Account Age Information

When you start a new neopets account, your account will have certain restrictions. However, after a while, you will get old account perks! This page will show you both the restrictions on new accounts, and the perks on older accounts.

When calculating your account age, do not use the age indicated on your userlookup shield or what it says on the neoboards. Both dates may be off up to two months. To calculate your account age, visit your userlookup, it will say something like:
Started Playing: December 14, 2000
Use this date to calculate how many days/months your account is.


New account restrictions

New Account Information

When you start a new account, there are certain things that you are not able to do until your account reaches a certain age. Here are the things you can and can not do.

You can not do the following activities until your account reaches the indicated age.
24 hours - Post on the neoboards / join guilds / edit description / neomail
24 hours - Visit (most) dailies
48 hours - Visit Coltzan's Shrine
48 hours - Do the Neopets magazine word scramble
48 hours - Play Test Your Strength
3 days - Submit a game score into the High Score Table
4 days - Collect Advent Calendar prizes
1 week - Vote in the Beauty Contest
1 month - Collect monthly freebies
3 months - See all rarities in Neopian shops (see the restocking section)
4 months - Adopt and Transfer all pets (see the adoption section )
4 months - Buy from the Hidden Tower

You are restricted of the rarity you can see in Neopian shops according to your account age.
10 days
16 days
1 month
3 months
- r79 and under
- r84 and under
- r89 and under
- r94 and under
- all

Adopt Pets:
There are certain kinds of pets your are not able to adopt if your account is younger than 4 months, here is the list of ones that are adoptable to 3 months and younger accounts, and the ones that are not adoptable. This also goes for transfers in or out.

These have all been personally tested by us, we even still have the list of pets we used to test them. Thank you nuker for sending in the last few pets!
Adoptable Not adoptable
Level 1 or 2 pets
Level 3 and higher pets
Any Limited Edition Pet
(Koi, Cybunny, Poogle, Draik, Krawk, Hissi, Jetsam, Kiko, Chomby, Tonu, Lutari)
Any Vegetable or Fruit Chia
Oil Paint


Old account perks

Once your account is more than a year old, you will be getting special perks. The older your account is, the more perks you will obtain. Below all perks are listed.

Extra Pound transfers
You get an extra pound transfer (in and out) for each 2 years (24 months) of membership.
1 - 23 months 1 user-to-user transfer
24 - 47 months 2 user-to-user transfers
48 - 71 months 3 user-to-user transfers
72 - 95 months 4 user-to-user transfers
96 - 119 months 5 user-to-user transfers
120 - 143 months 6 user-to-user transfers
144 - 167 months 7 user-to-user transfers
168 - 191 months 8 user-to-user transfers
192 - 215 months 9 user-to-user transfers
216 - 239 months 10 user-to-user transfers
240 + months 11 user-to-user transfers

To find out how many transfers you have, visit the Pound Transfer page. Then try to transfer one of your pets, after you've filled in the username of the account (you could do your side account or a friends account, you wont actually be transferring). It will tell you something like this:

You are about to transfer petname to accountname. This will cost 1,000 NP and will count as one of your 5 User-to-User Transfers for this month. Please confirm that you wish to do this.

Then you will know how many transfers you have. After this you can just close the page to stop the transfer.

Hidden Tower Discount Day
Every third Wednesday of the month there is a discount day at the Hidden Tower. There is a 3% discount on all Hidden Tower items for accounts older than 60 months old.

Elite Boutique at the NC Mall
When your account is 49 months old (give or take a few days), you are able to access the Elite Boutique at the NC Mall. You can get there by clicking on the Experienced User icon.

The Elite Boutique sells various neocash items that have a relation with Neopian History. If you want to see the list of items for sale at the Elite Boutique, visit our NC Mall Database.

Extra Trade Lots
When your account age reaches 3 years (36 months) you are given the ability to post 5 extra trade lots on the trading post, in addition to the regular, original 10.

This was posted in the News Features on July 9th, 2010.
We've added yet another perk for our loyal users! We won't tell you what it is, but you may want to check out your trades... ;)

Re-reable Books!
As of July 10th, books have a small chance of not disappearing after being read. The lowest minimum age has not been confirmed yet, however accounts 48+ months have been confirmed.

Hey, TNT! *throws coconuts at you* Today I decided to read books to my Neopets, and I just so happened to have Altador Cup Through the Ages. When I read it to Emelisea, it didn't disappear! Is this a glitch? Thanks! ~twiddle58

Nope, that isn't a glitch! One of our more recent Loyal User Perks is that there is a small chance a book won't disappear when you read it to your Neopet. :) *picks up the thrown coconut and looks at it* We think it's trying to say something...


Question #6,784, archived from Editorial Issue 451 · Published 2010-07-09

Extra Games Room Favourites
At the Games Room you are able to add a certain amount of games to your Favourites page. The number of games you are allowed to add goes up with your account age. Every two years you are able to add three extra games to your favourites, starting at year one. The table below displays how many games you can add to your favourites.
1 months - 12 months 12 favourite games
13 months - 36 months 15 favourite games
37 months - 60 months 18 favourite games
61 months - 84 months 21 favourite games
85 months - 108 months 24 favourite games
109 - 132 months 27 favourite games
133 - 156 months 30 favourite games
157 - 180 months 33 favourite games
181 - 204 months 36 favourite games
205 - 228 months 39 favourite games
229 + months 42 favourite games

Extra Neoboard Titles
In preparation of Altador Cup V a few new Neoboard Titles were added to the Neoboard Preferences page. New titles are 'Team Moltara' 'Team Diamonds ''Team Dung' 'Team Sloth' 'Team Fyora', 'Team Kass' and 'Team Asparagus'.

Team Moltara is available to everyone.
Team Diamonds is available to accounts 5 years (60 months) and up.
Team Dung, Sloth, Fyora and Kass are to accounts 7 years (84 months) and up.
Team Asparagus is available to accounts 10 years and up.

Later on another new neoboard title was added, 'Unconverted pets are best'. This neoboard title is available for everyone with an account of 10 years or older.

Almost Abandoned Attic
If your account is 3 years old older, you can access the Almost Abandoned Attic. The attic is situated in the south-west house in Neovia. You can enter it by clicking on the door. See image below.

The attic itself works pretty similar to the Igloo Garage Sale. You have to wait for it to restock and then random items appear. Each restock about 5-6 really good items appear and about 10 bad ones. The really good ones could be worth up to millions.

The items sell for the same price as the 'Estimated Value (approx)' on an item's lookup. See for example the Estimated Value of a Chocolate Covered Tomato, it is 1010 NP. Which is exactly what it sells for at the Almost Abandoned Attic.

Extra Neomail inbox space
On August 11th 2010 a new Loyal User Perk was released. This new perk means more space in your neomail inbox if you have an older account.
For our players that have spent many wonderful years here making friends, we've just made it a bit easier for you to keep in touch. :)

In the table below you can see how much space is granted.
Account age Max Neomails
35 months and below 100 mails
36 to 38 months 110 mails
39 to 41 months 120 mails
42 to 44 months 130 mails
45 to 47 months 140 mails
48 to 50 months 150 mails
51 to 53 months 160 mails
54 to 56 months 170 mails
57 to 59 months 180 mails
60 to 62 months 190 mails
63 months and over 200 mails


General Loyal User Perks

There are also loyal user perks that are not related to account age.

Old: Immunity to colour changes
Unconverted Pets were immune to the colour changing random events. The events shown below would not affect your pets. The random events have since changed and so no site events give colour changes anymore, making this a perk that is no longer active.
Something has happened!
Oh no! Boochi fires his ray gun and turns petname into a Baby!!!
Something has happened!
Oh no! Where on earth is petname, you cant find him anywhere!!! Where on Neopia could he be?
Something has happened!
A torrent of multi-coloured water falls from the sky and DRENCHES petname!!! You hear evil cackling from the sky...
Something has happened!
Petname doesn't look very happy. In fact, (s)he looks downright Blue. Maybe a toy would help.
Something has happened!
Erm... Petname looks a little... angry. Don't you think you should keep her happy?


Future perks

Posting time
The Neopian Editorial hinted at another old account perk. Perhaps in the future, users with older accounts will not have to wait so long between posts at the Neoboards.

*Hands you cake* First off I have to say that I love the new rule, no more auto spammers on the AC. :) I'd just like to know what is the time for the new rule? Like, the time in between posts, because I have gotten 153 seconds and a lot of really high numbers. ~electra46

It shouldn't be more than 30 seconds. We're really sorry about the funkiness lately. If you get a long wait time, try refreshing. We've got a couple of rogue servers that are set to the wrong time, so you're having to wait longer than normal to post.

(Oh, and don't tell anyone, but we're looking at some ways to cut down on the wait time for older accounts. *fingers crossed*)

Question #5,007, archived from Editorial Issue 322 · Published 2007-12-14

TNT also posted on Twitter that there would be more Loyal User Perks.
Yup! :) RT @rachhh_x: @OfficialNeopets I'm loving the loyal user perks, are there any more on the way? :)