any day once that location has been made available for as long as the Festival lasts. However, if you decipher Topsi's clues and track them down on the day he releases that clue, they just might grant you an extra prize at the end of the Festival!

5) I found the Negg Stash! How do I collect my prize?
Once you have found the Negg Stash for the day, Kari will offer you three of the special themed Neggs in that stash and allow you to choose whichever one you want. Once you choose, Kari will give you a random one of the three prizes from that Negg, what fun! There are 5 different themed Neggs that you can be offered, but each time you find the Neggs, Kari will randomly choose which three to offer you, so choose wisely!

6) I think I found where the neggs should be, but Kari is not here! What do I do?
Some of Topsi's clues could refer to two different places in Neopia, so if you don't spot them at first, keep looking!

7) Will there be any special bonus prizes?
Yes! There will be bonus prizes awarded to users who managed to find all of the Neggs on each day they were released. Also be sure to keep an eye out for Topsi! Rumour has it he has been challenging Neopians to a hide and seek contest. Find him a total of ten times (on different days and in different locations) to earn another special bonus prize!.