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r90+ Chocolate List

This is a list of the the rarity 90 or higher chocolates that you can restock from the chocolate shop, in order to get the chocolate avatar. All of these chocolates cost 5,000 or more neopoints at the chocolate factory

Go to the Chocolate Factory.

Buy an item with rarity 90 or higher at The Chocolate Factory.

Tip: Items that cost 5,000nps or more are likely to be rarity 90+. Visit's r90+ Chocolate List to see all rarity 90+ chocolate items (with pictures!).


The Chocolates
Number of chocolates: 124
Angry CandyAngry Candy Apple and Custard DropsApple and Custard Drops
Apple Moquot LollypopApple Moquot Lollypop Baby Cabbage Jelly BeansBaby Cabbage Jelly Beans
Banana Jelly FlotsamBanana Jelly Flotsam Barbed Wire Black LicoriceBarbed Wire Black Licorice
Blueberry Gummy SlorgBlueberry Gummy Slorg Blueberry Gummy StampBlueberry Gummy Stamp
Blumaroo Cotton CandyBlumaroo Cotton Candy BullseyesBullseyes
Buzz Chocolate BarBuzz Chocolate Bar Candy Cane Chocolate Advent CalendarCandy Cane Chocolate Advent Calendar
Candy Pirate EarringsCandy Pirate Earrings Candy WhistleCandy Whistle
Caramel and Custard DropsCaramel and Custard Drops Charcoal Jelly BeansCharcoal Jelly Beans
Cherry Aboogala LollyCherry Aboogala Lolly Cherry Meerca GobstopperCherry Meerca Gobstopper
Cherry Mootix LollypopCherry Mootix Lollypop Choco SprayChoco Spray
Chococherry Blumaroo EarsChococherry Blumaroo Ears Chocolate Achyfi LollypopChocolate Achyfi Lollypop
Chocolate Advent CalendarChocolate Advent Calendar Chocolate BalthazarChocolate Balthazar
Chocolate Crown of SinsiChocolate Crown of Sinsi Chocolate Crown of the FaeriesChocolate Crown of the Faeries
Chocolate Cybunny NeggChocolate Cybunny Negg Chocolate Dr SlothChocolate Dr Sloth
Chocolate GumChocolate Gum Chocolate JeranChocolate Jeran
Chocolate King SkarlChocolate King Skarl Chocolate LipstickChocolate Lipstick
Chocolate Maractite CoinsChocolate Maractite Coins Chocolate MoltenoreChocolate Moltenore
Chocolate Orange Easter NeggChocolate Orange Easter Negg Chocolate PeachChocolate Peach
Chocolate Peanuts with PeasChocolate Peanuts with Peas Chocolate Ruki KitChocolate Ruki Kit
Chocolately Cheese WedgesChocolately Cheese Wedges ChocoonChocoon
Codestone TruffleCodestone Truffle Creamy ChoccywhipCreamy Choccywhip
Creamy Chocolate PieCreamy Chocolate Pie Crunchy Chocolate GrarrlCrunchy Chocolate Grarrl
Dark Chocolate LutariDark Chocolate Lutari Dark Chocolate PoogleDark Chocolate Poogle
Dark Chocolate ScorchioDark Chocolate Scorchio Dark Chocolate ShoyruDark Chocolate Shoyru
Dark Chocolate SkeithDark Chocolate Skeith Dark Chocolate TuskaninnyDark Chocolate Tuskaninny
Dark Chocolate ZafaraDark Chocolate Zafara Deluxe Strawberry Toffee ChokatoDeluxe Strawberry Toffee Chokato
Destruct-O Chocolate SquaresDestruct-O Chocolate Squares Double Chocolate Jelly BeansDouble Chocolate Jelly Beans
Draik Sugar SkullDraik Sugar Skull ErgyFruit Jelly BeansErgyFruit Jelly Beans
Fishy Delight Grarrl GobstopperFishy Delight Grarrl Gobstopper Fluff N Stuff Grarrl GobstopperFluff N Stuff Grarrl Gobstopper
Gnorbu GumGnorbu Gum Gnorbu LollipopGnorbu Lollipop
Grape Gummy SlorgGrape Gummy Slorg Green Apple Aisha LollypopGreen Apple Aisha Lollypop
Hazelnut WhirlHazelnut Whirl Holiday Bell Chocolate Advent CalendarHoliday Bell Chocolate Advent Calendar
Jelly Bean Pirate ChestJelly Bean Pirate Chest Juppiemint BarJuppiemint Bar
Kau SundaeKau Sundae KikopopKikopop
Kougra Sugar SkullKougra Sugar Skull Large Swirly Chocolate CybunnyLarge Swirly Chocolate Cybunny
Large White Chocolate CybunnyLarge White Chocolate Cybunny Lemon and Lime Easter NeggLemon and Lime Easter Negg
Lemon Bumbluz LollyLemon Bumbluz Lolly Lemon Pinchit LollypopLemon Pinchit Lollypop
Lemon Sherbert Jelly BeansLemon Sherbert Jelly Beans Lime Skidget LollyLime Skidget Lolly
Lost City Lanes Lime GobstopperLost City Lanes Lime Gobstopper Luxury Chocolate Easter NeggLuxury Chocolate Easter Negg
Marshmallow PlumpyMarshmallow Plumpy Miniature Chocolate Chocolate FactoryMiniature Chocolate Chocolate Factory
Mint Chocolate BlumarooMint Chocolate Blumaroo Mint Chocolate ChiaMint Chocolate Chia
Mint Chocolate Easter NeggMint Chocolate Easter Negg Mint Chocolate KacheekMint Chocolate Kacheek
Mint Chocolate LupeMint Chocolate Lupe Mint Chocolate PeophinMint Chocolate Peophin
Mint Chocolate TuskaninnyMint Chocolate Tuskaninny Minty ChoccywhipMinty Choccywhip
Mud LollipopMud Lollipop NeotruffleNeotruffle
Neverending Jar of JellybeansNeverending Jar of Jellybeans Omnipotent Onion Grarrl GobstopperOmnipotent Onion Grarrl Gobstopper
Orange Chocolate PyramidOrange Chocolate Pyramid Orange Chocolate ScorchioOrange Chocolate Scorchio
Orange Chocolate TuskaninnyOrange Chocolate Tuskaninny Orange Gummy SlorgOrange Gummy Slorg
Orange Gummy StampOrange Gummy Stamp Orange Lightmite LollypopOrange Lightmite Lollypop
Orange Scoach LollyOrange Scoach Lolly Peanut Butter Gormball TrufflePeanut Butter Gormball Truffle
Peophin Chocolate MedallionPeophin Chocolate Medallion Pretty Pink Easter NeggPretty Pink Easter Negg
Rainbow Candy FlossRainbow Candy Floss Raspberry and Vanilla NovaRaspberry and Vanilla Nova
Raspberry Chocolate TuskaninnyRaspberry Chocolate Tuskaninny Red Buzz LollyRed Buzz Lolly
Sniddberry Meerca GobstopperSniddberry Meerca Gobstopper Snowflake Chocolate Advent CalendarSnowflake Chocolate Advent Calendar
Spooky Flying DoughnutSpooky Flying Doughnut Spotted Easter NeggSpotted Easter Negg
Strawberries and Cream Easter NeggStrawberries and Cream Easter Negg Strawberry Fondant SurpriseStrawberry Fondant Surprise
Sugar Moehog SkullSugar Moehog Skull Sugar Tonu SkullSugar Tonu Skull
Super Spicy Jelly BeansSuper Spicy Jelly Beans Sweet NecklaceSweet Necklace
Thornberry Candy GavelThornberry Candy Gavel Toffee DubloonToffee Dubloon
Ummagine Candy CaneUmmagine Candy Cane Uni Sugar SkullUni Sugar Skull
Walking Carpet Cotton CandyWalking Carpet Cotton Candy White Chocolate LutariWhite Chocolate Lutari
White Chocolate NovaWhite Chocolate Nova Yummy DropsYummy Drops

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