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How To...
...get rid of that pesky siggy line
...make an invisible font
...make an inverted font a link without your font messing up
...hide your active pet from the Neoboards

» How to get rid of that pesky siggy line
Put [ at the end of your neoHTML code and ] [br] at the beginning of your siggy line. Here is an example...

Don't worry, the brackets won't show up when you post :)

Want your siggy to go down a little further, and not be directly under your neoHTML, put this in the beginning of your siggy line instead ] [br][br]
In the example siggy we used ~♥~ instead of the extra break, but use what ever you want.
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» How to make an invisible font
Just so you guys know, neopets has filtered out the color white and the hex colour #FFFFFF. This is probably because when they first got rid of the glow & shadow, people were "protesting" and making their fonts invisible to everyone. Really immature, and ruined some fun jokes for most of us. HOWEVER, we can still have invisible fonts! Hopefully people won't use it to annoy others & just use it for siggy jokes. So here's the code:
[fontc=#FFFFFE]STUFF HERE[/font] will give you the invisible font you want. You can also use codes like [fontc=snow] and any other light shade of white. Feel free to edit it.
-->Pretty Snazzy, Huh?<--
PLEASE don't use it as your default neoHTML code!! it's very frustrating, only use it for things like "invisible siggy pets" or the popular "highlight here" gags.
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» How to make an inverted font
This is a very very simple example. Put it in your neoHTML space. Go nuts, but remember to keep the fake siggy *very* short since you're limited on room. Also - unless you know what you're doing, it's best not to have anything in your neoSignature spot.
[b]SIGGY HERE[/b][br]-------------------------[br][fontc=blues=2][b]neoHTML[/b][/font]

(this is what it looks like)


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» How to post a link without your font messing up
As you may have noticed, posting a link on the NeoBoards causes your font to mess up big time. So each time you're trying to be helpful by posting a link to the Snowager or Turmaculus your font gets killed. What to do?
The answer is simple! After you paste the link into reply box, place some more text, then post your reply. This way your font will look just as you want it to look.

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» How to hide your active pet from the Neoboards
If you are very attached to having just one avatar and don't want your active neopet to show on the Neoboards, you can visit our Hiding your pet on Neoboards tutorial.

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