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Altador Cup XV

The news, hot off the press, from TNT themselves as they unravel their own coverage for Altador Cup XV.

The Altador Cup's Fifteen Years of Fame - Date posted May 25th, 2019

The countdown is over and Altador Cup XV is here! History will remember the winners, surprise performances, and stand-out matches on this iconic year. The pressure is on Terror Mountain, who hope to come away with back-to-back titles. Faerieland are eying the chance to bounce off bottom spot and wild cards Mystery Island and Altador should provide some entertaining matches. The top half of the table seems to be dominated by Neopia's ocean and space territories. Maraqua, Virtupets, and Krawk Island look set to battle it out for podium finishes, while Kreludor have eyes to cause some upsets and brake back into contention. While in the lower half, newcomers to this region Tyrannia need to overcome the feisty Moltarans and the frightening Haunted Woods side. Neither will make it easy for them. Pre-season is over. Past victories are now faded into the background. It comes down to this moment. This is the chance for glory!

The Royal Treatment! - Date posted June 11th, 2017

All bets are off as Meridell bursts out of the gate like a Kougra with its tail on fire! They lead the pack after a remarkable six wins while "Wizard" Windelle tops the scorer chart with a magical 6.05 goal per game average. Close on their heels are Kiko Lake and Brightvale! Two more teams with a Cinderella story podium finish in their sights. But it won't be easy, Krawk Island and Darigan's Citadel are the other teams equal on points. All five are packed together closer than a Scarab swarm. Meanwhile, in the danger zone of the table it's more heartbreak for Faerieland and Moltara who've yet to chalk up a victory. The real shock is that only two wins above them are defending champions Terror Mountain and podium finishers Maraqua. Centre forward Elon Hughlis still remains third in the scorer standings and was quoted as being "Baffled! Maybe if I score more?" The atmosphere is so thick going into round two, you could cut it with a Maractite Sword!

ROUND TWO: Clash of the Kingdoms! - Date posted June 18th, 2017

In a remarkable run of form, the mighty Meridell team remains top but only one point shy of their 13 point total is a brave Brightvale side. Meridell's attacking style has rocked the competition this year, while Brightvale's defensive prowess has made them difficult to break down. Neither team has notched a winners' trophy and if that weren't enough: many supporters have touted this as the "Clash of Kingdoms". These teams represent the lands of brothers King Skarl and King Hagan. There's sure to be some fun, fraternal rivalry going on behind the scenes. Tied on 11 points, Kiko Lake and Kreludor are battling out for that third place, while oddly almost all the predicted high-flying teams are off their form. Darigan's Citadel, Virtupets, Krawk Island, Terror Mountain and Maraqua have all struggled to find their paws and claws on the field. At the other half of the table, it's Faerieland who've shown some heart and picked up a few points. They're now equal on points with Roo Island and Haunted Woods. What could the competition have in store for us next?!

ROUND THREE: The Crown still up for grabs! - Date posted June 26th, 2017

It's all neck-a-neck going into the final round! Not a single point separates Meridell and Brighvale after an incredible two Uni race. Meridell managed to pull off an incredible victory against their rivals that included one of the results of the season with an action packed 11-10. But the following day, they slipped up and dropped points against a passionate Kiko Lake. Just shy of two points off the title chasers, the passionate Kiko Lake and disciplined Kreludor are also level in the duel for that coveted third spot on the podium. It seemed Kreludor had the edge on the underdogs but Kiko Lake was having none of it. They pulled off a decisive win that put them right back in the running. Meanwhile there are no shocks at the bottom of the table as it seems Faerieland and Moltara remain rooted in the lowest positions. However, no one will be more disappointed than defending champions Terror Mountain who are having a season to forget. They have gone from bad to worse, tied on points with a proud performance by the Altador team. In the mid-table scuffle, Mystery Island have put in a superb season and lead many of the giants of the Altador Cup. Krawk Island, Virtupets, and Maraqua have all struggled. Can they claw back some dignity in the final round? A single point could still be the difference between greatness and disappointment. Without a doubt, it's all still to play for...