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emaciate Posted by emaciate on 28th of March 2015 at 12:36 PM NST

It's a Vandagyre celebration!

We recieved quite a few graphic requests for Vandagyre-related items lately. In response to that, Sunnyneo is declaring today as an unofficial (late) welcome to neopia's newest species: the Vandagyre! To start, we have a new shop layout for you to use.

I'm gonna shop 'til I drop! (Stylishly, of course.)

Next up is two new pet lookups. If you're feeling a little moody blue or just want to complete your I my pet lookup collection, try these out. (We now have I my pet lookups for every species in Neopia!)
Everything's coming up Vandagyre. I wuv my Vandagye.

Feeling a little blue? Jazz up your petpage with this customizable petpage layout. You can add or remove headers to include more or less content.
Sing me those Vandagyre blues.

Not in the mood for any of these graphics? Perhaps you'd like to show your distaste with one of our new mood indicators.
Bleh! Enough happiness already, sheesh.

As always, we encourage you to let us know what graphics you would like to see next by submitting a graphics request form! The most creative and/or frequently requested will be made into graphics.

That was a hoot!

jujipup Posted by jujipup on 26th of March 2015 at 08:18 AM NST
Festival of Neggs Returns
The Festival of Neggs has returned.  However, this year things have changed.  This year you can find a basket each day somewhere hidden throughout Neopia.  Also, you have to find the cybunny Topsi in two locations where she will offer you one of three neggs.  For more information, check out our Festival of Neggs Guide.  There are a few prizes we're missing, so if you received an item we don't have listed, please Contact Us.

Hehe, can you find me?
There are new wearables being released with this event.  If you received any of these items, please take a moment to Model them for us.  We appreciate all the help!

jocinto Posted by jocinto on 24th of March 2015 at 11:43 AM NST
MiniMME22 morphed
MiniMME22-S1: Queen of Lost Desert Dress has started morphing.

Our MME-guide has been updated with flash previews, but we still need PNG previews.  Can you help us out ?

jujipup Posted by jujipup on 23rd of March 2015 at 09:11 PM NST
Just A Few Mood Indicators
With the last two wins of the Skirmish Battles revealed, we have our two newest Mood Indicators for you.

One of those who has the same face for every emotion.

We took the Obelisk by force!

We have also added a Mood Indicator for the Polka Dot Lenny.

Polka Dot Lenny
So spot on!
We have more graphics to come, but if there is something you'd like to see, let us know using our Graphics Request Form.

caileanmalfoy Posted by caileanmalfoy on 23rd of March 2015 at 10:39 AM NST
Skirmish Battles: The Brute Squad wins!
The Brute Squad has won this round of skirmishes. Prizes can now be collected at the Battleground of the Obelisk.

Take a look at our Skirmish Battles guide for more information.


silly_mistake Posted by silly_mistake on 22nd of March 2015 at 02:13 PM NST
SunnyNeo Offers Tons of Font Features
Do you love creating your own fonts? Or maybe you would like to learn how to? SunnyNeo offers a lot of cool features for making and editing fonts.

Online Eyedropper The Online Eyedropper is a great feature for making fonts. It allows you to pick the avatar of choice and pick the color you want to use and navigate around a zoomed in avatar to pick the colors you want to use.
Rainbow Font Maker Rainbow font Maker is another great feature we offer here. It's an automated generator that makes your font super colorful. There are a two different options to use when trying to make a rainbow font: Preset or Custom.
Typeface Chart The Typeface Chart has tons of fonts faces to choose from. Of course we don't have listed all of them, but there are so many to chose from. Be sure to read the whole page on how to use and download the fonts you don't have but want!
Special Characters Generator The Special Characters Generator has 1000 types of symbols for you to specialize your font. The great feature about this generator is that it allows you to type in the font name you would like to use and preview it in that font face. Tons of symbols change their character depending on the font face used.

SunnyNeo offers so many more features for making awesome fonts, you can find all of these listed and so much more by scrolling down to the "Neoboards" section on the left hand side.

caileanmalfoy Posted by caileanmalfoy on 19th of March 2015 at 12:11 AM NST
Skirmish Battles: Time to fight
The next round of battle on the Battleground of the Obelisk has started. You can now fight to support your chosen faction until the end of Sunday.

Take a look at our Skirmish Battles guide for more information.


caileanmalfoy Posted by caileanmalfoy on 16th of March 2015 at 09:19 PM NST
Skirmish Battles: Choose your allegiance
The sign-ups for the next skirmish round have started. Visit the Battleground of the Obelisk until the end of Wednesday to choose your faction. Fighting in this round will be the Brute Squad, the Thieves Guild and The Sway.

Take a look at out Skirmish Battles guide for more information.

jujipup Posted by jujipup on 16th of March 2015 at 12:49 PM NST
Apply, Contact Us, and Model
Have you ever considered joining our team?  With the recent promises of new content to come, we would like to increase our staff.
We have many positions open.  Some require HTML/CSS, others require item knowledge, battledome experience, artistic style, and much more.  So, why not check what positions we have open and Apply today!  Have an idea for a position we don't have listed ? Contact Jujipup.

Is there something you'd like to see here at SunnyNeo?  Ever come to SunnyNeo and are unable to find what you're looking for?  Is one of our pages out of date?  We rely on your input to know where we need to improve or add content.  Contact us with any feedback you have.  We want to hear from you.

orange kougra book smart school
How can we help?
nc neocash mall events spring blooming neggs flowers
We have quite a few missing previews for our Dressing Room.  This affects many areas of our site from the Dressing Room itself or our guides.  We rely heavily on your support to keep this up to date.  We are on the Customisation Board looking for previews of previews we are missing including flash, png, and rainbow pool previews.  Check our Needed page to see if your pets can Model anything to help us out, or stop by our board.

jocinto Posted by jocinto on 16th of March 2015 at 11:28 AM NST
MiniMME21 morphed
MiniMME21-S1: Galactic Prince Space Jacket is morphing right now.  Did you get the bonus ? 

Our MME-guide is being updated, but we are missing png-previews.  Please help us out by modeling your pet on our Model Page.  Thanks !

jujipup Posted by jujipup on 15th of March 2015 at 10:06 AM NST
March's Premium Collectible
This month's Premium Bonus Collectible is being sent out: Premium Collectible: Lucky Emerald Carriage.  Check out our Premium guide for this and all previous Bonus Collectibles.

Are you looking for some older news? Visit our News Archive.

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