What are abbreviations?
Have you ever been on a Neoboard and someone posted a weird short word consisting of a few letters, leaving you in total confusion? What did they say? What did they mean to say? Well chances are that person used an abbreviation, because he or she thought it was faster to do that, than to type out the entire word/sentence. On this page you can find the most commonly used abbreviations. They are split in six categories: Battledome, General, Avatar, Trading Post, Kadoatery and Altador Cup related abbreviations.

Battledome Items

Below you can see a table of the most used abbreviations for battle items.
Abbreviation Full name
AFC Air Faerie Crown
AP Attack Pea
BD BattleDome or Battle Duck
BFC Black Frost Cannon
BoD Bow of Destiny
BoHD Bag of Healing Dust
BoK Bracelet of Kings
BoLHS Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds
BoMS Bottle of Magic Sand
BSS Blumaroo SlingShot
BTM Brain Tree Mace
Bzzt Bzzt Blaster
C-Blade CarrotBlade
CE Cursed Elixir
CF Chia Flour
CP Caustic Potion
CS Clawed Shield
CSC Cardboard Sprout Cannon
CWoS Cloudy Wand of Storms
DBD Dark Battle Duck
DEB Dual Expert Bow
DMB Dusty Magic Broom
DPP Downsize Power Plus
ECA Everlasting Crystal Apple
EKST Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy
ELL Entangling Lenny Lasso
EoE Essence of Esophagor
FaIB Fire and Ice Blade
FB Florbix Blaster
FPot Freezing Potion
F-Ray Fungus Ray
FSS Faerie SlingShot
G-Bomb Ghostkerbomb
GBK Golden Butter Knife
GC Glowing Cauldron
GEB Garoo Elite Blaster
GHS Greater Healing Scroll
GLB Grand Lightning Beam
GoC Golden Compass
GSH Green Sticky Hand
G-Shield Ghostkershield
G-Staff Greater Staff of the earth faerie
G-Sword Ghostkersword
GTA Greater Tiki Amulet
H4K H4000 Helmet
HoD Halo of Devilpuss
HP Honey Potion
HPB Hubrids Puzzle Box
HPS Hand Painted Scarab
IBD Icy Battle Duck
IEP Illusens Earth Potion
ILB Improved Lightning Beam
ILS Iron Lupe Sword
JP Jhudoras Potion
JCB Jhudoras Crystal Ball
JSS Jade Scorchstone
KLP Kacheek Life Potion
KPL Kacheek Pebble Lobber
LDD Lost Desert Dagger
LEV Leaded Elemental Vial
LRGoF Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing
MoC Mask of Coltzan
MFB Mystery Fruit Bowl
MM Melting Mirror
MMoM Magical Marbles of Mystery
PCC Pirate Captain Cutlass
PCH Pirate Captain Hat
PFF Psellias Fighting Fan
PK Portable Kiln
PP Pike Pike
PPot Prickly Potion
RCG Rainbow Clockwork Grundo
RoDN Rod of Dark Nova
RoN Rod of Nova
RoS Rod of Supernova
RotL Ring of the Lost
RSB Ramtors SpellBook
RSH Rainbow Sticky Hand
RST Rainbow Swirly Thing
RWR Royal Wedding Ring
SAF Sword of the Air Faerie
SAP Seasonal Attack Pea
SBD Seasonal Battle Duck
SC Scuzzys Comb
SFB Spectral Forest Bow
SoA Sword of Apocalypse
SoRF Staff of Righteous Fury
SoS Sword of Skardsen
SoSP Sack Of Sneezing Powder
SP Slumberberry Potion
S-Ray Sleep Ray
SS Scorchstone
SSS Scarab Stone Slingshot
STC Smugglers Treasure Chest
SuAP Super Attack Pea
TA Tiki Armour
TBB Tiki Bomb Bag
ToT Tooth of Terask
T-Ring Tornado Ring
TTD Triple Turbo Dryer
T-Tear Thyoras Tear
UBG Ultimate Bubble Gun
UDR Ultimate Dark Reflectorb
UDS Ultra Dual Shovel
WAF Wand of the Air Faerie
WCN Werelupe Claw Necklace
WoDF Wand of the Dark Faerie
WoR Wand of Reality
WotM Wand of the Moon
YSH Yellow Sticky Hand
Zap2K Zapatron 2000
Zap4K Zapatron 4000


Below you can see a table of the most commonly used abbreviations.
Abbreviation Full name
AC Avatar Chat
BC Beauty Contest
BD BattleDome
BDC BattleDome Chat
BRB Be Right Back
BTY Better Than You
Def Defence
DoN Defenders of Neopia
ETS Easy To Sell
FC Fan Club neoboard
FFQ Fountain Faerie Quest
FTP First To Post
GL Good Luck
HC Help Chat
HP Hit Points
HT Hidden Tower
HTS Hard To Sell
K thousand
LE Limited Edition
MP Morphing Potion or My Price
NC NeoCash (Used in the NC Mall)
NM NeoMail
NP NeoPoints
NQ NeoQuest
NST Neopian Standard Time
NT Neopian Times
OP Original Poster
PB Paint Brush
PPPB PetPet Paint Brush
QAL Quick Adoption Link
R# (example: r99) Rarity # (Rarity 99)
RE Random Event
RS (RSing) ReStock (ReStock-ing)
SC ScratchCard
SHH Something Has Happened
STP Second To Post
Str Strength
TCG Trading Card Game
TNT The Neopets Team
TP Trading Post or Transmogrification Potion
Trans Transmogrification Potion
TY Thank You
TYS Test Your Strength
UB UnBuyable
UC UnConverted
UFA Up For Adopton
UFT Up For Trade
WC World Challenge
WoE Wheel of Excitement
WoK Wheel of Knowledge
WoM Wheel of Monotony or
Wheel of Misfortune or
Wheel of Mediocrity


Below you can see a table of the most commonly used abbreviations that have something to do with avatars or avatar chat.
Abbreviation Full name
BGC Bony Grarrl Club
BTY Better Than You
CS Clawed Shield
Coll / Collat Collateral
EFMC Escape From Meridell Castle
FQD Faerie Queen Doll
GTU Grand Theft Ummagine
HatPC Hannah and the Pirate Caves
ICM Ice Cream Machine
IoM Invasion of Meridell
IQ Island Quiggle
ITTPD I Taunt the Pant Devil
LDP Lost Desert Plot
MPS Mystery Palm Shield
MSPP Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG)
OG Orange Grundo
QAL Quick Adoption Link
Quad Quadrapus
RoM Raiders of Maraqua
RR Revenge Rater
SuAP Super Attack Pea
TA Tiki Armour
UB Ultimate Bullseye
ZDAP Zafara Double Agent Plushie
WaSM Whack a Staff Member

Trading Post

Below you can see a table of the most commonly used abbreviations that have something to do with trading or Trading/Auctions Chat.
Abbreviation Full name
ATM At the moment (refering to auctions or trades)
DAH Draik Archer Hat
ETS Easy To Sell
Firm Refered to as the final offer
GLS Good Luck Selling
H Haggle
HB Haggle Back
HTS Hard To Sell
K Thousand
MP My Price or Morphing Potion
NTY No Thank You
OBO Or Best Offer
PB Paint Brush
PPPB PetPet Paint Brush
R# (example: r99) Rarity # (Rarity 99)
RO Reasonable Offers
RSO ReSeller Offers
SF Standard Form*
TC Trading Chat
TP Trading Post
Trans Transmogrification Potion
UB Unbuyable
*The standard form looks like this:
Name Item
R: rarity
TP: price
MP: price
Haggle? : yes/no

Full Wocky Armour
R: 98
TP: 600k
MP: 420k
Haggle? : YES


Below you can see a table of the most commonly used abbreviations that have something to do with kadoatie feeding, these are mostly used on Kadoatery chat boards. If you want to learn more about the Kadoatery and Kadoatie feeding, try SunnyNeo's Kadoatery Guide.
Abbreviation Full name
CF Congratulations Feeders
GLF Good Luck Feeders
Going Pink Receiving the Kadoatie avatar after having fed 75 kadoaties
HN Had Nothing
Main Main Kad Restock, the time that the most kads will restock.
Mewbie Someone who is new to Kad Feeding
Mini Mini Kad Restock, the time that only a few kads will restock.
MKIC Mint Kyrii Ice Cream
Overfeeder Someone who has fed more than 75 kadoaties but still enjoys to keep feeding more.
Pending What it is called when main/mini do not go at the exact time main/mini starts, while everyone is waiting for them to go, they are "pending"
pwned When someone beats you to feeding the one you were going for.
RF ReFresh
RS ReStock
SDB Safety Desposit Box
SSW Super Shop Wizard
SW Shop Wizard
UB UnBuyable

Altador Cup

The Altador Cup abbreviations are on another page in our AC coverage sections.
Altador Cup Abbreviations