Festival of Neggs

What is the Festival of Neggs?
Beginning March of 2010 (month of Running, Y12), Kari the Negg Faerie started hosting a daily activity called the Festival of Neggs. In April 2009, Rosie the Dancing Grarrl hosted the Springtime Celebration at the same time of year. The event included a daily gift and Negg Hunt, prizes were a mixture of neopoint and NC items. Click on the "2009" below for a complete list of Springtime Celebration 2009 activities.

Starting in 2010 there were also different NC events through out the years. You can find information on those for years 2010-2014 in the navigation below. Anything from 2016 is included in this Festival of Neggs guide before the FAQ.

With the navigation below you can see the prize lists of different years for Festival of Neggs.

2020 Festival of Neggs

Negg Hunt | Mechanical Neggs | FAQs

The 2020 Festival of Neggs began on April 10th, 2020.

Each year, as winter draws to a close, the Festival of Neggs turns everyone's attention toward this most magnificent and versatile of all Neopian foods. Offering a bountiful array of Negg-inspired activities and treats, in just a few years this celebration has quickly become one of Neopia's most popular events.

Bonus Prizes
At the end of the Negg Festival, extra prizes were handed out to everyone who participated in the event.

Collected at least one negg

Negg Napper Plushie
Collected all neggs

Negg-Gazer Charm
Collected all neggs on release day

Charming Negg

Marble Negg

Nature Negg

Enchanted Negg

Gemstone Negg

In addition to these item prizes, everyone who participated and didn't already have it was awarded the Festival of Neggs Site Theme.

Negg Hunt
Every day this year, you will be able to find missing Neggs based off a clue. In turn, Kari will offer you one of three neggs. Each negg has different prizes. There is a daily tracker for this event which increases by one each day you participate. If you missed a day of the event, you can go back to the links from the previous day(s) and collect your prize.

April 9th and 10th
Clue: ... I see: a throne. Upon which a King appears to have the blues... Or he IS blue. Hard to tell.
Location: Grumpy Old King
April 11th
I'm seeing giant heads... on a mysterious beach. Does that mean anything to you?
Location: The Beach
April 12th
Clue: I hear a voice. It's saying, "Slickety-splat, did you see that Darblat?" What is this? Some kind of game?
Location: Darblat
April 13th
Clue: I can see a ship that doesn't sail... And a sale that only accepts golden dubloons.
Location: The Golden Dubloon
April 14th
Clue: This tree has a mind of its own. Literally... And you can see it! Eww.
Location: The Brain Tree
April 15th
Clue: Oh dear. I can feel the Dark magic of a purple Faerie in Faerieland.
Location: Jhudora's Bluff
April 16th
Clue: What desert tomb has a puzzle?... that IS the puzzle.
Location: Sutek's Tomb
April 17th
Clue: I am walking into caves of a primeval world. There are markings made on the walls. Almost... Artistic.
Location: Cave Paintings
April 18th
Clue: I hear the sifting of scrolls in Brightvale.
Location: The Scrollery
April 19th
Clue: At the bottom of a lake... To find them, you'll need to take some kind of tour.
Location: Glass Bottom Boat Tour
April 20th
Clue: I seea city in the cloud... And mmn! Something smells tasty.
Location: Culinary Concoctions
April 21st
Clue: I can hear a lot of Grundos at work. I think it's in some kind of storage space.
Location: Grundo Warehouse
April 22nd
Clue: The thief left some luggage at this Neopia Central Resort.
Location: Grand Neopian Neolodge
April 23rd
Clue: You must glide... Underground.
Location: Cave Glider
April 24th
Clue: I see a moon. And miners. They're diggin for something...
Location: Kreludan Mining Corp.

Choose Your Negg
When visiting a location with Neggs, you will be given the choice of receiving a random prize from three different neggs. Once chosen, the prize will automatically be added to your inventory.

Filled Negg Prizes

Charming Negg

Charming Comb

Charming Spring Background
(Click on the image to preview)

Stamp of Spring Charm

Marble Negg

Marble Ice Lolly

Grand Marbled Armour

Negg of Marble

Nature Negg

Exquisite Book of Nature

Floral Nature Charm

Spring Ona

Enchanted Negg

Bubbling Ethereal Potion

Illusory Negg

Mages Satchel
(Click on the image to preview)

Gemstone Negg

Collectable Crystalline Heart

Crystal Plushies

Wonderous Book of Gems

Mechanical Neggs
The Mechanical Neggs can be found following the same clues you get for finding Topsi.

To unlock the prizes you will need Tinker Kits, which you can buy in the NC Mall.

Spyder Neggbot Tinker Kit
600 NC

Sound the Alarm Neggbot Tinker Kit
600 NC

Rainbow Ray Neggbot Tinker Kit
600 NC

Spyder Mechanical Negg

Dress of Flowers
(Click on the image to preview)

Enchanting Flower Lamps
(Click on the image to preview)

Hot Pink Sunnies
(Click on the image to preview)

Inside a Tea Cup
(Click on the image to preview)

Spring Tea Party Set
(Click on the image to preview)

Bonus Prize for Spyder Mechanical Negg

Teapot Dwellings Background
(Click on the image to preview)

Sound The Alarm Mechanical Negg

Colourful Pompom Pants
(Click on the image to preview)

Negg Nook Background
(Click on the image to preview)

Ornate Floral Dress
(Click on the image to preview)

Sprouting Flowers Foreground
(Click on the image to preview)

Wicker Basket Bag
(Click on the image to preview)

Bonus Prize for Sound The Alarm Mechanical Negg

Within a Negg Nest
(Click on the image to preview)

Rainbow Ray Mechanical Negg

(Click on the image to preview)

Frilly Elegant Blouse
(Click on the image to preview)

Lavender Flower Fields
(Click on the image to preview)

Lavender Petal Dress
(Click on the image to preview)

Radiant Willow Tree
(Click on the image to preview)

Bonus Prize for Rainbow Ray Mechanical Negg

Floral Archway Background
(Click on the image to preview)

Bonus Prizes for doing all 3 Neggs

April Showers Gift Box

Rainbow Forest Background
(Click on the image to preview)

Festival Of Neggs FAQs

1) What is the Festival of Neggs?
The Festival of Neggs is an annual event celebrating spring and, of course, Neggs! Kari has decided to join us this year! Topsi has made way for the Negg faerie to take over once again. Usually, the Neggs are hidden all over Neopia, but before Kari had her chance, it seems they were stolen. So the mission is: find the stolen neggs.

2) How long will the Festival of Neggs last?
This years Festival will begin on April 9th and end on April 24th. Day 1 of the event will actually be a day and a half, running through April 10th.

3) Who is Kari?
Kari is the Negg Faerie! In her spare time she runs the Neggery in the Ice Caves! She is the original host of the Festival of Neggs!

4) Do I have to find Neggs every day?
You can find Neggs in any order or on any day once that location has been made available. However, if you decipher the Negg-gazer's clues and track them down on the day he releases that clue, they just might grant you an extra prize at the end of the Festival!

5) I found the Negg Stash! How do I collect my prize?
Once you have found the Negg Stash for the day, Kari will offer you three of the special themed Neggs in that stash, and allow you to choose whichever one you want. Once you choose, Kari will give you a random one of the three prizes from that Negg, what fun! There are 5 different themed Neggs that you can be offered, but each time you find the Neggs, Kari will randomly choose which three to offer you, so choose wisely!

6) I think I found where the neggs should be, but Kari is not here! What do I do?
Some of the Negg-gazer's clues could refer to two different places in Neopia, so if you don't spot them at first, keep looking!

7) I found a Mechanical Negg, what is it?
Ah, these special Neggs can be tinkered with and upgraded with a self-defence mechanism so they'll never be stolen again. In addition it says the neggs have an odd side effect of also withholding amazing prizes inside.

Doctor Neggistential's Workbench FAQs

1) What is Doctor Neggistential's Workbench?
Doctor Neggistential's Workbench is an NC Mall event where you can tinker and upgrade Mechanical Neggs to receive all-new NC prizes. Just take your Mechanical Neggs and some Tinker Kits from the NC Mall and see what the Neggs will bring you.

2) What are Mechanical Neggs that I am finding?
Ah, these special Neggs can be tinkered with and upgraded with a self-defence mechanism so they'll never be stolen again. In addition it says the neggs have an odd side effect of also withholding amazing prizes inside.

3) What is the duration of Doctor Neggistential's Workbench?
The event, will run from April 12th through April 23rd. You can participate any time within that period by visiting Doctor Neggistential's Workbench page with your Mechanical Negg and a Kit that suits it.

4) Where can I find Mechanical Neggs?
You can find Mechanical Neggs by participating in the Festival of Neggs Negg Hunt. They'll be hidden around some of the Negg stashes that you find...

5) Can I buy or trade for a Mechanical Negg?
No, you can only obtain a Mechanical Negg by finding one yourself. Dont worry though, you'll find one eventually!

6) Can I collect Mechanical Neggs and earn prizes on my side accounts?
No, because you must join the Negg Hunt to earn Mechanical Neggs and you cannot do this event on side accounts.

7) How do I purchase these "kits" you speak of?
There are two ways you can purchase your Kit. Visit the NC Mall or Doctor Neggistential's Workbench page to purchase your Kit. Once your purchase is complete, go to your inventory and use it but be sure you've purchased the right kit for the right Mechanical Negg. Watch your Negg upgrade into it's ultimate self-defence form.

8) Can I give kits to another player?
Yes, these kits are like any other NC item and giftable via NC Gift Box (one item per NC Gift Box).

9) I can't seem to activate my kit. How do I use it?
Go to your inventory and use the item. Then, you can navigate back to Dr. Neggistential's Workbench and watch the Negg's progress.

10) My Mechanical Negg is in its completed form. Where is my NC item prize?
Return to the Festival of Neggs page to see what NC item prize you received. The items will be added to your inventory.