Shop / Gallery Calculator

General information:
On Neopets, you can create a shop to sell your items to other players. You can also create an item gallery to show other users your most prized possessions. Users will only be able to look at the items in your gallery, they cannot be bought.

If you want to create a shop or a gallery you must pay a fee of 150 neopoints. After you have done this, your shop or gallery will be able to hold 5 items. Five items, that's not a whole lot, now is it? Good thing you can upgrade your shop or gallery. Each upgrade will allow you to hold 5 more items in your shop or gallery. Unfortunately, upgrades don't come cheap. Your first upgrade will cost you 200np. This number is increased by 200np every time you upgrade. This means that your second upgrade will cost 400np, the third will cost 600np, 800np, 1000np etc. If you are wanting to create a mall (large shop with a great amount of items) or a large gallery, you'll soon be paying upgrade costs going into the thousands for every additional 5 items.

What's on this page?
This page is a shop/gallery size calculator, you will be able to calculate what your upgrades will cost you, or how many upgrades you can do with the amount of neopoints you have available.

Costs to increase shop/gallery

In the form below you can fill in your current shop or gallery size, then you can fill in your desired shop/gallery size in the second box. Remember, each upgrade is 5 extra items.

Your current shop/gallery size:
Your desired shop/gallery size:

Possible increases

This form will calculate how many increases you can do with the amount of neopoints you would like to spend. It will also show you how many extra items you will be able to hold after the increases.

Your current shop/gallery size:
Spending money: