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phoenixs_angel Posted by phoenixs_angel on 25th of May 2017 at 02:49 PM NST
Altador Cup sign-ups have started
After about a week of pre-season press reports, Altador Cup sign-ups now have started at the Colosseum. Go over there to join your favorite team and start practising before the AC starts on june 1st! Keep in mind you wil be able to join a team until june 6th, after that sign-ups are closed.

Meanwhile, have a Yooyu...

Not sure which team you want to join? Why not take our 'Which Team should you join for the Altador Cup?' quiz to help you decide..

Hey, you two are biased!

When you sign up for a team, you will be rewarded with a sign-up bonus. Our Sign-up bonus page has been updated with the new item for this year. You will get a Mysterious Vibrant Collectable Scarab if this is the 12th time you are playing in the Altador Cup!

Hey, were did you two come from?

Besides this page, we are working on getting our other AC pages updated and ready before the AC starts. We have some nice things coming up for you!

No, you are not to late for the party yet...

Well, it looks like the Yooyu's are all ready for the AC. Why not take our 'What Yooyu are you?' quiz to get into the mood too?

..but please make sure you don't explode, alright?

caileanmalfoy Posted by caileanmalfoy on 25th of May 2017 at 12:09 AM NST
Skirmish Battles: Time to fight
The fighting for the current skirmish round at the Battleground of the Obelisk has begun.
You can now battle to support your faction until the end of Sunday.

For more information take a look at our Skirmish Battles guide.

The fight begins anew!

caileanmalfoy Posted by caileanmalfoy on 22nd of May 2017 at 12:11 AM NST
Skirmish Battles: Choose your allegiance
A new round of skirmish is about to start. Visit the Battleground of the Obelisk until the end of Wednesday to choose your faction. Competing in this round will be the Seekers, The Sway and the Order of the Red Erism.

For more information take a look at our Skirmish Battles guide.

jujipup Posted by jujipup on 19th of May 2017 at 04:06 PM NST
Altador Cup - More Teams Arrive
More teams have arrived at the Colosseum in the last few days: Darigan Citadel, Faerieland, Lost Desert, Meridell, Roo Island, and Shenkuu!

Will one of these six teams take home the Cup??
Another team for our  SunnyNeo Staff Team has entered the Colosseum: Yooyu Heroes!  Corine, a very determined player has returned for her sixth Staff Tournament!  She makes it to All-Star every year for Meridell so far and hopes her new teammates will help her get a first place team win.  She was teammates with Jay back in AC IX and they can work well together to bring this team together for the win.  Jocinto has also returned for his fifth Staff Tournament and has yet to choose a new team.  Jocinto likes to choose a new team every year.  Jocinto was on the winning team from last years Staff Tournament, and he's hoping he can bring that confidence to the team.  Mikey is no stranger to winning.  He won two of the three Staff Tournaments he participated in - both being on Team Super Heroes.  Though, last year his team fell to third place out of four.  He's a Lost Desert team player.  Will he rise to the top once again with this new team?  Mikey and Jay were teammates for the last two years.  Mikey, Jay and Robyn were all team members last Staff Tournament.  Can they imrove with two new teammates?  Jay returns for his fourth Staff Tournament and supports Terror Mountain.   With many ties to his teammates this year, he can be the one that unites them.  Robyn returns for her second year on the Staff Tournament.  She hopes she can only improve from here a last year her team landed in third.  With her ties to Mikey and Jay from last AC, she also hopes that her support for Meridell will help her bond with Corine to rack up the scores for both Meridell, and Yooyu Heroes.  Will this team with so many ties to each other bring home this years Staff Tournament?  Will the team with "Heroes" in its title take the cup as the pattern has been the last three Tournaments??  Or will this be the first year a "Heroes" team is taken down?

For they are the Yooyus, and they are the true Heroes of the game.

jujipup Posted by jujipup on 16th of May 2017 at 02:56 PM NST
Altador Cup - More Teams Arrive
Three more teams have arrived at the Colosseum for this years Altador Cup XII: Altador, Haunted Woods, and Moltara.
Some not so flattering words for one of these teams...  Prove 'em wrong, Altador!!

Also, a SunnyNeo Staff Team makes their entrance: Krazy Kaddy Kat Kadtastrophy!  This team holds Vanity who has been in our staff tournament for AC IX and X and is an avid Krawk Island supporter.  She took a break last year, but has returned this year with some great goals to accomplish!  Both times Vanity played, her team landed in third place.  She's hoping with new teammates her luck will change.  Callie is another returning staffer who's participated in our AC IX and XI tournaments.  She achieved All-Star status last year and hopes to do it again.  She's also an avid Krawk Island supporter.  Callie's first year team was in last place, last year's team jumped to first, and she's hoping for her second first place win this year!  Returning for her second year after AC XI, Vicki is supporting Shenkuu once again.  Vicki was with Franc last year and their team fell to last place.  Vicki and Franc hope their previous pairing together will help them have an edge on other teams to work together well.  They hope this team will take them to the top!  Franc and Reagan were beginners last year who both support Maraqua.  They are no longer new to the scene and hope this year they'll accomplish even more.  The two would like to help their team place than either of their last year teams who placed third and fifth.  Who will be their competition?  Will this team be the next winner of the SunnyNeo Staff Tournament??

Eat your heart out!

jocinto Posted by jocinto on 16th of May 2017 at 12:32 PM NST
May's Premium Collectible
This month's Premium Bonus Collectible has been sent out: Premium Collectible: Hanging Garden Background.  Check out our Premium guide for this and all previous Bonus Collectibles.

jujipup Posted by jujipup on 15th of May 2017 at 01:24 PM NST
Altador Cup - Let The Countdown Begin!
The Colosseum fills with Noise,
With cheers from all the girls and boys.
As the Yooyu's fly both left and right-
Darigan Yooyu's give quite the plight.
There is a Showdown between all teams
As participants rush to make their dreams.
If you give your order to the Slinger first,
A Slushie can be had to quench your thirst.
-SunnyNeo News 9th of June 2014 & 9th of May 2015 & 22nd of May 2016

Three teams have arrived at the Colosseum for this years Altador Cup XII: Kiko Lake, Mystery Island, and Tyrannia.
The Altador Cup XII is coming up fast.  We are having our SunnyNeo Staff Tournament return as well.  The Scorekeeper for our Staff Tournament has entered the Colosseum!

*waves frantically to her fellow Altadorians*  "Go Altador!!"
We will also bring back our Customisation Spotlight with a few changes.  We're working on upgrading the submission form as well as another change.  So stay tuned!

Last year's Meridell NP Only winner.


caileanmalfoy Posted by caileanmalfoy on 15th of May 2017 at 12:06 AM NST
Skirmish Battles: Victory for the Awakened
The Awakened have won the latest skirmish round! Prizes can now be collected at the Battleground of the Obelisk.

For more information take a look at our Skirmish Battles guide.

The pitch is a battlefiel- no wait, the battlefield is a pitch! ...
- anyway, it's a win for us undead, that's what it is!


phoenixs_angel Posted by phoenixs_angel on 13th of May 2017 at 03:08 AM NST
Warning: issues with Paypal
For the last few days, there have been ongoing issues when buying Neocash through Paypal. Due to what most lilely seems to be a glitch on Neopets' end, although you are being charged for buying NC, it is not showing up on your account.

Issues with premium and paypal have been reported as well, with people being charged for their premium multiple times and/or loosing their Premium subscribtion. 

At the moment, we strongly advise you to use another payment source like a credit card or using pre-paid Neocash cards. We can only hope this issue will be fixed soon enough.

Until then, we have Meepits...
UPDATE: Neopets posted an update on their Facebook page.

A MESSAGE FROM TNT: Our team is aware of recent reports, regarding purchasing errors some players have faced for Premium and NC. Rest assured that we are actively investigating these issues with our Payment Provider. We will update all affected players as new information becomes available and appreciate your patience during this time. Thank you!

Are you looking for some older news? Visit our News Archive.

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