Adoption Cost Calculator

What's on this page?
If you plan to adopt a pet from the pound, either by adoption or through transfer you need to be prepared to pay an adoption fee. How much this fee is, is based upon the level and other stats of the pet you're adopting. This page offers you a fancy calculator which will calculate the exact adoption cost for you. If you want to use it, be sure to enter the correct level, strength, defence and movement stats of your pet. You can find these stats on your Quickref page or on the pet's lookup, or for low skilled pets on the Battledome Status page.

Please note that if your account is under 4 months old you cannot adopt all pets. On SunnyNeo's New Account Information page you can find a complete list of which pets you can and cannot adopt.

The adoption cost calculator:
For the maths addicts among us, the formula used is:
Level x (Strength + Defence + Movement + 60)