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Which Neopian pirate are you?

What's better than a pirates life? Sailing the sees, looking for treasure and places to raid. With Krawk Island as their home base, many pirates have sailed the surface of Neopia. Which one of them are you? Take this quiz to find out!

1. What do you enjoy most about being a pirate?

Making sure others fear you more than anything.

Looking like a pirate!

Telling your crew they have to walk the plank if they don't listen to you.

Getting loot from other ships!

Hunting for treasure!

Raiding the shores!

2. How would you describe yourself, other than being a pirate?

I'm the ruler of the 5 Neopian seas!

I like adventure.

If a raid is a successful one, I'm happy.

I'm a teamplayer.

I like telling others what they should do.

I'm a loyal friend when needed.

3. How do other pirates look at you?

They're not really happy when I find treasure they could have found too.

They fear me!

They cheer at me when I win!

Sometimes I think they laugh behind my back.

They are my friends and fellow crew members.

They think I'm pretty good at making up stories.

4. You would give up everything for:

A friend in need.

An adventure that would lead to loads of treasure.



A raid that doesn't go wrong.

World domination.

5. Which background seems like a suitable scenery for you?

Smugglers Cove Background.

Swashbuckling Academy Background

Fungus Cave Background.

Sunken Ship Background.

The Black Pawkeet Background.

Pirate Battle Background.

6. What will you be ordering at the Golden Dubloon?

Capn Threelegs Cutlass Crusade.

Keel Haul.

Pinanna Paradise.

Tomato Cannon Ball.

Grog Light.

Cannon Fodder.

7. What do you enjoy doing, apart from the usual things pirates do?

Causing fear everywhere you go.

Singing and dancing.

Counting your Dubloons.

Going out swimming with a friend.

Training others.

Playing Yooyuball.