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What Faerie beauty do you have?
Neopia is the home of many different faeries. Some faeries are related to the earth, others to the air. Some rule the waters, others can command fire. Some have powers of light, others of darkness. If this wasn't everything, there are also some faeries who are unique in their own kind: we know them as the Space Faerie, the Tooth Faerie or possibly the Snow faerie. Each faerie is beautiful and unique. Take this quiz and find out what faerie beauty you have.

What kind of Halloween would you celebrate?
Halloween is coming soon! How will you celebrate Halloween, how will you dress up and what do you like most about Halloween? Take our quiz and find out what kind of Halloween you'll like the most!

What kind of Usuki would you play with?
Who doesn't love Usuki's? Generations of young Neopians have grown up playing with them, afterall. Have you ever wondered which Usuki would be the perfect toy for you? Take this quiz to find out!

What Yooyu are you?
What would Yooyuball be without Yooyus? Thinking of it, if you were a Yooyu, what kind of Yooyu would you be? Take a break from the Altador Cup to find out!

Which faction will you join in the war for the Obelisk?
A mysterious Obelisk has appeared in Tyrannia and six different factions are seeking it out, to claim it for good or for worse! Who will you join? Which of these six factions will suit you best? If you are still in doubt which to to join for this plot, take this quiz to find out!

Be sure to also vote on Sunnyneo's Tyrannian Plot Poll once you've made your choice about which team you will be joining!

Which limited edition pet should you adopt?
As you know, on their special pet days, you can create Limited Edition Pets most of the time. On which day will you create your Limited Edition Neopet and what species will this be?

Which Neopian pirate are you?
What's better than a pirates life? Sailing the sees, looking for treasure and places to raid. With Krawk Island as their home base, many pirates have sailed the surface of Neopia. Which one of them are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Which Team should you join for the Altador Cup?
It's time for the Altador Cup again! Will you join your old team again or do you think it's time for something brand new? Don't have a clue what team you should join this year? Take our quiz and find the perfect team for you.