Training Pets

Why should one train their pet?
Training your pet is absolutely a waste of time and money if you do not battle. The stats your pet has, only have meaning in battle. You will not get any other extras from high stats than the fact that your pet will do better in battle. Unless you count the fact that people might admire you for your great pet. But there might be less expensive ways to get peoples admiration.

Which stats are there?
There are five different stats your pet has that you can train, they are:
- Level
- Strength
- Defence
- Movement (also known as agility)
- Hitpoints (also known as hp, health or endurance)

Level is important for training. How many strength points, hitpoints etc your pet can train to at one of the three training schools all depends on your pet's level. Below different ways of training will be discussed and you will be able to read more about this. There are also other ways you can train where level doesn't matter, but for training schools it's definitely important.
During battles level does absolutely nothing. There is however a certain move called 'Berserk Attack' that your pet will learn at level 50 that is extremely helpful during battles. This move increases the amount of attack you do. There are also species specific moves that pets will learn at certain levels, but berserk attack is the most important move a pet can learn while advancing in levels.

Strength and Defence
How much attack, or how much defence your pet can do, depends on what strength/defence boost your pet has. These boosts mean that the basic attack or defence of your weapons is multiplied by the strength/defence boost to make the attack/defence more powerful. In the chart below you can see which strength/defence boosts there are.

Number of strength/defence points Damage multiplier
0-7 0.5
8-12 0.75
13-19 1.0
20-34 1.25
35-54 1.5
55-84 2.0
85-124 2.5
125-199 3.0
200-249 4.5
250-299 5.5
300-349 6.5
350-399 7.5
400-449 8.5
450-499 9.75
500-549 11.0
550-599 12.0
600-649 13.0
650-699 14.0
700-749 15.0
750+ 16.0

An example: If two pets had the exact same weapons, but one pet was in strength boost 200-249 and the other pet was in strength boost 85-124 and they would battle, what would happen? This would probably lead to the pet with the highest strength boost to win, because their basic weapons damage would be multiplied by 4,5 while the other pet's damage was only multiplied by 2,5.

This works the same way for defence weapons, they are more effective if used by a pet with a higher defence boost.

Movement, also known as agility at the training schools is not known to do anything during battles at all. However, some weapons like the Heavy Robe Of Thievery, require a certain level of agility. In this case 200 movement points (and 100 intelligence points) in order for the Robe to do anything at all.

Hitpoints are also known as hp, health or endurance. Your hitpoints determine how much attack your pet can take. Every time someone hits you, you will lose some hitpoints. The more hitpoints you have, the longer you will be able to survive on the remaining hitpoints. This makes hitpoints very important.

How to train your pet?
Now that you know training strength, hitpoints and defence are the most important stats to train, it is important to know how you can train your pet. There are several options in the form of training schools, quests, items, games and many more:

[Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy] [Mystery Island Training School]
[Secret Ninja Training School] [Faerie Quests] [Kitchen Quests] [Coltzan's Shrine]
[Secret Laboratory] [Neggs] [Shrooms] [Other Items] [Scratchcards] [Fruit Machine] [Deadly Dice] [Dice A Roo] [Turmaculus] [Treasure Maps] [Random Events] [Referrals]

Also if you manage to get a Training Fortune Cookie you can decrease your training time at all three schools. Check out our Fortune Cookie Guide for more information.

Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy
The Academy is a training school for all pets under level 40, it can be found on Krawk Island and is run by Cap'n Threelegs. At the Academy you can pick your pet and one of the five courses (level, strength, defence, agility and endurance). After you have done so, you will need to pay for the training before it will actually start. At the academy you can only pay with dubloons, the number of dubloons you have to pay depends on the level of your pet. The time it takes for your pet to increase in stats also depends on the level of your pet. The higher your pet's level, the more advanced the training, so it will take longer before it is completed. The Swashbuckling Academy may be cheaper than the Mystery Island Training School, but courses at the Academy will take longer to complete.

You will need to have the exact Dubloon coin that is asked for in your inventory to pay for your course.
If you do not have the correct type of coin, you can either exchange your coins for higher valued coins at the Dubloon-O-Matic or buy something at The Golden Dubloon or Little Nippers to recieve change.
Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length
Sea Urchin 10 and under
1 Dubloon
4 hours
Deckhand 11-20
2 Dubloons
6 hours
Pirate 21-30
5 Dubloons
8 hours
Cap'n 31-40
5 Dubloons
10 hours

If you decide not to do a certain course after entering the information to start one, you can cancel the course before paying it.

You can train your endurance, strength, defence and agility up to double your pet's level.

A nice part about training at the Academy is that sometimes when you complete a course, you get the Super Bonus, where your pet increases whatever you were training with 1-4 extra points, rather than just one.

Mystery Island Training School
Another training school can be found on Mystery Island, this is the Mystery Island Training School. This training school will train all pets under level 250. You can also pick your pet and one of the five courses (level, strength, defence, agility or endurance). After that you have to pay for the course in codestones. The higher your pet's level, the more codestones you will have to pay and the longer it will take before the course will complete.

All of these codestones can be used to pay for the courses:
- Bri Codestone
- Eo Codestone
- Har Codestone
- Lu Codestone
- Main Codestone
- Mau Codestone
- Orn Codestone
- Tai-Kai Codestone
- Vo Codestone
- Zei Codestone
Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length
Grasshopper 20 and Under 1 codestone 2 hours
Basic 21-40 2 codestones 3 hours
Intermediate 41-80 3 codestones 4 hours
Adept 81-100 4 codestones 6 hours
Advanced 101-120 5 codestones 8 hours
Expert 121-150 6 codestones 12 hours
Master 151-200 7 codestones 18 hours
Grand Master 201-250 8 codestones 24 hours

Courses at the Mystery Island Training school cannot be cancelled.

You can train your strength, defence and agility up to double your pet's level, and endurance up to three times your pet's level.

Like the academy, you can also get the Super Bonus at the Mystery Island Training School, when this happens your pet increases whatever you were training with 1-4 extra points, rather than just one.

Secret Ninja Training School
The third training school in Neopia is also located on Mystery island. At the foot of Techo Mountain one can find the Secret Ninja Training School. This training school is so highly secret that only people who own a pet with a level higher than 250 can enter. Besides that, one must also carry a Red Codestone with them, in order to enter.

At this training school pets who can no longer receive training at the Mystery Island Training School because their pet's level is too high can still receive training. The training is paid for with Red Codestones these can either be bought from other users, or created at Techo Mountain by giving ten original codestones to the volcano.

The Secret Ninja Training School also has a weaponry where you can buy weapons every 30 minutes, and a statue where you can donate neopoints and receive a saying of wisdom back in return.

All of these codestones can be used to pay for the courses:
- Cui Codestone
- Kew Codestone
- Mag Codestone
- Sho Codestone
- Vux Codestone
- Zed Codestone
Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length
Intermediate 250 1 codestone 4 hours
Adept 300 2 codestones 6 hours
Advanced 400 3 codestones 8 hours
Expert 500 4 codestones 10 hours
Master 600 5 codestones 12 hours
Grand Master 750 and above 6 codestones 12 hours

If you cancel a course at the Secret Ninja Training School you will have to wait 24 hours before you can start another course.

The Ninja Training School also gives out Super Bonuses, when this happens your pet increases whatever you were training with two points, rather than just one.

Faerie Quests
Completing faerie quests is a very good way to improve your stats. Quests are in general very cheap and the reward is good! On SunnyNeo's Faerie Quests guide you can read all about how faerie quests work. Below you can see a small summary, but for complete information it is suggested that you read the page on faerie quests. If you complete a quest one of your pets will receive the reward as shown below. Which pet that is, is random.
Faerie Reward Item wanted
Air Faerie 2 movement points Grooming items
Battle Faerie any 1-3 combinations of 1-6 level, 1-6 strength, 1-2 defence and 1-6 endurance (hitpoints) Various items
Dark Faerie 2 hitpoints Toys
Earth Faerie 1-2 strength, 1-2 defence or 1-2 agility (speed) points Magic items
Fire Faerie 2 strength points Clothing items
Light Faerie 1 level Collectable Cards
Water Faerie 2 defence points Books
Space Faerie 4 levels Various items
Faerie Queen 1 level, 4 hitpoints and 4 strength points Various items
Fountain Faerie Gives you access to the Rainbow Fountain (you can paint your pet there) Various items with a rarity of 94 or higher

Downside to all this is that getting one of these quests is random. You might go months without receiving a quest. Although if you manage to get ahold of a Faerie Quest Fortune cookie you will be able to get one guaranteed quest per day. Check out out our Fortune Cookie Guide for more info.

Kitchen Quests
Kitchen Quests can also be a good way to train your pet. If you decide to do a quest you will be asked to get 2-4 food items for the chef in order for him to complete his recipe. If you bring him the desired items before time runs out, he will reward you for your effort.

Rewards can be:

- 1 stat for one of your pets, which pet is random, and which stat is also random. This could lead to 1 strength point for your battle pet, or one movement point for your non-battle pet.
- An item, the item could be a cheap (100nps) or expensive (unbuyable), what item it will be is all random.
- Neopoints, you will probably not get a truckload of neopoints, it will be somewhere around 1000nps. Could be a little more or less.

Kitchen Quests are a very good way for training, especially if you have only one pet. That way all stat rewards go to your battle pet. You do have to keep in mind that you should not complete all quests. Set yourself a limit on how much you're willing to spend, like 3,000nps for example.

Coltzan's Shrine
In the Lost Desert one can find Coltzan's Shrine. If your pet approaches the shrine, good old king Coltzan might reward your pet. Your pet can gain a stat or intelligence, you can get neopoints, desert food or a dubloon. You can visit the shrine every 12 hours, and it's completely free. Visiting the shrine every day is definitely worth it.

Secret Laboratory
After collecting the 9 different pieces of the 'Secret Laboratory Map' you will get acces to the Secret Laboratory. In this laboratory various things can happen to your pet:
- Your pet's colour can change (into Purple, Green, Faerie, Maraquan etc.)
- Your pet's gender can change (into male or female)
- Your pet's species can change (into Kiko, Kougra, Ruki, Zafara etc.)
- Your pet can gain or lose levels (2 levels at a time)
- Your pet can gain or lose strength points (2 or 3 points at a time)
- Your pet can gain or lose defence points (2 or 3 points at a time)
- Your pet can gain or lose movement points (2 or 3 points at a time)
- Your pet can gain hitpoints (2, 3, 4 or 5 points at a time)
- Your pet's level can go back to level 1 (if your pet is level 20 or below)
- Nothing happens

If you like to read more about the Secret Laboratory take a look at SunnyNeo's Secret Laboratory page.

Feeding certain neggs to your pet can also have a positive outcome on your pet's stats. Be warned however, that some neggs will not always work and others can have several effects, not just changing your stats. A lot can happen to your pet if you decide to feed it a negg. You can see all the neggs that can increase your pet's stats in the table below.
For more info on negg tokens and the other special neggs check out SunnyNeo's All About Neggs page.
Picture Name Price Effect
Basic Power Negg 39 Tokens May increase defence by 1.
Cool Negg 247 Tokens Increases Level by 1, hitpoints by 2-3, movement by 1-3 and strength by 2-3.
Faerie Queen Negg 57 Tokens Increases hitpoints by 1.
Ferocious Negg 124 Tokens Increases strength by 1-4 points and gives your pet a random disease.
Kaleideonegg 52 Tokens Does one of the following: increase/decrease stats, change pets gender, color or species. Similar to a once time use Lab Ray zap.
Negg of Purity +1 10 Tokens May increase defence.
Power Negg 79 Tokens Increases strength by 1.
Silver Knight Negg 72 Tokens Increases defence by 1.
Snegg 126 Tokens Increases hitpoints by 1-3 and movement by 1-3.
Spiked Negg 195 Tokens Increases hitpoints by 2-5.
Super Negg 210 Tokens Increases Level by 1, hitpoints by 1-3 and movement by 1-3.

Shrooms may be retired, but the ones that are out there will still work. Like Neggs, feeding your pet a shroom may increase your pet's stats. Below you can see all the shrooms that can increase your pet's stats.
Picture Name Effect
Level Up Shroom Increases level by 1
Mega Power Plusshroom What this shroom does exactly is unknown. It will give your pet better stats. This shroom most likely increases your pet's defence.
Purple Spotted Shroom Either heals 3 hitpoints, increases hitpoints by 1 or increases strength by 1
Strength Shroom Increases strength by 1-3
Super Fast Shroom Increases movement by 1-3

Other Items
Apart from Neggs and Shrooms there are also other items out there that may increase your stats, you can see them all in the table below.
Picture Name Effect
Bomberry Elixir Either deals a random amount of damage to your pet or increases defence by 1
Bullseye Potion This strange little poition may make your pet feel stronger... How exactly is still unknown.
Cooling Balm Of The Warrior May increase defence by 1-2
Energising Elixir May increase hitpoints by 1-2
Essence Of Drackonack May increase strength by 1-2
Greater Earthen Potion Increases strength by 2 and intelligence by 2
Kauvaras Marvellous Potion Only works on Kaus
Increases level by 1-3, hitpoints by 1-3, strength by 1-3 and defence by 1-3
Kaylas Super Special Potion May increases level by 1 and may increase defence by 1
Mummified Scroll Increases hitpoints by 1-3 and decreases movement by 1-3
Muntando Fruit May increase hitpoints by 1
Strength Serum Increases strength by 1-4
Twisted Potion of Strength May increase strength by 5 or may decrease strength by 5

If you are feeling lucky you may want to try out some scratchcards. In te table below you can see which scratchcards can increase your pet's stats.
These cards can be bought and used at: Terror Mountain Scratch Card Kiosk and Deserted Fairground Scratchcards.
Picture Name Prizes
Terror Trove Scratchcard 5,000 NP
10,000 NP
Random Snowballs
Level up for a random pet
Scratchcard Kiosk Wocky Plushie
Faeries Fortune Scratchcard 5,000 NP
10,000 NP
Random Snowballs
Level up for a random pet
Peak O Plenty Scratchcard 10,000 NP
50,000 NP
Level up for a random pet
Festering Fortune Scratchcard 5,000 NP
10,000 NP
Evil Snowballs
Level up for a random pet
Mutating Millions Scratchcard 10,000 NP
Evil Snowballs
Level up for a random pet
Mutant Plushie
Pustravaganza Scratchcard 10,000 NP
Level up for a random pet
Mutant Plushie
Blood Grub, Melting Mirror, Moehog Skull and Nimmo Finger
Rotting Riches Scratchcard Level up for a random pet
Mutant Plushie
Blood Grub, Melting Mirror, Moehog Skull and Nimmo Finger

Fruit Machine
Playing the Fruit Machine once a day may also pay off for your pets stats. If you get 3 Puntec Fruits, your reward will be: 3 Random Faeries + Random Paint Brush + Increased Level and Strength (for active pet) + Random Neopoints!
For more info on the Fruit Machine check out SunnyNeo's Fruit Machine Guide.

Deadly Dice
Between 12 am and 1 am NST you can challenge Count Von Roo for a game of Deadly Dice. If you win your pet will gain a level, if you lose your pet will lose a level. If you tie, then you will play for 2 levels up or down the next round.

Dice a Roo
If you play Dice a Roo and manage to make it to the silver dice you can start winning levels up for your pet.

If you thought all the Turmaculus could do was either eat your petpet or give you items you are wrong. The Turmaculus can also increase the strength of your pet!
Piece #1 Piece #6 Piece #7
Piece #2 Piece #5 Piece #8
Piece #3 Piece #4 Piece #9

Treasure Maps
Neopets has a few treasure maps you can complete. If you do this, you will get some nice prizes. Two of these maps, namely the Space Map and the Underwater Map may reward you with 1 level for all your neopets. Apart from that you will also get neopoints and items.
Something has happened!
Chlifa has suddenly gained a level!!!

Random Events
Sometimes you might just get lucky and get a random event in which your pet gets stronger, or gains a level. But as the word random says: the random event is all random, you can't do anything to ensure you get it. It's all luck!

Referring people to Neopets can also get you better stats (well it isn't as spectacular as it sounds). If you manage to get 20 people to sign up for neopets using your referral link all your pets will gain 1 level.
For more info check the Neopets Referral Page.