Exclusive Stories from the Altador Cup

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Altador Cup XII

The news, hot off the press, from TNT themselves as they unravel their own coverage for Altador Cup XII.

Altador Cup XII: Let's Get the Ball Rolling! - Date posted May 26th, 2017

The twelfth Altador Cup tournament has fans swarming in from all parts of Neopia to watch their favourite teams back in action! Nothing does seem predictable - last year, we had Team Mystery Island winning their first title, with only one podium finish preceding it in the history of the tournament. Haunted Woods, once famous for their second title win, is now remembered for finishing last, two years in a row. Faerieland did the unexpected by shooting up from their low-tier position to nearly achieving a podium finish. What surprises await Altador Cup fanatics this year? Will the new tournament format help trailing teams pull themselves back up with a little extra effort? Only time will tell what lies ahead in this exciting month of gameplay...

Predictions Never Hold - Date posted June 8th, 2017

The first week of AC XII is proving to be more exciting than we expected! Team Kiko Lake, which happened to be winning every single match in the first four days, lost badly to Team Krawk Island on the 5th day and rose up once more on the 6th. AC XI champions, Team Mystery Island are struggling to make their way to the top while Kreludor, (with its fans crowding the colosseum), is steadily riding forward in the tournament. Teams Altador and Moltara are trying to pull themselves up in the game, but as we've seen in the past tournaments, you never know what lies ahead. For now, we're looking forward to future matches that would involve the power houses pitting against each other.

Surprises at the Top - Date posted June 15th, 2017

As we are two-thirds of the way through the Round Robin games in the Altador Cup tournament, many are surprised by the teams that are in the lead this year. Currently at the top is Team Kreludor, having emerged victorious in every match to date. Close behind is defending champion Team Kiko Lake. Coming in third is Meridell, a team that has always performed well but never enough to stand on the podium. Maraqua, Krawk Island and Virtupets come next, each with 8 wins so far. While Krawk Island is known to be a top-tier team, the same cannot be said of Maraqua and Virtupets. These two teams have been in bad form of late, and were certainly not expected to play so well this year. No doubt the standings will see more changes in the coming days, but these teams certainly deserve a mention for their stellar performances so far.

Round Robin Ends. Final Battle Begins - Date posted June 21st, 2017

After an exciting 21 days of the season, we bring to you news from the Colosseum where the competing teams have been divided into the High, Mid and Low brackets, based on their performances from Round 1. This would be a great opportunity for teams that finished at lower positions in Round 1 to make their way up the ladder. By being placed with teams that have been performing at par with them throughout this season, it gives them a higher chance of attempting a fair competition. It may even help them pull themselves up further with a little extra effort put in. The Final Round is indeed going to be a spectacle to witness for fans from all corners of Neopia!