Games Ratio Calculator

What is the Neopoints Ratio?
When you're in the Neopets Games Room looking up a game, you'll see something like this: NP Ratio: 0.14 in the game options table (under the game medal). What the Neopoints Ratio does is tell you how many neopoints you will earn if you get a certain score. It can be quite useful to know how many points you need to score in order to get the maximum payout of 1,000 neopoints. If you know this, you can stop playing as soon as you've reached this score. After all, the maximum neopoints you can earn being capped off at 1,000 there's not much use to keep on playing.

The Neopoints Ratio of games gets adjusted by Neopets every month. This could mean that a game that once needed you to score 3,000 points to get the 1,000 neopoints payout, becomes a game that needs you to score 5,000 points in order to get the 1,000 neopoints. Similarly the number of points needed can also be lowered, to 500 points for example.

What's on this page?
This page contains a very handy little calculator. If you enter the neopoints ratio that you find on your game page in the calculator, it will tell you exactly how many points you need to score in the game in order to get the 1,000 neopoints payout. To use the example from above, a ratio of 0.14, will require you to score 7,143 points in order to get a payout of 1,000 neopoints.

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