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Sunnyneo is now on the move to figure out once and for all the specifics on obtaining the Edna - Cackle avatar. The following pages are in hopes to solve the riddle.


On the 28th of October, 2003 TNT released the Edna - Cackle avatar. Quoted from the news release:

"This spooky avatar would look great on the neoboards. "

Complete an Edna's Quest. Getting this avatar appears to be random. However, there have been clues indicating that it is not random. From what we've gathered, everyone who has received the avatar did a quest where Edna asked for three items. This does not mean that you will automatically get the avatar when completing a 3 item quest! It means it is random when doing 3 item quests and getting the avatar with 1 or 2 item quests is not possible. Once we have confirmation we will post it on the site.


E D N A - *cackle*
¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯


Evaluating the recent editorial:

Okay TNT, it's been almost 10 years. 10! And yet, still no one knows how exactly to get the "Edna - Cackle!" avatar. Rumor has it that TNT has said it is not random (I can't seem to find proof of this), so let's hear it. Is the avatar really random? If not, can you please, please, please (See, I'm not above begging!) give us a hint?!? ~lavylovesyoulots

*CACKLE* Well, since it's been "almost 10 years," we suppose we can give you a hint. If you're trying to be thrifty about it, we suggest not bothering to fulfill her requests unless she asks you for a few items.

Question #8,751, archived from Editorial Issue 603 · Published 2013-07-12

"A few" is commonly used for 3 - which many have decided is the only thing that keeps true each time.

If there is any other hint in this, it would have to be with "thrifty". Perhaps has something to do with rarity or estimated value.

Since TNT recommends you not bother with her quests unless she asks for "a few" items, we can cancel out theories of doing a 1-item quest, a 2-item quest, and then a 3-item quest and such theories.

Below is a table of a few brainstorms to look into according to the editorial above.

Certain item rarity bracket (ie: r50-r70) Processing successful...
Certain item rarity average bracket (ie: r60 - r69 average) Processing successful...
Restock Value
Certain restock price bracket (ie: 200nps - 700nps) Processing successful...
Certain restock price average bracket (ie: 350nps - 450nps) Processing successful...
A successful 3-item quest potion recipe can be found on a failed 3-item quest.
A successful 3-item quest potion recipe can be successful with different items asked for.
Compare successful quests to their unsuccessful counterparts
Narrow down to 3-item quests only
What makes them different?
Not currently being investigated.
Compare successful quests to other successful quests of the same potion recipe
What do they have in common?
Not currently being investigated.
Compare the previous two: differences and comparison
Is there any pattern?
Not currently being investigated.

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