Posted by jujipup on 15th of April 2021 at 02:41 PM NST

April's premium collectible is being sent out.  This month's collectible is: Premium Collectible: Slorg on a Raincoat.


We've also created a Fake Avatar for you to use where you see fit.  If you're a crazed Topsi fan, you'll be sure to enjoy this one.

Topsi Seek


Did you know we were looking for Graphics Makers of different sorts?  If you enjoy creating graphics, big or small, feel free to Apply For Staff today!


Graphics Maker

Pixel Artist

Background Composer


Posted by jujipup on 11th of April 2021 at 06:10 PM NST

We've added a new font to the latest avatar.  So if you are a fan of the new avatar and need a fancy font, you are in luck!


Image Description!!

Neovision Plus Avatar




Did you know that SunnyNeo is looking for a Font Maker??  Do you create some wonderful fonts and would like to share them with other Neopians?  Apply today and join the team!

Font Maker

Posted by jujipup on 5th of April 2021 at 05:17 PM NST

The Festival Of Neggs has returned!  Although, something seems rather off with Topsi...

We are currently working on our Festival Of Neggs Guide.  If you receive a prize not on our list, please Contact Us.

Posted by xharryxpotterxluverx on 4th of April 2021 at 09:52 PM NST

Shoyru can now be painted Candy.  If you manage to get a new Candy Shoyru, please Model For Us so that our Rainbow Pool stays up to date.  Also, if you get any of the new Messenger Shoyru clothing, please help us keep our Wearables HQ up to date by modeling those items.  The help is greatly appreciated.

What a sweet delivery!

We are always searching for models for other items and pets.  You can view all of our Needed Models on one page and see what you can do to help.

Posted by xharryxpotterxluverx on 2nd of April 2021 at 11:52 AM NST

A new guide has been ROO-leased! We have an in-depth guide to Dice-a-Roo. Test your chance and luck as you play a little dice game with King Roo for an avatar!


"Play with me!"


Over time, you will see our guides undergo a total revamp to include updated information and an easier-to-read layout! Be on the lookout for more guides to be updated and newly released!

Posted by xharryxpotterxluverx on 1st of April 2021 at 12:25 AM NST

TNT has done it again! This year's April Fools theme is brought to you by neoVISION+, a new streaming service. Get all that you need and more with their fun parodies of popular television shows and movies!


But that's not all. TNT also releases a brand new avatar that coincides with the holiday prank by just visiting the neoVISION+ page.


Neovision Plus Avatar


Update: It has been confirmed that you can still receive the avatar after April 1st.

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