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These are lookups for you to use for your pet lookups. You need to copy the info in the textbox and then paste it into the Pet Description Box. To get to the Pet Description Box, go to your Pet Description Page, and then click the pet you want to change its description.

You can click on the preview of the pet lookup to see a full sized version of it. Below each preview of the pet lookup it will tell you what fonts are used on graphics of the pet lookup.

SunnyNeo's lookups and graphics are free to use for personal use only. You may slightly adjust our content, however you must provide visible credit to, in text or using one of our buttons. These userlookups cannot be used when entering any Neopets spotlight by any means.

Total Number of Pet Lookups: 83
Last Updated: April 01, 2023

8-Bit Pet Lookup

Fonts: MineCrafter 2.0, Redensek

Agent of the Sway Pet Lookup

Agent of the Sway
Fonts: Freebooter Script

Autumn Memories Pet Lookup

Autumn Memories
Fonts: Mathilde Castleland, Coolvetica Rg

Baby Customisable (in blue) Pet Lookup

Baby Customisable (in blue)
Fonts: Xiomara

Baby Customisable (in pink) Pet Lookup

Baby Customisable (in pink)
Fonts: Xiomara

Baby Pet Pet Lookup

Baby Pet
Fonts: Junior Star, Redensek

Battle Draik Pet Lookup

Battle Draik
Fonts: Admiration Pains, Champagne & Limousines, Charlemagne Std, Silkscreen

Beastly Beautiful Pet Lookup

Beastly Beautiful
Fonts: Kingthings Willow

Christmas On The Beach Pet Lookup

Christmas On The Beach
Fonts: FOP Title Style Font, Ambitsek

Christmas Plaid Pet Lookup

Christmas Plaid
Fonts: Verdana, Georgia, Avenir

Christmas Tree Lot Pet Lookup

Christmas Tree Lot
Fonts: Christmas Card, SantasSleigh

Classroom Pet Lookup

Fonts: Never Let Go, Culia, Mighty To Save

Cloud Pet Lookup

Fonts: Heffacklump, Jester, Girls are Weird, M47_FIRE WIRE

Daises! Pet Lookup

Fonts: Redensek, Burst My Bubble, Cookies

Darigan Pet Lookup

Fonts: Bonbon Bleu, Redensek

Double Rainbow Pet Lookup

Double Rainbow
Fonts: Mighty to Save, Never Let Go

Electric Pet Lookup

Fonts: jailbIrD JenNA, Drifter

Explorer Pet Lookup

Fonts: Adventure

Eyes On The Prize Pet Lookup

Eyes On The Prize
Fonts: CrackMan, Arial

Faerie Pet Lookup

Fonts: Fabulous 50s, Drifter

Faerieland By Night Pet Lookup

Faerieland By Night
Fonts: Waltograph UI, Ambitsek

Farmer Pet Lookup

Fonts: Dear Joe 5 Casual

Geraptiku Pet Lookup

Fonts: Possum Saltare NF

Ghost Pet Lookup

Fonts: Ghost Town

Grey Pet Lookup

Fonts: HVD Edding 780

Halloween Pet Lookup

Fonts: Bones, Halloween Spider

Hannah the Adventurer Pet Lookup

Hannah the Adventurer
Fonts: Seedy Motel, Staccato222 BT, 04b03

Island Pet Lookup

Fonts: Ringbearer, Silkscreen

Kadoatie Pet Lookup

Fonts: Throw My Hands Up in the Air Bold, PWLittleHearts Medium

Knight Pet Lookup

Fonts: Magda

Laboratory Pet Lookup

Fonts: Whimsy TT, Century Gothic

Locked Inside A Tower Pet Lookup

Locked Inside A Tower
Fonts: Silkscreen

Lost Desert Pet Lookup

Lost Desert
Fonts: Moria Citadel, Redensek

Magma Pet Lookup

Fonts: 28 days later, Trebuchet MS, Visitor

Make It Blue Pet Lookup

Make It Blue
Fonts: GetCoffee Regular

Make It Pink Pet Lookup

Make It Pink
Fonts: GetCoffee Regular

Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle Pet Lookup

Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle
Fonts: JackLantern, Hallowen Inline

Maraquan Pet Lookup

Fonts: Ghost Town

MSP Poogle Pet Lookup

MSP Poogle
Fonts: Courier New, Verdana, Georgia

Mutant Pet Lookup

Fonts: Diediedie, Redensek

Mystery Island By Night Pet Lookup

Mystery Island By Night
Fonts: Freak Turbulence BRK, Redensek

Negg Surprise Pet Lookup

Negg Surprise
Fonts: akaDylan Plain, Segoe Print, Redensek

Neggs Pet Lookup

Fonts: Freak Turbulence B, Alako-Bold, Redensek

Pastel Pet Lookup Pet Lookup

Pastel Pet Lookup
Fonts: JasmineUPC, Gabriola

Perfectly Purple Pet Lookup

Perfectly Purple
Fonts: Dutch & Harley

Pink Pet Lookup

Fonts: Not Sure

Pirate Pet Lookup

Fonts: AquilineTwo, Drifter

Plushie Pet Lookup

Fonts: Casual

Princess Pet Lookup

Fonts: Segoe Script

Pumpkin Patch Pet Lookup

Pumpkin Patch
Fonts: Chicago House Trial, Mighty To Save

Rainbow Pet Lookup

Fonts: Today, Redensek

Ready Steady Game! Pet Lookup

Ready Steady Game!
Fonts: Air, Arial

Robot Pet Lookup

Fonts: Robot!Head, Showcard Gothic

Roses Are Pink Pet Lookup

Roses Are Pink
Fonts: Angelic Serif, Verdana

Roses Are Red Pet Lookup

Roses Are Red
Fonts: Huxtable, Ambitsek

Royal Pet Lookup

Fonts: Edwardian Script, Redensek

Scholar of the Seekers Pet Lookup

Scholar of the Seekers
Fonts: Cambria Bold, David

Shadow Pet Lookup

Fonts: Jokerman, Colonna MT

Shenkuu Pet Lookup

Fonts: Kudasai, Redensek

Shenkuu by Night Pet Lookup

Shenkuu by Night
Fonts: Kudasai, Ambitsek

Simple Fall Pet Lookup

Simple Fall
Fonts: Verona

Simple Spring Pet Lookup

Simple Spring
Fonts: Verona

Simple Summer Pet Lookup

Simple Summer
Fonts: Verona

Simple Winter Pet Lookup

Simple Winter
Fonts: Verona

Snow Pet Lookup

Fonts: Fabulous 50s

Sporty Pet Lookup

Fonts: Arfmoochikncheez

Spring Flowers & Beekadoodles Pet Lookup

Spring Flowers & Beekadoodles
Fonts: CreativeBlock BB, Burst My Bubble, Ambitsek

Spring Picnic Pet Lookup

Spring Picnic
Fonts: 04b_03b, Crispy, Janda Spring Doodles

Starry Pet Lookup

Fonts: Snap ITC

Stealthy Pet Lookup Pet Lookup

Stealthy Pet Lookup
Fonts: Mistral, Eurostile, Verdana, Lucida Blackletter

Tainted Hearts Pet Lookup

Tainted Hearts
Fonts: Arial, A Lolita Scorned

Terror Mountain Igloo Pet Lookup

Terror Mountain Igloo
Fonts: Silkscreen Expanded

This Means War Pet Lookup

This Means War
Fonts: Jellyka Lucky Day, Champagne & Limousines, ClementePDac

Tyrannian Pet Lookup

Fonts: Bedrock-Light

UC Pet Lookup

Fonts: Heffaklump, Elegant, Redensek

UFA Sunny Pet Lookup

UFA Sunny
Fonts: Georgia

UFT Starry Pet Lookup

UFT Starry
Fonts: Georgia

Valentine Vandagyre Pet Lookup

Valentine Vandagyre
Fonts: arial

Very Vandagyre Pet Lookup

Very Vandagyre
Fonts: Peanutbutter Smoothies

Wanna Trade Pet Lookup

Wanna Trade
Fonts: Maiandra GD, Redensek

Woodland Pet Lookup

Fonts: Dhe Wood, Redensek

Wrong Turn Pet Lookup

Wrong Turn
Fonts: Arakphobia Regular, Bebas Regular, Verdana,

Zombie Pet Lookup

Fonts: Gypsy Curse, Redensek

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