Gallery Layouts

How does it work?
These are pre-made layouts to use in your gallery layout. Copy the coding in the box and then paste it into your Gallery Description. Shop and Gallery layouts are seperate now due to the strict blocks neo has put on codes in shop layouts. If you are looking for a Shop Layout, please go to the Shop Layouts page.

You can click on the preview of the gallery to see a full sized version of it. Below each preview of the gallery it will tell you what fonts are used on graphics of the gallery.

If you're wanting to know how you can change the images of the wishlist items, please check our HTML Tutorial, specifically the Inserting Images section.

SunnyNeo's lookups and graphics are free to use for personal use only. You may slightly adjust our content, however you must provide visible credit to, in text or using one of our buttons. These userlookups cannot be used when entering any Neopets spotlight by any means.

Total Number of Gallery Layouts: 55
Last Updated: February 06, 2024

Advent Calendar Gallery

Advent Calendar
Fonts: Joyful Juliana

Altador Cup Gallery

Altador Cup
Fonts: LHF Jami

Autumn Leaves Gallery

Autumn Leaves
Fonts: unknown

Beach Gallery

Fonts: Gilligans Island

Berry Gallery

Fonts: Fabulous 50s, Comic Sans MS

Book/Library Gallery

Fonts: n/a (drawn)

Chef Bonju Gallery

Chef Bonju
Fonts: akaFrivolity

Chocolate Gallery

Fonts: Porcelain, Rabiohead

Chomby Gallery

Fonts: not sure

Christmas Bruce Gallery

Christmas Bruce
Fonts: Taichan

Daily Dare Gallery

Daily Dare
Fonts: Hand of Sean, Impact

Daily Dare / GMC Gallery

Daily Dare / GMC
Fonts: Hand of Sean, Impact

Desert Gallery

Fonts: Redensek, DS Arabic

Faerie Gallery

Fonts: Jenkins v2.0

Faerie Dolls Gallery

Faerie Dolls
Fonts: Shark Random Fun, Vila Morena

Faerie Haven Gallery

Faerie Haven
Fonts: Faerie

Faerieland Gallery

Fonts: Angelic Serif

Fyora Gallery

Fonts: Porcelain, Redensek

Garden Tea Gallery

Garden Tea
Fonts: Angelina, Ambitsek

Grey Faerie Gallery

Grey Faerie
Fonts: PhoenixScriptFLF, Redensek

Happy Easter Gallery

Happy Easter
Fonts: Kristen ITC, Ambitsek

Haunted Gallery

Fonts: BIRTH OF A HERO, Century Gothic

Ice Cream Gallery

Ice Cream
Fonts: Whimsy TT, Redensek

Illusen Gallery

Fonts: PhoenixScriptFLF, Redensek

Jelly Gallery

Fonts: Century Gothic, Carpenter ICG

Kari's Garden Gallery

Kari's Garden
Fonts: Girls Are Weird

La Boutique Gallery

La Boutique
Fonts: Segoe Print

Love Is Love, Ma'am Gallery

Love Is Love, Ma'am
Fonts: As Cute As, Georgia

Love Is Love, Man Gallery

Love Is Love, Man
Fonts: As Cute As, Georgia

Love, Love, Love Gallery

Love, Love, Love
Fonts: calibri

Maraqua Gallery

Fonts: Handvetica, Diediedie, Redensek

Neopian Cafe Gallery

Neopian Cafe
Fonts: akaFrivolity

Party Themed Gallery

Party Themed
Fonts: n/a

Petpet Gallery

Fonts: PhoenixScriptFLF, Redensek

Petpet 2 Gallery

Petpet 2
Fonts: PhoenixScriptFLF, Redensek

Petpet Park Gallery

Petpet Park
Fonts: Gigi, Kingthings Christmas

Pirate Gallery

Fonts: AquilineTwo, Redensek

Pirates vs. Ninjas Gallery

Pirates vs. Ninjas
Fonts: Papyrus, ambitsek

Plushie Gallery

Fonts: HVD Edding 780, Century Gothic

Pteri Gallery

Fonts: not sure

Rainbow Gallery

Fonts: not sure

Shenkuu Gallery

Fonts: Redensek

Sketched Gallery

Fonts: -hand written-

Snowager Gallery

Fonts: natalia colleen

Soup Faerie Gallery Gallery

Soup Faerie Gallery
Fonts: unknown (retired staff)

Space Faerie Gallery

Space Faerie
Fonts: not sure

Space Faerie - Spaced out! Gallery

Space Faerie - Spaced out!
Fonts: Xiomara, My Skinny Jeans

Spring Blossoms Gallery

Spring Blossoms
Fonts: Spring Market, Canvas

Spring Negg Painting Gallery

Spring Negg Painting
Fonts: Spring Market

Starry Gallery

Fonts: jailbIrD JenNA

Sunrise Negg Hunt Gallery

Sunrise Negg Hunt
Fonts: peach sundress

Taelia Gallery

Fonts: 04b_03, Never Let Go

Terror Mountain Gallery

Terror Mountain
Fonts: Winter Flakes

Usuki Gallery

Fonts: Lucida Handwriting

Valentine's Day Gallery

Valentine's Day
Fonts: Jellyka St. Andrew's Queen, Santa's Sleigh