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Wish Candles

What are Wish Candles?
Wish Candles are items that are sold in the NC Mall. So far, on of them has been released, the NC Mall Birthday Wishing Wish Candle. The image of a second Wish Candle, a blue one, has been found, which means it will appear in the NC Mall soon as well.

Wish Candles are items that look a bit like goodie bags. You can open or unlock them, and then they will give out a special item. You unlock Wish Candles by clicking on them in your inventory and selecting the option 'Make A Wish!'. This will give you a special item. There are a total of up to six special items coming with a Wish Candle, but you will only receive one of them for each candle that you have unlocked. There is also a chance of getting a bonus item.

In this way Wish Candles look a bit like Mystery Capsules or Neocash Grams, with the exception that you can't use a Wish Candle to send a gift to someone, like you can do with a gram. Nor can you choose which special item you will get, this is random.

Unlike mystery capsules, that give out random items too, you won't be able to get just any item from the NC Mall with the Wish Candles, only the six items special items and the bonus item that are assigned to that particular Wish Candle.

Items you can get from Wish Candles
From each different Wish Candle, you can get several special items. Also, each candle has it's own bonus item. Below we've listed all the Wish Candles that have been released so far and which items you can get when you make your wish.

Neocash Wish Candles

NC Mall Birthday Wishing Wish Candle

NC Mall Birthday Dreaming Wish Candle

7th Birthday Counting Wish Candle

7th Birthday Ball Wish Candle

8th Birthday Glitter Wish Candle

8th Birthday Rose Gold Gala Wish Candle

9th Birthday Fantasy Wish Candle

9th Birthday Night Wish Candle

Choose a candle in the table above to see which items are available.

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