Future Fashions

This page is not currently being kept up. Hopefully it will be up and current again in the future. Thanks for your understanding.

In May 2012, Neopets released a new loyal NC customer shop, Future Fashions, in the NC Mall. To be able to see this shop, you had to have spent at least 10,000 NC the prior month.

Note: in the first week or so after release, due to a glitch, everyone was able to see the Future Fashions shop. TNT has now however fixed this. Everyone can see the shop, but it will say nothing is for sale there.

What's so special about this shop you ask? Well if you have access to Future Fashions you will be able to preview and buy future NC items 72 hours before everyone else can.

In the screenshot below you can see where the Future Fashion shops appears at the NC Mall, and what it looks like.

Which items are for sale?
In the table below you can see the items that are currently for sale at Future Fashions. Mind you, they are only for sale there for two days, after that they disappear, and you have to wait another day until they appear at the NC Mall. When the items are for sale at the regular NC Mall, we remove them from this page, and you can then view them at our regular NC Mall customisation page.

Future Fashions Items
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Would you like to help model these items? Visit our Model for SunnyNeo page to see how you can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Neopets FAQs also have some questions and answers on Future Fashions:

What is the Future Fashions Shop?
Congratulations! If you can see the Future Fashions Shop this means you are a loyal Neopets NC shopper! You have gained access to this shop by spending a certain amount of NC (on Neopets) the previous month. Whatís so special about this shop you ask? Well, by being able to access the shop, you get the scoop on future daily items, 72 hours in advance!

How did I gain access to the Future Fashions Shop?
Congratulations! You have gained access to this shop for spending a certain amount of NC (on Neopets) the previous month.

Why arenít all NC items available in the Future Fashions shop?
The Future Fashions shopkeeper is only able to get her hands on select items early, not all item released in the NC Mall. Check back daily to see what sheís found!

I saw the Future Fashions Shop the other day, why donít I see it anymore?
Unfortunately access to Future Fashions is based on NC spent for the previous month. Keep on shopping and you may see it again next month!