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Secret Lab Map Prices

This page shows you the prices of each individual lab map piece. When you are getting the secret laboratory map, it is important to realise that each piece has a different value. By knowing the value, you will not be scammed by others who try to take advantage of you. This page is updated weekly. Important: these prices are indicative.

Last updated: 10:44:05 23 March 2015

Prices compared to last week
Below each lab map piece you can see it's current value. Behind this there are arrows which indicate whether this piece costs more or less than last week, or if the price has stayed the same.
Price has gone down
Price has gone up
Price has stayed the same.

1 6 7
470k - 472k 120k - 122k 36k - 48k
2 5 8
105k - 107k 115k - 117k 85k - 87k
3 4 9
22k - 24k 6k - 8k 21k - 23k

Total: 994k (-2k )

Graphs of prices
If you click on the number of one of the lab map pieces above, it will show you a graph. This graph shows the price of this particular piece since the creation of this page. This allows you to see if the price is going up or down. At the bottom of this page there is a graph that shows the cost of the total laboratory map.

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