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What kind of Usuki would you play with?

Who doesn't love Usuki's? Generations of young Neopians have grown up playing with them, afterall. Have you ever wondered which Usuki would be the perfect toy for you? Take this quiz to find out!

1. So, let's start with….Usuki's. Who doesn't love Usuki's afterall. Now you know how Usuki's can come in all kinds, including ones featuring famous Neopian characters. Which one of those would you choose, if you had a chance of getting one?

Light Faerie Usuki Doll

Earth Faerie Usuki Doll

Jhuidah Usuki Doll

Mr. Krawley Usuki

King Altador Usuki Doll

Usuki Frenzy Usuki

2. You're off to buy a new Usuki set. Which one will it be?

Little Angel Usuki Set

Usuki Queen Set

Usuki Beach Accessories

Court Dancer Usuki Set

Green Doglefox Usuki Set

Pop Princess Usuki Set

3. You know those large Usuki play sets everyone likes so much? Which one would be the one for you?

Usuki Dream Castle

Usuki Campground Play Set

Mystery Island Usuki Play Set

Usuki Faerieland Play Set

Usuki Dream Boat

Lab Ray Usuki Set

4. Maybe you should give your Usuki's a break and take some candy. What kind of candy?

Green Candy Buttons

Gummy Gem Cupcake

Sun Lollipop

Sugar Bunny

Wrapped Halloween Chocolate Chia

Fruit Wings Candy

5. Let's dress Usuki! What would be your favourite Usuki wearable?

Usuki Dream Castle Background

Soft Magical Hair Usuki Plushie

Prissy Miss Usuki Collector Dress

Dancing Hula Girl Usuki

Usukicon Y12 Garland

Pin Cushion Doll, with a bit of imagination, it still counts as Usuki, right?

6. For the last question. Your favourite Neopet colour out of the ones listed below, would be:

Usuki of course!






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