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What kind of Halloween would you celebrate?

Halloween is coming soon! How will you celebrate Halloween, how will you dress up and what do you like most about Halloween? Take our quiz and find out what kind of Halloween you'll like the most!

1. Imagine you're a Yellow Zafara. For Halloween, you'd like to have a more fitting colour. What would make the perfect Halloween colour for you?






2. If you had to choose one famous Neopian you had to dress up like, who would you choose?

Hmm, what about the Giant Ghostkerchief?

Let's see, last year you went as Princess Amira, the year before it was Illusen, maybe you'll go as Hannah this year.

The Kiko of the Chocolate Factory!

Eliv Thade.

The Darkest Faerie.

3. What background gives you the ultimate Halloween feeling?

Jack-o-Lantern House Background.

Spooky Portrait Hall Background.

Halloween Shindig Background

Haunted Graveyard Background.

Trick-or-Treat Doorstep Background.

4. What piece of Halloween clothing do you just have to wear?

Pumpkin Faerie Dress.

Designer Trick-or-Treat Bag.

Fancy Witch Hat.

Spyder Web Dress.

Glowing Skull Necklace.

5. What would be your favorite Halloween Neopet?

Halloween Poogle.

Halloween Jubjub.

Halloween Hissi.

Halloween Scorchio.

Halloween Flotsam.

6. Let's play a game! What would your favorite spooky game be?

Sophie's Stew.

Carnival of Terror.

Ghost Bopper.

Mutant Graveyard of Doom.

The Castle of Eliv Thade.

7. With Halloween comes spooky food! What sounds good to you?

Brain Ice Cream.

Spooky Shake.

Spooky Doughnut.

Toffee Classic.

Ghost Marshmallows.

8. Maybe you should take a spooky Petpet with you to the Halloween party you're going to. What Petpet will that be?



Candy Vampire.