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Top Ratio Games

If you're trying to make a lot of neopoints daily, you should try playing games. Each month on the 25th the ratios of games are changed by TNT. This means that the neopoints a certain game awards for points scored go up or down.

This page features this months best playable games for easy neopoints. Of course you may not be good at all games, so you can pick the games that you enjoy playing. Even if you play only 10 games 3 times each day, you'll already earn 30k a day!

List updated: January 30, 2017
Next update: February 25, 2017

PlaceGameGame RatioScore needed for 1,000npsTips
Wrath of the Snowager
100.00 100,000 points Play on the hard level. Run into the Chia thief to make him drop items, this is easier than blasting him. You should have enough points somewhere during level 1. Do not click on X to end the game when you have enough points, run into the wall instead, otherwise your points wont count.
Maths Nightmare
1.54 1,540 points Play the game on Potato Counter and Division for the easiest calculations. Potato Counter will double your score. You will have enough points in round 5.

letimiyasleep: Gives you extra time. One use per game.
100.00 100,000 points To get the most points, choose numbers. End Level 1 with 2,700 points to max out your score. Press shuffle at the start of each level to get more gold tiles. You should have enough points around level 6.
Snowbeast Snackrifice
0.10 100 points Snowbeast Snackrifice is very similar to Shootout Showdown from the Altador Cup. Try and make your Kyrii go 'beserk'. This can be achieved by throwing three shots in a row at maximum power!
Fashion Fever
1.00 300 points

You can get 300 nps max.
A very fast game. Click on Start Game, then End Game, then Send Score. You earn 300nps for these 3 clicks.
Catch the Petpet
1.43 700 points

You can get 489 nps max.
Complete 4 levels of finding a petpet and you'll get the max score of 700 points. If you accidentally click on the wrong petpet, restart.
Smug Bug Smite
1.00 1000 points

You can get ~ 500-600 nps.
Very quick game to play. Remember the positions where the bugs usually appear.
Shenkuu Tangram
2.00 2,000 points Play on low quality and normal mode. The figures for this game are always the same, so try to remember how they are made. You will get the required score around the end of level 2.
Snow Roller
2.00 2,000 points Jumping over obstacles is easier than steering around them. Try to collect the items, but its more important to not hit the obstacles. When you have a choice of paths, try choosing the longer ones, so that you have a longer time to collect items for more points. You'll have enough points at the end of level 2.
100.00 100000 points  

Game Guide
Attack of the Revenge
0.38 380 points Use cannon balls or buckets to hit the pirates for extra points.

blackpawkeet: You get an extra life when typing this on level 3 or higher. One use per game.

Game Guide
Nimmos Pond
0.44 440 points Don't bother moving the nimmo. It is easier and much safer to remain in one place. Use the V key to get shooter power-ups. You should have enough points during level 5.
Warf Rescue Team
0.21 210 points Stack Warfs on top of each other to build a tower. Each Warf the lands on the tower is worth 2 points. Bonus points are awarded for stacking three or more Warfs of the same color together, as well as for a perfect landing. Rescuing Kadoaties gives 10 points as well as more time on the clock.

trappedkadoaties: Gives you an extra life. One use per game.
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II
0.55 550 points Remember where you can find the items, because this always stays the same during each game. Make use of the positive power-ups. Hit as many Petpets as possible before you finish the level. If you hit a lot of Petpets you can reach the required score at level 2. If you cannot hit many Petpets, the score can be reached during of level 3.
Snow Wars II
1.04 1,040 points Use the blocks of snow to surround the snowmen before time runs out. You can use the space bar to rotate the snow blocks. By protecting multiple snowmen you can build points. Be fast and try to protect the snowmen that are grouped together first. If you can surround and protect at least four snowmen, you should have the score needed after the first round.
Faerie Cloud Racers
0.78 780 points Try to keep your space as open as possible. Use neat lines and worry more about surviving than trapping your opponent. For most points do try to trap your opponent. You should have enough points around stage 4.

faerie: Removes all obstacles for one round. One use per game.
Neopian Battlefield Legends
50.00 50,000 points Play on the Meridells Counterattack map. On the map you see some rocks, try to set your machines in an S shape around the rocks. Once you have your machines set in the S-shape, be sure to keep upgrading them for a wider range. Wooden towers don't do much damage. Rapid Fire and Catapult towers are the best towers to use. This game can take long, so make use of the fast forward button. You should have enough points around wave 38
Tyrannian Mini Golf
0.79 790 points Get familiar with the controls and your aim. Once you get it right it is the same for most holes.
Cloud Raiders
0.62 620 points The cannonball will kill you, avoid it at all costs. Pick up dubloons (yellow bubbles) for more points, and red bubbles to restore your health. You can get the required score at the end of level 2 or the beginning of level 3.
Moltara Run
0.26 260 points Moltara Run plays just like Volcano Run. Guide Roxton through the volcano collecting gems. You score points by collecting gems, and also for the distance you fly. You can use the V key to speed up, and the C key to slow down. Only collect gems if your sure you wont hit a fireball, or a wall in the process of collecting it.
Kass Basher
0.99 990 points Be sure you have unlocked gameplay with a bat. Restart the game until the wind is at 7-9, then hit the doll. Keep holding space until the doll reaches the top, then let go. Press space each time the doll hits the ground.

Game Guide
MAGAX: Destroyer II
1.16 1,160 points  

xagam: Restores your health to full. One use per game.
Nova Defender
100.00 100,000 points Play on hard mode; In the first level herd all the Novas in the middle before starting to shoot. Collecting several gems in quick succession makes a chain, which is worth extra points. If there's too much time between collecting one gem and the next, the chain will be broken. When your green status bar is full you can double-click the left mouse button to use your shield.
100.00 100,000 points Play on hard mode. Catching the Kookiths in a row will double your points. Press the spacebar to make the Kookiths move slower when the bar at top of the screen has filled up. Catch 3 Ghost Kookiths each level for a bonus level. You should have the needed score after level 2.
0.07 70 points The choice of ball depends on the person but most beginners find the Grundo Ball to be the easiest. You can find it by clicking on the 'N' badge of the Grundo's spacesuit on the home menu. Trying for Grounders (clicking at the last minute when the ball is close to the ground) is the quickest way to earn points but can be risky.

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